The Best Kids Zip lines Fully Reviewed

Zip lines are one of the major attractions in many outdoor adventure theme parks today. There’s really an almost indescribable feeling to the act of dangling on a piece of sliding mechanism that brings you from Point A to Point B with nothing but several hundreds of feet between you and the ground surface. It gives you the sensation of flying, of being free from all the hassles of the world; albeit, in reality, you are essentially hanging for dear life. Zipping the lines in an adventure theme park can readily cost you around $30 to $80 per head, depending on a variety of factors including length of the zip line and any additional bonuses to the adventure. You don’t need to spend this much. For the price of 2 to 4 regular zip line tickets, you can now get your own zip line right in your own backyard with the B44 Slackers 70-Foot Zipline Hawk Series with Seat.

slackers zip lineThe B44 Hawk

Made of only the highest grade of stainless steel materials, the B44 Slackers Hawk is composed of two very essential components: the zip line and its attachment systems. The zip line is composed of 70 feet of high grade stainless steel, 65 feet of which is the entire length of the line while 5 feet is reserved for the sling cable. Many consumers get confused as to the 70-foot label as they expect to get 70 feet of 3/16 inch-sized stainless steel cable for the zip line itself. This should be factored in the choice of the trees with which to provide anchor for the system. At any rate, the distance between the two trees should be able to accommodate the 65 feet of line, not 70.

The B44 Slackers Hawk also comes with a steel trolley that has been fully pre-assembled from the factory so all you will ever need to do is to set it up and you should be zipping the lines in no time. The seat trolley comes with rubber grips for optimum kid safety. It also comes with a 10-foot rope complete with a fully adjustable bracket to compensate for variations in rider height. The zip line can safely accommodate up to 220 pounds of weight. Completing the kit are 3 U-clamps, a seat, and a turnbuckle. It also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide which Slackers say, if you follow it to the letter, will see you completing the whole setup within half an hour. Now all you’ll ever need are two sturdy trees that are aptly spaced.

Zipping the Line with Your Kids

The B44 Slackers Hawk is excellent for helping kids strengthen their arm muscles as they get to hold onto the handlebars while zipping from a considerable height. The enjoyment and thrill that they get are simply priceless and this will play a major role in the development of their self-esteem. The B44 Slackers hawk also makes for a great way to bond with the rest of the family so everyone will be able to rekindle their commitment for one another. With the B44 Slackers Hawk, you can now have an outdoor adventure theme park right in your own backyard.