Hypnobirthing and More: how to Prepare during Pregnancy

Hypnobirthing and More: how to Prepare during Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves a large range of emotions and realizations. In a matter of months you will be in charge of a tiny being and this precious being will come to rely upon you for everything.

For years to come you will endure sleepless nights, grueling food battles, aid in cold and flu relief, just to end up with a cold or flu and struggle daily to maintain composure while simultaneously teaching valuable life lessons. More importantly, you will experience a stronger love than you ever thought possible.

While having a baby is one of life’s most exciting moments, realizing how significant your impact is for your baby can be a little intimidating. Before you face these moments, pregnancy presents its own series of challenges and it can seem like you wait a lifetime until the moment you hold your baby in your arms. Hormones, body temperatures and desires seem to fluctuate without any notice.

Your body grows and with that comes cramps, uncomfortable sleeping positions and extra strain to certain organ and bones in the body. Pain is gauged on a meter and our scales all range in variety. You may fall on your ankle in the grass and get up completely unphased. Where as someone with a lesser pain tolerance may need to take a few moments to let their pain subside before continuing on their way.

Because of this, there is no real universal formula to eliminating pain and avoiding all possible damage or harm from medication.

Medical advances have done some really amazing things for our bodies and overall well being so they should not always be overlooked. These days however we are on a search to get back to mother nature and do the things our bodies are designed for.

Adaptation and some form of evolution is prevalent in our bodies natural abilities to do things like fight infection or cope with pain. Our bodies have many fully functioning systems that work together to help the body heal itself and these receptors have been slightly altered by the rapid advances in medicine, science and technology.

Pregnancy and childbirth have a reputation for being excruciating and often unbearable, so the idea of a pleasurable childbirth is positively unheard of. Believe it or not, your body is already hardwired to handle these changes.

By listening to and understanding your bodies natural instincts you can help alleviate some pains and discomfort during both pregnancy and childbirth.


Traditionally childbirth took place in a hospital room of the maternity ward with doctors and nurses to assist. These days as we search for a more natural and less invasive method of childbirth we hear stories of women who not only experience a painless delivery but some may even achieve orgasm or a state of ecstasy.

There are several factors to be accounted for to ensure you have the most tolerable possibly even pleasurable birthing experience.

Birthing Techniques for Eliminating Pain During Childbirth

Waterbirth: Is as its name states, birth in the water. Some argue it is less sterile, leaving both mother and baby more susceptible to infection. On the other hand this method is also thought to alleviate pain and pressure put on the body during childbirth, helping both baby and mother feel less stress.

There is little scientific support associated with this method so you should note it would be wise to speak with other women you may know who have had this kind of birth. Exploration of other women’s experiences will help you better understand the risks and rewards.

Hypnobirth: This is a birthing process in which breathing and self hypnosis guide your body through delivery. This method is thought to both put less strain on the body and conserve energy.

Ecstatic Birth: It is possible for every woman to achieve orgasm or pure ecstasy during birth. It comes with the right mindset, relaxation and confidence. Riding through the contractions fully aware of the notion, this is what your body is supposed to do will help you to do so, naturally and without the use of an epidural.

Breathing Techniques

There are many different breathing patterns and counts you can use to help your body relax and prepare for the birth of your baby. Some may be hard to focus on in the midst of stress so it is important to stay relaxed and calm.

The first is known as J Breathing, it is a natural alternative to pushing, in which your body naturally opens the birthing canal and allows your baby to slide down the path with little to no strain.

By taking a small breath in, pulling your chin to your chest, and breathing out in a manner that pushes the breath to the back of your throat and chest, imitating a J shape through the body. By eliminating the need for pushing, you conserve energy and are less exhausted by the end of the birthing process.


You can also try some other methods that focus on counting. This may be a little distracting but your brain will focus on keeping a rhythm and will redirect the urge to tense up the body which can cause more painful cramps and contractions. The square breathing technique is called this because there are four actions, each with four counts. Take a breath in for four seconds. Hold it for four seconds. Breathe out for four seconds and hold for four seconds.

Another counting technique, which can be used with deeper more forceful breaths, helps to prevent hyperventilating. Focusing on the fear or pain we are experiencing as opposed to being in the moment and feeling our way through this journey can cause our bodies and brains to prep its fight or flight instincts.

This can lead to an adrenaline rush that is both stressful for the baby and leaves us in a state of sheer discomfort. Take slow deep and powerful breaths in and hold for up to ten seconds. Also breathing in slowly four counts and out for eight is a good rhythm for helping to steady your breathing and heart rate.

With these long deep breaths, you should feel your body and stomach stretching. The uterine muscles are stretched and this can help to relieve pain and open the passageway to prepare your body for the delivery of your baby.

Doulas and Midwives

These coaches have spent years learning to nurture and provide guidance to new mothers who have chosen to give birth outside a hospital setting. They take on a range of tasks that include things like massage to help you relax or step by step explanations to help you fully understand the process you are about to go through.


It is important to focus your energy and your mind on the process you are experiencing. This can help you feel at ease and put you in touch with your body. Understanding our bodies’ needs during this time is crucial to experience the smoothest delivery possible. Silence can be really helpful during this time.

Hospitals are often chaotic and bright, there is so much going on it can be hard to focus on your breathing and staying calm. If you know yourself well enough to know you will feel more comfortable in a different environment there is the option or a home or water birth.

These are great for silence and privacy, giving you total freedom from the distractions of people, bright lights and other hospitals dings, bells and sirens.

Mindset, Understanding and Imagery

This is quite possibly one of the most crucial aspects in achieving a blissful delivery. If you are closed off and afraid, your mind and body will not work together harmoniously. If you keep an open mind to the possibility of an enjoyable birth, this will be your greatest gift. Our minds are the most active and powerful muscle in our body.

It controls and aids the function of every other system, organ and muscle we use. When we learn to function with a positive outlook things in our world function more positively. The same is true for child birth, you are not confident that this will be a beautiful experience, chances are good it won’t be.

Another important aspect of attaining this joy is to understand. Understanding what your body is going through can help you to naturally and instinctually breathe and maneuver the way your body needs.

This will eliminate pressure put on the pelvic bones and uterine muscles. Imagery can be a very useful tool in which you can focus your breathing and picture different scenes of envisions to give you greater clarity and ease.

The Do’s

Hospitals are abrasive and are often considered an unpleasant environment. Childbirth has always brought with it an element of chaos. It’s had a reputation of being a near unbearable experience that can leave many first time mothers feeling afraid, overwhelmed or inadequate.

It is important to remember that nothing is perfect so there will be an unexpected hiccup or two but by educating yourself about your options and choosing the option you feel the most comfortable with you can ensure you experience the most comfortable delivery possible.

It is possible to enjoy the magical experience of childbirth and to even find pleasure or bliss during the birthing process. This journey brings about the existence of a new life and you can feel confident knowing you gave birth to your baby without the use of drugs or other harmful substances.