10 Awesome Golf Sets For Kids in 2018

A lot of people look at golf as a rich man’s game. Why? Well, there’s this notion that one has to be a member in an exclusive Golf and Country Club to earn the bragging rights of being able to take a swing across the fairways and rub elbows with the elite. While there is some truth to this, everyone can actually enjoy a game of golf. Even kids can take a makeshift stick, place a wide head at the tip, and swing at a miniaturized ball. They can always to this inside the house or even right in their backyard. Playing golf teaches you concentration and focus and a very clear understanding of what your body is telling you. We can help our kids gain a foothold of this by giving them any of the 10 top kids golf sets in 2017. You’ll be amazed at how fast they learn.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Golf Sets for Children

There was a time when golf was considered a rich man’s game or a game that only men played. But even during this time there were golf theme toys that could be bought for kids to play the game in their own homes. So, the benefits of a game of golf were always apparent even at the time when it seem like not everyone played it. There are benefits to playing golf for kids which is why we chose to place a list of the best golf sets for kids here, in order to highlight these benefits.

Physical Benefits

The most wonderful thing about golf is because it’s a low impact sport most anyone can play it. Kids of any height or weight can play and benefit from playing golf. Just getting outside for physical activity will benefit a child, There is also fine tuning of motor skills such as toning arms and muscles as controlled movements are made playing golf. Also a child will be burning calories because golf is good low impact workout. A child will also work on their balance and coordination while learning the proper technique for swing.

Cognitive Benefits

Playing golf is beneficial to a child’s brain activity. For example, a child will exercise more on their level of concentration. A child will also work on their visual perceptions as they focus on where the hole is located and how they go about swinging the ball into the hole. The game of golf also has it’s set or rules and guidelines that a child will learn to abide by which will be a learning experience. So, the mind is stimulated in a game of golf.

Patience and Perseverance

Playing golf isn’t as easy as it may seem. The sport can be a bit frustrating while learning to do the proper swing. It can also be a challenge to get the ball into the hole. So, in learning golf a child will develop more patience which is a good skill to have in life. Also, they will develop perseverance as they learn not to quit while playing the game and work toward their goal of becoming a good golfer.

Social Skills

Golf is the kind of game where kids can interact with their fellow peers who also ar enthusiast of th sport. They can play together, and practice together even compete in junior tournaments together. Golf is also a great sport for family bonding , kids can play with their parents and their siblings for good family fun.

Benefits of Playing Golf for Kids

Some parents simply cannot see the reason why kids can benefit from golf. For them, this is a sport that is quite expensive and is best reserved for the well-off family. However, through the years, more and more operators are opening their doors to average families so they, too can enjoy the many benefits of playing the sport without having to shell out huge sums of money on equipment and club membership. To help you get an overview on why kids should play golf, here are some of the benefits they can derive from the sport.

  • Helps in their concentration and focus. Golf is a sport that requires excellent control of one’s stance, breathing, and muscle movements. Young children can learn of these essentials early on.
  • Boosts their fine and gross motor skills. Holding the golf club requires the coordination of the different groups of muscles of the hand. Moving the club to swing will require an entirely different set of muscles. These groups of muscles must be able to work synergistically to provide the most optimum swing needed to drive or to put the ball where it needs to be.
  • Teaches kids to be honest. This is especially true in links where you will have to keep track of your own scores. Also, when the ball lands in some hidden part of the course, children are taught never to alter the positioning or placement of the ball to make it easier for him or her to continue with the drive.
  • Teaches kids discipline and perseverance. It takes time and constant practice before kids can get the right swing. It even takes a longer time to hit the ball at just the right angle to send it flying through the air. In both instances, kids learn discipline and perseverance.
The Bottom Line

Playing golf is no longer a rich man’s game. It’s now open to everyone. And everyone, even kids, can start building their skills to become really adept at the art of swinging and hitting the ball. With these 10 top kids golf sets in 2017, we can guarantee your kid will be on the right track to developing that perfect swing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Should I encourage my child to play golf if they find the game boring to watch?
A: When a kid is quite young, they might find watching a golf tournament on TV to be boring. Let’s face it, for hours watching someone swing at a ball can seem mundane to say the least, especially for kids who don’t really understand the game in general. However, watching golf and actually playing it can be two totally different things. When a child is introduced to playing a golf at a young age maybe playing in the back yard or even at a miniature golf course no doubt they will find it fun. So, best course of action introduce a kid to golf by having them learn to play before ever having them watch it on TV. Somehow by them actually playing the spot itself a kid could develop more of an interest in it
Q: Is Golf a game the whole family can play together?

A: This is one of the main benefits of golf. It is a sport that can be played by more than one individual, in fact, this is the thing that makes it a challenging game. So, this is certainly a game that thee whole family can enjoy together. If the parents are already involved in playing golf it is certainly a game they can teach their children, passing on their interest along with some wonderful benefits at the same time.It is also essential when a child is first learning to play golf that they do so under the supervision of a parent or other adult figure.

Q: What is the ideal place to teach a child how to play golf, the driving range or the golf course?

A: This will come down toe person preference. Once a child is ready to stop practicing inside the house or in their own backyard the next step will be to take them to either a driving range or a golf course. If a parent likes to go out ot the golf course themselves this could be an ideal place to take a child to help them sharpen up their own golf game. However, a kid could also benefit by going to the driving range in just hitting the balls with a golf club for practice, This may not give them the benefits of actually being out on the course trying to hit the ball in the various holes but it will give them a chance to practice their swing technique.

Q: When is the ideal age to take a child to either of golf course or driving range?

A: This actually will come down to when a child seems prepared and ready to take the game to the next level. If a child wants to go to the golf course with their parent to see what it like even as young as three years old this should be encouraged. But usually the ideal age that a kid is really ready to start trying to tackle or golf course or driving range is five years of age and up.

Q: Is Golf considered a real sport?

A: This is certainly a debate that rages on, kind of like the debate as to whether or not Gymnastics, and figure skating are real sports. There are no doubt arguments about the fact that golf isn’t a sport and a child could hear this from some of the peers at school if they take as serious interest. But there is no denying that golf is indeed a game of skill in itself and it also takes a great deal of endurance to play it. Maybe it isn’t as exciting as say football, or basketball, but it does have its own rules that need to be followed. So, golf could certainly be considered a sport, it takes practice and it takes skill, those are truly components found in a good sport.

Q: Are there any injuries associated with Golf?

A: Although golf may seem like a safe game for kids to play. They certainly don’t have to worry about other kids trampling on them such as in football or falling due to running or jumping such as in basketball there are still some injuries in golf that can happen. One of the most commonly reported are back problems or wrist strain. Injuries can usually occur due to prolong playing of the game. These can also occur due to not using proper technique in playing the game itself, so again it’s proper that child learn from an adult the proper swing technique and that they also learn the fundamentals of the game from an adult, while being properly supervised. Another factor that can lead to injury is not taking the time to properly warm up and cool down after playing the sport. Golf may seem like a very safe game, but nothing in life is completely safe, and injuries can occur even in golf.

Q: Is the proper equipment important for a child to have in golf?

A: In golf it is imperative to have equipment such as golf clubs that are suited for your age. So, with a kid it important that they use golf clubs that are designed for smaller hands. Some may feel that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some old adult golf clubs that they have and cut them down to the child’s size. But this isn’t really advisable because golf clubs that are design for kids are properly weighted for a younger child to be able to handle and practice their swing. It is also important that a child wear golf gloves and shoes that also properly fit them along with being comfortable.


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