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There are not enough hours in the day to spend on enjoying this highly creative toy

How it works

Children get a chance of being very creative through the Kumikreator and can create wonderful bracelets for friends and family without any need for complex knotting work needed. These creative toys enable children to load up a child-friendly machine. The child is in a good learning mode as she/he creates bracelets and watches the amazing performance given by the bracelet maker.

Good for children from eight years and older but with a little supervision from Mom or dad younger children can also be introduced to the pleasures of weaving. This comes with a total of eighty-eight string-spools in five attractive colors. A booklet is provided to offer a choice of designs which when a bracelet is made they look stylish and close up with a secure clasp. Your child can create very attractive bracelets which can match outfits and they look amazingly stylish and a child can take pride in the fact that he/she created something which can be worn with pride. Make bracelets and wrap them as gifts for special occasions when you can give a bracelet as a gift, your friend will wear something which you have created.

Watching the Kumikreator in action is fascinating, turn the operating handle and activate and watch the assorted colored spools set to action as they spin to create a wonderful bracelet. With 88 spools of colorful thread, creativity can go into overdrive and when the thread is eventually used it is very easy to buy more and produce more colorful creations. Everything about this gift involves thoughtful interactive creativity for children and introduces them into making something that will serve as a wonderful bracelet which will last for a long time and can be worn to brighten up clothing.

A learning situation for children as they are introduced to how quick weaving can be and how nice the results can be. Children can create ten very nice friendship bracelets. This is not a long process, once your child gets working on making a bracelet he/she will see a great result very quickly. These bracelets are weaved together via professional styled weaving methods via the toy/machine and the durability level of the produced bracelet is very high, these will last and last.

Yes it is a toy but its also more, creativity is required and that creativity brings rewarding results, educationally a child is introduced to the methods used for weaving and what the weaving will produce, the reward is the ability to spend time being creative and producing beautiful colorful bracelets which can be worn or given as gifts to others.

Watch the focus, attention, enjoyment and resulting pleasure when your child creates a beautifully weaved bracelet. This is a great gift for children and will open up their minds towards artful creativity. If your child has inner artistic creativity, this great product will bring out those skills and promote an interest in expanding creativity.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Lovely ease of use for children, they are in full control, turn the handle, the spools start spinning together, working together to weaving a bracelet right before your child while she/he watches the process. If they turn the handle slowly they can slow down the action and study the weaving process. In past years adults would sit for hours carefully manipulating and twisting strands of thread to achieve what a child can now create in less than five minutes. Children have a wrist measuring tool with this so they can create bracelets for children, teenagers, and adults. There are tastefully designed stickers which can be added to the bracelet, an easy to follow guide book for creating a selection of bracelets and of course the ability for children to create or make their own designs.

When first unpacked and assembled you might think wow this looks difficult, especially because more than one spool will be set up but the instructions are clear and easy to follow and there is even a video link if you prefer to follow step by step instructions for assembly. This amazing product allows children to enter a world of creativity for weaving/braiding wonderful, colorful attractive bracelets, they will watch the whole process from the very start right up to the moment they have created a great bracelet.

Featuring inspiration from Kumi a Japanese style bracelet, the bracelets are intricately made through braiding/weaving quality colorful threads so that a good durable comfortable to wear bracelet is produced. The brochure provided with this will give a nice selection of different bracelet styles for a child to create, the weave is intricate and strong and certainly made to last, and a choice of five attractive colors are blended together. The process is quick so the results for eager young are quick, once the bracelet is made it can be fitted with a stylish clasp and instantly worn on the wrist or ankle. These bracelets can be gift wrapped and are a nice gift for children to give to others for birthdays or other celebrations of importance.

It is very significant for a young child to be able to create a gift themselves for a close friend or loved family member. Eighty-eight spools are provided and this means a lot of weaving resources for the child to get busy and creative. When the spools are finished is it very easy to purchase more and very worthwhile to do so because once your child is introduced into being creative in a way which shows arty results in the form of a nice bracelet, they will certainly be eager to continue being creative.

The Kumikreator features mechanisms which are easily activated and controlled by a child, as the spools spin and the weaving/braiding process takes place the child will be fascinated to see how this process works and really very delighted with the final results. In this high tech age, the features in this toy bring a child into a world of creativity with results and these are the types of things many children in our current high tech age miss out on experiencing. This product features a system which works to involve children in being creative and productive and the rewards are there for them to see when they produce these highly attractive and unique bracelets. When spools are used up there are refill packs available with 96 spools.


The functions to operate are superb, your child will turn the handle and the spools will spin and start to braid/weave together amazing combinations of color into a beautiful bracelet. Simple but creative to operate and children retain full control. Very functional. Setting up the assembly with the spools is the core functionality for this to be reading to braid/weave super looking bracelets. Automation is the key here your child can set the machine in motion while retaining full control and each bracelet can be produced reasonably quickly, in fact, once your child masters the easy to use functions a bracelet can be made in minutes, children like quick results and here they will get that.

The 88 spools will produce 10 great strong attractively weaved bracelets and your child can produce so many colorful variations. A completed bracelet will need a clasp added and the process to do this is child-friendly, no need for knotting bracelets in order to wear them, a solid reliable clasp system makes them very easy to put on and remove. Forget batteries, you won't need them, this is powered by hand and very easy so that your child stays involved throughout the entire creative process.


Children will adore this product, just watching them will convince you that you chose a great gift, they get 88 spools so they can be very busy being creative. When they use up the spools they will have created bracelets through the designs offered in the brochure and they can also create their own design choices. Empty spools can be easily purchased to keep your child's interest positively focused on creative, fun and enjoyment and replacing the spools is a lot cheaper than replacing parts on a modern high tech gift. This product introduces your child to real-time hands-on creativity.

Parents may well need to show their child how to get started and it does not take long, braiding and weaving has been around for hundreds of years, now children can enjoy this is an automated /child-friendly machine/toy which will give them endless hours of creativity.
Expect every member of the family and lots of friends to receive bracelets and wear them, these are stylish and look great. The combination of colors used in the thread are very attractive and can be blended together to create so many incredible designs.

The versatility for using this product is straightforward while being able to allow a child to create new designs to suit whoever they intend giving the bracelet to. Bracelets can be made using from 8 up to 12 strands, the fewer strands used means the more bracelets can be made, so your child has a choice to experiment and explore making bracelets with different numbers of strands.


Safety toys are paramount and safety is in this product, no sharp objects, no way in which young delicate fingers can get caught up in mechanisms or cut on sharp edges. The Kumikreator will draw your child into a world of creativity without any harm. The product is made from materials which are durable and safe around children.


When assembled a child can move this toy onto a table or dresser top and it is not heavy, so no problems with carrying or moving. Parents would be wise to help the child assemble this on a surface where it can spend most of the time being used. The concept is an automated weaver powered by hand and once assembled it makes sense not to move it around too much as the spools are all set to work and perform together. However, the product is set up on a base which has a box cover with a nice carrying handle so moving this from one room to another is easy enough.


With regards to design, this is all about creativity, certainly, there are templates which are available in the brochure which a child can use and it is for sure that creativity will steer a child to coming up with their own colorful bracelets combinations and designs. The freedom to produce interesting different designs will allow your child to experiment with creativity and design and you might even find you have a young future fashion designer in your family.


The cost of this creative product reflects the good old days when so many things were affordable while also bringing pleasure and enjoyment. There aren't many toys which when played with actually produce something attractive to wear. It does seem like an investment in which you get back something for the money you give.


Modern high tech toys cost a lot, think and act for us but this product takes a child back in time to when we all had to be creative. If we wanted something special and unique we were in many years past simply obliged to design and make it, we had to be creative. That is where this product has strengths which will draw out skills for thinking creatively and designing.

While being creative, children get results which they can proudly share or give as gifts to others. A chunky braided bracelet for dad, an elegant colorful bracelet with fewer strands weave for Mom. There are not many toys which come to mind which open up the door of creativity for young children but this product makes the grade. A toy which operates on the principles of the user powering it just like they did in the old days by using a handle which when turned sets the spools into motion so that they skillfully weave together colorful combinations of colored strands to produce uniquely styled bracelets. Your child will be able to look directly into your eyes, hand you a gift and say “I made this”
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