10 Best Kids Doctor’s Kits Reviewed & Rated in 2019

Often when kids talk about what they want to become when they grow up the answer is, “a doctor.” Many kids see doctors as superheroes and aspire to be just like them. Many even have gotten to witness the awesome things they are able to do to save family members and friends from illnesses. Being a doctor is an extremely rewarding career and many parents would love to say that their child is a doctor.

If your child is an aspiring doctor then giving them a doctor kit as a gift gives them the chance to roleplay as a doctor or even if your child is fearful of a visit to the doctor’s office these kits can help overcome that fear. Either way, you have come to the right place if you are looking for Doctor Kits for Kids.

doctor kits for kids

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By Amanda Milewski:

This list has been updated with new products to reflect the very best doctor's kits on the market. Encourage your child's imagination through the pretend play of being a doctor for the day. All product details, cost, and availability also have been researched and verified as accurate and up to date.

Our Top 3 Picks

B. Dr. Doctor Toy – Deluxe Medical Kit
  • B. Dr. Doctor Toy – Deluxe Medical Kit
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 10 Pieces
  • Price: See Here
Fisher-Price Medical Kit for Kids
  • Fisher-Price Medical Kit for Kids
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • + Press Button
  • Price: See Here
Learning Resources Doctor Kit
  • Learning Resources Doctor Kit
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Plastic Carrying Case
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Kids Doctors Kits

To determine what doctor kits would make it onto our 10 Best Doctor Kits of 2019, we consulted three key factors for our Criteria for Evaluation. As always, safety was our first and most pressing concern. When judging the doctor kits for safety features, we mainly looked at the overall design and recommend age of the doctor kits. Next, we dealt with imaginative play and how effective each kit could be in that endeavor. For this aspect of our evaluation we looked at the tools included in the kits and their overall quality. Finally, we judged the toys are their ability to stimulate a child’s intellect and brain. This was a bit more difficult to determine as each any form of imaginative play stimulates a child’s intellect. For a more in-depth analysis of our criteria, look below.


As always, we take the safety of children very seriously. Doctor kits are already very safe toys, so the main feature we evaluated was the recommend age. We tried to get a good range of ages so that all children, from babies to preschoolers, could enjoy playing doctor.  We also advise parents to strictly follow the recommended ages. Many doctor kits contain small parts that could possibly choke a child.

Imaginative Play

For the imaginative play section, we judged the doctor kits on just how well the children engaged with the materials. We consulted many parent reviews for this section, and we can guarantee that the majority of parents were very pleased with them. The level of engagement displayed by the child proves that the child is actively imagining and enjoying the experience.

Intellectual Development

Intellectual development is more difficult to pin down. We picked toys that we believed children would be curious about, and would therefore wish to know more about what they play with. Items like stethoscopes makes a child interested in the overall biology and workings of the body, prompting them to ask questions, seek out answers, and learn.

What Determined the Best Kids’ Doctors Kits in Our List

Choosing the top toy doctor kits for this particular endeavor involved a couple of steps. First, we had to include only those with at least 4.3 stars in their current customer satisfaction rating for the simple fact that a greater proportion of positive reviews will almost always point to higher quality products. The second step was to evaluate the medical and health care tools or instruments that are included in the kit. While we did not aspire for an extensive set that can rival that of a hospital setting, we believed that for the most successful pretend play or role-playing activities, the basic or fundamental devices and gadgets must be present; otherwise, the kit was scrapped off the list. The third step was to check for the integrity of the toy. This included the philosophy embedded into its design as well as its overall safety especially when taken in the light of a certain child’s developmental level. So, these three–design, safety, and developmental appropriateness–served to cement the position of the product in our final listing.

Benefits of Pretend Play among Kids

Pretend play is more than just simple acting out different roles of various characters. For children, it is a serious business and one that they can put their hearts and minds into. Scholars around the world continue to expound on the importance of pretend play, especially among younger children. While we can always argue about the validity of these claims, it is more important to look at some of the many benefits of pretend play among kids.

  • Nurtures their imagination – Playing the role of someone else or of something requires the use of imagination especially if there are no clear blueprints on who the person being portrayed really is. So, kids have to imagine the different aspects of the character’s life. This, in turn, substantially increases their ability to create mental images of the character. We call this imagination.
  • Aids in the continuing development of cognitive skills – One of the natural results of imagination is the use of a variety of cognitive skills particularly reflection, problem-solving, and memory recall. These play important roles in the development of imagined things or concepts about the role being played.
  • Enhances emotional and social skills – When kids play pretend they are essentially voicing out their deepest thoughts and desires which ultimately leads to better appreciation of oneself. This improves self-confidence which becomes the necessary starting point for improving social interaction skills.
  • Boosts their language skills – Pretending to play the role of a doctor introduces kids to a lot of medical and healthcare terms. They can use these to expand their vocabulary, allowing them to communicate with a much larger audience.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What exactly is a doctor kit?

A: A doctor kit is any playset or costume set that invests a child imaginatively in the medical world. This includes playing as a pretend nurse, doctor, or some other form of medical practitioner.

Q: What are the benefits of playing with doctor kits?

A: There are many benefits to playing with doctor kits. Many children develop their social skills with the aid of doctor kits because they often play as doctor and patient. Doctor kits also help a child creatively. They think up and envision scenarios based on the kit they are provided, and it the tools are varied, they also grow intellectually.

Q: How will doctor kits grow my child’s imagination?

A: By envisioning different scenes and circumstances, children stimulate their imagination.
Depending on the tools provided in the kit, children can imagine different types of illnesses and then how to cure those illness. This also helps build a child’s empathy.

Q: Do doctor kits promote social and cooperative playtime?

A: Yes, doctor kits are great for social development and cooperative playtime. Usually, children want to engage in that doctor-patient dynamic. This is super beneficial because it helps to build empathy within children.

Q: How will doctor kits aid my child’s overall intellectual growth?

A: Doctor kits can stimulate a child’s overall intellectual growth by introducing children to different instruments and concepts. When you pique a child’s interest, they display an insatiable curiosity till they feel they’ve learned all they can. For instance, the stethoscope can make a child curious about the human heart. They might want to know why it beats, how it beats, and how that all connects with the rest of the body.

Q: What kind of safety precautions should I take when my child plays with doctor kits?

A: Doctor kits are already very safe. But, be sure you always follow the recommend age. Some doctor kits include small pieces that can be dangerous to younger children.

Q: What other types of imaginative playtime give the same kind of benefits and knowledge as doctor kits?

A: Any imaginative play that engages children in some kind of career path have the same benefits as the doctor kits. Lawyer customs, school teacher kits, toys alike this immerse children in imaginative playtime that can build skills to last them their life.

Q: How is imaginative playtime important to a child’s overall development?

A: Imagination touches every part of a child’s life and development. This is because imagination translates into problem-solving, creative thinking, and complex reasoning later in on life. The sooner you start honing those skills, the better off your child will be in life.

The Bottom Line

Playing the role of a doctor simply means kids have to play the part. And one of the best ways for them to play the part is by getting any of these 10 best kids’ doctors kits in 2019 to help provide high quality medical and health care services to patients even if it were only pretend


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