LEGO Disney Minifigures Review: Set of 18 Popular Characters

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18 figures

All very popular characters

High quality design

Very durable

Child friendly 5 years upwards

Lots of creative/imaginative play opportunity

Good toy set for collectors

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In high demand

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Every grandparent, adult and child knows the popular characters made famous by Disney, some of the characters are more popular than others yet all of them are instantly recognizable. Every person has their favorite Disney choices and this well designed set of 18 figures is a very good choice for children to play with or for those older who would like to own an amazing collectible set of famous delightful mini-toys. Each toy comes with paper inserts and original accessories.

Each toy-figure is two inches in height, expertly designed and constructed from durable materials which are child-safe. The mini-toys arrive in individual packaged transparent sealed plastic mini-bags. The toy figures cover Disney characters from the 1950’s all the way through over the years right up to current favorites.

Some of the character figurines are heroes loved by everyone and some are the semi-villains and equally loved for their funny mischievous antics.

A great gift for Xmas, birthdays or to get going with a wonderful collectors set of famous figures from the World of Disney. This is a toy-set produced by Lego so we can feel confident that the materials and quality of design are top notch, in a set of 18 figures there is something for everyone.

Materials Features

Materials Features

These figures are very impressively designed, the design and artwork truly replicate exactly the famous features of each figurine. It does appear apparent that these mini toys are built to easily be durable enough as children's play toys or as long term projects for collectors of mini-toy sized figures.

The colors used are applied with the intention to avoid fading and the extent of expertly applied colors for different parts of each mini-figure is done to a high standard, this means as toys they are very much like the character children have seen in Disney movies and for collectors this means that these figures are long term good quality collectible toys.

Sculpting of the bodies and heads are very accurate, the process used for making these toys is dual or double molding with durable solid yet slightly flexible plastic for the body and for any accessories. There are extra accessories available for children to expand they toy set or for collectors to expand a collection, the accessories can be small items up through a range of choices up to toy house or castle style. The Disney collection of mini-toy characters from the many years of Disney productions are a product from Lego so the materials used are very good quality and there is the opportunity to integrate toy figure sets from Lego because an extensive range of different collectible figures are available.

The range of characters covers all cartoon characters and means that children could put together a very interesting extended toy collection sets and all the accessories which come with the different sets. The range of playful scenarios which children can copy from story movies is very big which means a lot of fun and children will, of course, use these mini toys to be imaginative and create there own playful stories with these figures. This is a gift which young children will cherish and enjoy so many hours of creative play.


The functions of this toy collection are for children to actually own figures of their favorite characters and be able to interact with these toy characters, children will certainly be creative and set up game playing in which they interact and imagine these toys to be the same as in the movies. This means they will be creative and focused while playing and as far as toy requirements go, these offer high functionality.

Further interactive play for more functionality comes with the availability of a good range of accessories which means extended options for more creative playing. Buildings and accessory items specific to different toy figures mean that play options can be extended while also building up a collection of toys.

Each toy has a function and appearance which is unique and offers its own unique appeal for collectors and for children. These means when children play with this set they have so many options for the types of games they can play which involves either creatively interacting the toys or playing with the figures individually.


As expected from a product put out into the market for children and which also has the potential to become a collection which can be grown, the materials give very good durability. Children will like these figures and they will often play and so the plastics used to mold to shape each individual figure are highly-durable. As the figures are molded this means that body parts such as the head, feet, legs and arms cannot fall or be pulled off.

These toys will easily stand up to constant daily playing by happy children. The paintwork applied to the very realistic characters gives the final touch and it is durable because it is part of the process for ensuring the durable plastics are very precisely molded to look exactly like the legendary figures from children's videos, story books and well known movies from Disney.


The solid figures offer slight flexibility for play purposes and the plastics can take extensive playful punishment with shedding and types of plastic chemicals so children are safe playing with these figures. Lego are a very thorough and highly professional toy maker and they have applied a level of pre-product research to ensure that all materials to not have any dangerous parts or fitting and that the plastics used are free from toxins or chemicals.

The figures are small for ease of dexterity during play and stand at around two inches in height therefore these figures are not recommended for very young children or toddlers as young kids tend to put toys in their mouths and these would present a problem as a potential hazard for choking.

The molding process for each figure has ensured they do not have sharp edges or points which could pose cutting risks for children, all the toys are smooth and safe for young hands during play.

Small accessories such as the skirt for Minnie Mouse are small enough to prevent a choking danger for toddlers and very young kids, therefore the age safety of these toys is suggested for children over 5 years old but starting at this young age, a reasonable amount of adult supervision is suggested for safety reasons.


These toys are designed to the same high standard of other Lego figure sets such as the characters and accessories from the movie Ninjago and from the Batman figures from the Batman movie series and characters. All the figures span a history of Disney from the very early days up to present favorites, Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie are so well designed they look exactly the same as the cartoon versions, the figures design work is fully accurate. Intricate designing has gone into putting together these figurines and the same high standard for design has been applied to any accessories which arrive with the toy-set or accessories which can be added.
Ease of You

Ease of You

Ease of use is through the history of the characters unique activities in movies, young children's Disney story books or videos, the characters offer unique ease of use for playing.
Light easy to handle toys which are easy to set up for playing with and equally easy to put away when playing has finished.

All accessories require minimal set up and offer very nice ease of use for kids, the ease with which accessories and toy figures can be used for interactive play is only limited by the extent of a child's level or imagination and creating playing aims.


Portability is simplicity because these toys are figures designed to easily be held and moved around by children, where to play is not limited, on warm sunny days a child can carry out his toy set into the garden and play. The weight and size of each figure is very easy for children. Each of the eighteen characters in this set of 18 figures is light weight and portability of the entire set is really easy for children.


Versatility for playing with these 18 mini-figures is huge, an imaginative child can go for creative playing through interacting these unique figures into many fun playful games. The accessories available offer versatility, for example, the castle is designed to look real and toy figures can be playing to interact in games centered around the castle. Children can start off with the eighteen pieces figure set and add more figures from other Lego toy sets, this means that unlike in the popular movies, these toy figures can be together and be playfully interacted.
Age Range

Age Range

Strong advice to keep they small toy figures out of reach of children below thirty six months of age, children at 5-6 years old should be under discrete supervision when playing with this set of figures as the size of each figure does present a potential chocking threat. As children get older the choking threat diminishes as less adult supervision is reasonable safe when they toys are played with within the design context and purpose.


The toy figure set offers eighteen figures all of them are unique in design and characteristics
Mickey and Minnie mouse are among the oldest and most well known figures along with Donald Duck, the popular Daisy Duck, the Cheshire cat and Alice from the very famous movie Alice in Wonderland. Children and collectors will be delighted to see Captain Hook and the inspiring Peter Pan, they will be fascinated by sleeping beauty and her tormentor the nasty with Maleficent. Characters from the Little Mermaid movie, three lead figures from Aladdin, Stitch and many more. This toy set offers many new collectible figures which came into popularity through so many Disney movies.

Price Range

The cost is reasonable when considering the extensive range of 18 very popular figures adored by children and those who like to collect toy figures. These are highly durable and very well designed unique figures which will last for many years and for young children they are getting a very long term investment for many fun play times.

For collectors, these toy figures arrive in original packaging and as they are made from strong durable plastics there seems to be no time limitation on how long these figures will last.

Bottom Line

This is a set which offers high quality, very well designed figures which span from the early production years of Disney right up to current classics. Children get 18 very well known and unique character figures which means a lot of scope for creative fun and role play games between this extensive set of figures.

These are small figures which work well for children for playing with and each figure is carefully molded to be a very real copy of the characters as seen in Disney productions all around the world. Doubtless that children will be creative and invent all types of fun interactive games through these figures. The games can imaginatively be increased through children obtaining accessories and pride of place with these toy figures can be the impressive Disney style castle.

Durable longevity is assured through the plastics used for molding these figures, these will last for a very long time and though a gift for children, they can keep these toys over the years as they are collectible.

Collectors will be attracted to this impressive set of figures because they are so well designed and highly collectible. Children will appreciate this gift because it offers so many unique fun characters and a few popular villainous characters. A very good gift for children for Birthdays, Christmas or whenever a child deserves a very impressive set of mini-toy figures which offer many hours of play.
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