The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Plush-Figure

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A great companion for young children's

Nice playmate based on a famous movie character toy

Child friendly construction

Child friendly materials

Durable toy characters

Nice interactive functionality

A functional playmate

Appealing design and colors

The toy size is child friendly

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Purchase more versions for your child to play and interact with the various movie versions of Baby Jack-Jack.

How it works

Here we have Jack-Jack with his pet raccoon, they are inseparable, and they are waiting to become part of your family. This is the start of a great set of versions of Baby Jack-Jack.

Everybody loves Jack-Jack, he expresses himself and is totally lovable and adorable and he is part of a superfamily, including other toy versions of him which offer different interactive relationships. Jack-Jack has the ability to totally surprise young children, for very young children, they will never be fully sure what he will do next and that is what’s makes him so interesting for young children.

While playing with Jack he can quickly go through his different power cycles, one moment he is quiet and by touching his tummy you will hear him laugh, press harder and he will explode into attention-seeking, his eyes will light up and flash, he is a baby and can go through an impressive range of emphasized baby sounds and actions.

Jacks pet raccoon is life-like and if he is held upside down he will make the right sounds to show he is distressed, hold him the correct way up and he emits contented sounds. Jack-Jacks hair is designed as a stand-up tuft which is well-rooted and won’t be easily pulled out by young children. He arrives in a cute red romper suit which doubles up to look just like his super baby suit from the movies in which he has many adventures with his family. He is cuddly as he is packed with beans in much the same way as a comfortable bean bag, his head and his hands are molded from durable child-safe plasticized material.

This gift and toy gives your child both the Jack-Jack baby and his raccoon but keep in mind there is more than one version of Jack-Jack. This toy is for young children and offers interaction targeted at a specific set of actions which are to work with a child’s ability to be imaginative during play. For other modes which Jack-Jack offers as seen in the two movies, children will want to expand their collection and collect all the choices of Jack-Jack the baby. Watch a child’s eyes as soon as he unwraps a gift to find that baby Jack-Jack has come to join the family and will bring lots of fun into the home along with his pet raccoon.

The extended versions of Jack-Jack offer a variety of interactive activities for children, this toy is the first step in a range of collectible versions of Jack-Jack and this version is for very young children. This product will encourage children to want to collect the additional versions of Baby Jack-Jack and eventually his other family members. The extended family and other collectible versions of Baby Jack-Jack, his whole family are incredible and they all have their own unique features, abilities, and characters. Jack-Jack comes from an incredible family and he wants to join your family, be taken care of while in return giving lots of fun and entertainment.

Here we focus on baby Jack-Jack as the first in a fun range set of versions of him and we include mention of his other versions just in case you want to bring them into the family right away in order to offer your child a jump-start on building up his collectible set of a super fun playmate. The more versions you get of Jack-Jack the more your child will have his/her imagination fired up.

<h2>Creativity - Features</h2>

Creativity - Features

Children can have brothers and sisters and they are all close and love each other, Jack-Jack though not real he does offer unique features which young children will very much tune into and appreciate. The age range for children who will have lots of fun with this toy friend is from 3 years up to any child age which enjoys this companion from the incredible’s family. His features are very appealing, big blue friendly eyes, a cute tuft of red hair, lovely round babyface. Two cute baby teeth have found their way through his gums giving him a sweet cheeky grin.

He can sit safely upright and he has leather style pads under his feet for when he is taken for an imaginary walk when tired children can lay him down to have a nice sleep. When this toy friend is sleepy children can settle him with his pet raccoon, cover him with a blanket to keep him warm and give him a cuddle. Hugging Jack-Jack feels nice as he is full of beans which means he has a soft cuddly yielding feeling each time he is hugged.

It is easy for children to keep him clean, to wash his face just use a damp cloth and if he does get any spills on his red romper style suit this can be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth. Haircare is very easy because he has it ties up in an easy to manage tuft of red hair on the top of his head, no need for combing and brushing. Jack-Jack and his cute raccoon is a great friend for young children, he has a cheeky friendly baby grin, does not take up to much space when sharing a room and is always there ready to be a play companion.

Apart from offering a nice range of physical features he also serves as a friend and playmate and children can fire up their imagination and play games along the lines of some of Baby Jack-Jacks adventures in his movie where he played alongside his family. For other imaginative games, a child will be inspired to want the additional versions of Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack is a baby and a great companion for young children around three years upwards.


The design and materials used all work together to ensure a high level of durability so that the toy can stand up to the sometimes tough challenges which playful children can come up with when playing with toys. The head and both hands are a molded plastic cast so it does not have seams which can come apart, the eyes are fitted so that they cannot be tugged out. The synthetic materials used are highly wear-resistant which ensures longevity for this toy. His big blue eyes are securely set into the durable plastic face mold, the cute red hair is fitted into Jacks's head and will not be easy to pull out.

Baby Jack will last a very long time, and he can provide a lot of imaginative fun along with other new products from the range of very popular incredibiles range of characters.
<h2>Ease of Use - Functions</h2>

Ease of Use - Functions

Jack-Jack functions as a fun companion for young children, he can sit up to join in imaginary games, lay down for sleeping, gently press his tummy and he gurgles happily, press for longer and he will explode into a range of entertaining baby sounds and always looks happy and filled with fun. He functions as a colorful companion who will join in with a child and let the child's imagination run any games which are fun. When a young child presses his tummy his eyes will be quick to flash and for a child, this is a result which will cause a lot of amusement.

If your child has seen the Incredibles movies he will have his imagination working positively, and can play out some of the baby scenes from the movie with baby Jack. This toy functions as a companion who can spark the playful side of a child's imagination, they can share hours of imaginative fun together and baby Jack will never get tired or grumpy.

Children can even expand their circle of friends, they can consider adding Fightin Fun Jack-Jack, an impressive 15.5” inches tall, when you press firmly on his hand this will activities colorful lights, fun sounds and playful movements, he can also emit cute baby type sounds, watch him walk, he waves his hand and his eyes sparkle and light up. If you get Fightin Jack to join your family with baby Jack you are going to need to get three AA batteries to keep him active.

Baby Jack-Jack can play with his toy raccoon, let Jack hold him upside he will sense this and make a noise, put him upright and he will make calmer noise. Watch Jack and raccoon hug together and they show their appreciation of a hug with happy sounds. Baby Jack is a must as a first collectible version of the Jack-Jack series but it will be great fun to slowly expand your versions of Jack-Jack, this will mean so many variations of baby superpowers and constant fun for your child. A very nice functional toy companion, your child's face will light up with genuine pleasure from the moment he is introduced to Baby Jack as his new and very special friend.


Baby Jack and his other super versions are all very durable. The materials used to build Baby Jack and the extended other versions of him are all child safe and do not contain any toxins or harmful parts. The use of synthetics means all the materials used, soft or hard are easy and quick to clean, so that a child can perform such cleaning duties safely.

The child-friendly molded plastics used for the head are highly durable and will retain shape and texture for a good amount of time without any overly problematic fading. The clothing and blanket are nice and soft for a child to touch and the use of synthetics means they will not retain dampness and create a chance for bacteria to breed, harmful bacteria or microbes need a consistently damp or wet environment and these synthetics do not hold and retain moisture.

The materials in the construction for Baby Jacks head are smooth, close to real skin color and are designed to stand up to the level of play which children can put onto a toy. Internally baby Jack is filled with beads which is why he is soft and cuddly, these do not present a threat to young children unless they took the unlikely action of tearing open the toy. However, due to this, Baby Jack is not recommended for children under three years.

Overall the plastics and fibers used to make this toy are child-friendly and safe for young children, strong material which holds color and both eyes are designed to stay put and not be pulled out by inquisitive young fingers.


The suggested age for this pet toy made from well thought through safe materials is 3-5. Perhaps a year younger with supervision. These toys are not suggested for children younger than 3 to play with because the toys contain marbles/small balls for the eyes, a collar and which can represent a choking hazard for very young children. Though the eyes are securely fitted, we all know very young children are inquisitive, so it is best to stay with the suggested age for this toy.


Jack the superfamily baby is versatile, he never gets tired, always willing to play, when it is time to rest or sleep he can be settled down by his childhood friend very easily. He is never too tired to play and always ready and eager for attention.

Built to a child-friendly size, Jack can easily be carried by a child, he can sit upright, join in games, fulfill imaginative role-playing games, certainly withstand the rough and tumble of children's games without sustaining damage. Versatile child-friendly materials have been used in putting Jack together, this toy is a very good child companion and will provide many happy children with a very popular companion.

This is just one of his versions, and this is his first version in terms of collect-ability, when playing with baby Jack-Jack, this version offers baby type interaction, to interact further and mimic games or imagine Baby Jack-Jack in some of his other actions this leads to extending the collection to his other versions which offer other choices for playful interaction.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

The cost of the Baby jack is set at an affordable rate, this super baby gives value and because the price is nicely balanced it means that children can hope for other future gifts of characters from this superfamily. The price reflects the ability or encouragement to be able to gradually collect all the different toy characters in all their different fun and entertaining versions. Because the price is fair this does encourage the idea of expanding the collection of characters from the super movie family with superpowers.


Parents need to be aware that Jack-Jack in a movie and Jack-Jack as a toy are somewhat different in terms of how a young child can interact with this toy. In the movie via animation, Jack-Jack can swiftly change his character to run with the storyline in the movie. As a toy, he comes in a range of versions which reflect his fun-filled activities in the movies. Children who have seen the two movies will at some point want to interact with Baby Jack-Jack to imagine and play with him along the lines of his actions on the screen.

This will mean Moms and dads will be asked to get the other versions of Baby Jack-Jack so that a child can extend his collection of this collectible toy and enjoy and an even broader range of fun and imaginative games.

Collectible toy ranges are an encouragement for children to be imaginative and explore more ranges of playful positive interaction. Therefore parents should understand that their children’s curiosity and desire to collect more versions of Baby Jack-Jack will happen.
Children want this range of toys; many children have either seen the movies or heard about them and the super characters. This is a positive trend among children which encourages them to be imaginative and even competitive with other children at collecting all the collectible characters.

Baby Jack is certain to prove a lot of fun and companionship for a young child and as the child gets older he/she will be interested in expanding his collection of toy characters. All the different characters come in a nice choice of versions which offer different functionality to appeal to children in a broad and interesting range of function and features. The versatility of Baby jack and the other characters means that children can use the designed-in features for play but they can also expand into imaginative games which are fueled by the storyline from the very popular movies. These are companion and adventure toys which are well constructed and designed to last as collectible toys for many years.

Because the range of characters all have different powers, features, and concepts, these toys offer variety in terms of entertaining fun for children. When collecting these toys they are designed to be able to playfully interact with each other along the same lines of the abilities of the toys in the movie. Sounds, noises, responses, actions, lights or the appearance of laser eyes are achieved through the use of the design in electronics powered by batteries. All the collectible line of characters are designed thoughtfully with safe materials so that they are child-friendly.
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