Lil’ Gleemerz Review: Cute Interactive Pet Toys

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We like

It is an extremely cute toy that involves the kids into play.

It communicates with the child through interactive play activities.

It is extremely useful tool for development of sensory and motor skills development.

Kids can play more than one game with Lil’Gleemerz.

We don’t like

The batteries can easily run out.

How it works

After Hatchimals Hatchibabies and Fingerlings, Mattel Company has a new interactive toy that offers a great variety of play, super cute look with even greater durability and amazing ways of interactivity. Lil’Gleemerz is a toy that is specially designed to keep kids’ interest. With over 100 reactions Lil’ Gleemerz will light up your world. Kids love exploring all the things that Lil’ Gleemerz can do according to the actions and the touchpoints. With three different modes of play, the kids can easily become friends with Lil’ Gleemerz and start communicating and having fun with their new friend. Kids love playing with it in low light or dark rooms because of the lights that Lil’Gleemerz displays but equally like the other two modes where you can share jokes, ask questions and play different games with your little friend. This season will be light up by Lil’Gleemerz so make sure you read our review for this amazing toy.

Product description

Product description

Lil’ Gleemerz is an interactive toy with bushy light-up tails and huge wide eyes that glow. Lil’ Gleemerz will talk to you, play with you and have a dance party with you. There are three different modes: hangout mode, light party mode, and a game mode. On the top of the head, it has cute hair and on the back of the head of the Lil’Gleemerz, there is a switch.

In order for the toy to function properly, you have to flip the switch to the ON position because the toy is in demo mode. Once you do this the demo mode no longer exists but it becomes OFF position. If you leave the toy for few minutes and stop playing with it, the toy will go to sleep mode.

If you wish to wake the Lil’ Gleemerz from sleeping you just have to press its nose for 2 seconds or flip the switch first OFF and then switch on the ON position again. The product dimension is 3.2 x 6.2 x 11.5 inches and the weight is around 8 ounces. This toy requires 3 AAA batteries in order to function properly. The batteries come included in the package but are only for demonstration purposes. When is time to change the batteries you will need a small screwdriver in order to open the cover and replace the batteries that are positioned on the bottom.

Our Lil’Gleemerz friend is called Amiglow and she is adorable with its glowing eyes and furry LED light tail and she will even tell you by herself when it is time to change the batteries. This toy unboxes easily and when it is out of the box it is ready for playing. It is a small and compact interactive toy with light features that are extremely beautiful in the dark.
Three modes of play

Three modes of play

This toy offers three modes of play: Hangout mode, Light Party mode and Game mode. The modes can be started in the same way- by pressing the nose. So, you can choose the mode by pressing the nose until you hear the relevant phrase pronounced by Lil’ Gleemerz. Depending on the mode the phrase can be “Let’s hang out and play”, “Let’s have a party” or “Let’s play a game”. In the hangout mode, you can interact or hang out with your friend Amiglow. There are many ways of interacting with this little friend and this is why kids love her. For example in this mode Amiglow is ready to tell you a knock, knock joke or play with yes/no questions.

The second mode is Light Party mode where if you want to interact with Lil’ Gleemerz you can clap your hands or play some music and Amiglow will react to your action by a light show. The light show is in the form of a rainbow and glowing eyes. The rainbow lights are shown in the tail. If you want to change the colors of the lights or the pattern you simply have to press the button that is positioned on the tail. If you pet the head then you will change the direction of the light pattern. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that there should not be background noise so Lil’ Gleemerz would be able to “hear” the action that you do –i.e. clapping or music.

Finally, the third mode is the Game mode and the phrase where Lil’ Gleemerz gives you an offer to play a game with you. There are three games that you can play with Amiglow. You can choose the game that you want to play by petting the head forward or backward. The petting of the head serves as a scroll and when you hear the name of the game you want to play, you should wait for Amiglow to give you a sign to press the tail for start. In this mode, there is an option for lowering the volume which does not exist in the other two modes. If you press the tail for 4 seconds you lower the volume which will be restored once you change the mode or switch the toy off and then on again.
Touch points

Touch points

Generally, there are four touchpoints on the Lil Gleemerz that make her respond in different ways. The touchpoints are a tail button, back of the head, forehead, and nose. If you touch its head and tail while in hangout mode, she will respond to this touch with different phrases and colored lights. One of the main points for provoking a reaction by the Lil’Gleemerz is the nose through which you can choose between the three available modes. The second touchpoint is the head and there are two points: the forehead and the back of the head.

You can pet or rub her head from front to back or vice versa and see the different reactions that Amiglow will perform. Other actions that you can perform are to tap the forehead or the back of the head, press and hold the forehead or the back of the head or pinch, double-pinch or hold the tail. There is a button on the tail and you can use it to control the gameplay. It says that there are more than 100 reactions for you to discover. The Lil’Gleemerz depending on your reaction will purr, growl, fart, say funny phrases, flashlight show, and play games. The Lil’Gleemerz has little paws that you can use in order to hang it in different poses on the laptop screen or many different places and objects.
Three different games

Three different games

In the game mode there are three different games: Catch the Kiss, Tail Tennis and Stop on the Stop. You should read the instructions that come with the toy in order to learn more about all the different ways of how to interact with the Lil’Gleemerz and to be able to explain to the kids more about the games. Anyhow if you want to skip the instructions then you can just follow Amiglow directions when you choose a game. In the first game, your friend Amiglow sends green lights and kisses to the tip of the tail.

Your task is to catch them with a press on the tip when they get to the end. This game is great for the development of the motor as well as other skills because kids will have to be careful, listen, follow and then be fast and press the tip with their little fingers. As kids get better, the game will go faster meaning that the lights will reach the end faster so they should be double attentive and fast. There is a catch in this game in order to make it even more enjoyable for the kids and to make kids pay attention to the game Lil’Gleemerz sometimes sends red lights instead of green lights and farts instead of kisses. Kids should not press the tip of the tail in this case and at the end of this game as well as the other two games, Amiglow will inform you how successful you were during the particular game.

The second game is called Tail Tennis and it is very similar to the first one because it is structured in the same way as Catch the Kiss. The green lights in the tail and the rate of speed of the game is the same element here just in this case the game is designed to look like tennis –Amiglow sends green lights and you should return the lights back to Amiglow by pinching the tail. Again this game is great for fine motor skills development of the kids because of the use of fingers when pinching the tail and hand-eye coordination.

The third game, Stop on the Spot, is slightly different from the other two in a context that there is a green light in the middle of the tail and a red light that goes up and down the tail. Again you should be careful and follow Amiglow in the game because this time you should press the tail button when the red light crosses the green light and turns white. All the three games are great for playing and kids really love to interact with Lil’Gleemerz. The lights that are in the tail are super bright even in a low light atmosphere but they look amazing when the Lil’Gleemerz is in the dark.
Skills development

Skills development

The hangout mode is where you can feel the character of Lil’ because there are so many ways for the kids to interact with Lil’ Gleemerz. The interaction between the kids and Lil’Gleemerz brings joy and excitement and lots of fun. However, besides the fun part, the toy is a great tool for different types of skills development because of the so many ways of interaction. Lil’ Gleemerz can tell jokes and kids can respond to the jokes, for example, Amiglow tells the knock, knock joke and kids should respond to this with “Who is there?” Amiglow then responds with an answer and the joke continues on.

Another activity is that in the hangout mode if you press and hold the forehead you can ask Yes/No question and Amiglow will give you an affirmative or negative answer. It is a great activity that motivates kids to get creative and think of questions and develop their vocabulary and verbal skills. In the light party mode Lil’Gleemerz responds to your favorite music that you can play to her and the reaction is putting on a light show that you can also control by changing and choosing the color of the light by pressing the button on the tail or you can even change the direction of the lights by patting the Amiglow’s head.

This is great for sensory development because kids can explore different types of music or different rate of clapping hands and see what happens with the lights. The light party mode is exceptional in darkroom and kids will be thrilled that they can dance together with their favorite friend.


The price of this toy is awesome. It is a great price for a great product that offers so many ways of interactivity. It has things in common with Hatchmals Hatchibabies and Fingerlings but again compared to them in terms of price and what it does Lil’ Gleemerz is a sure winner. It offers various options and possibilities for kids’ enjoyment and fun. The price includes the quality of the product and its uniqueness.

Bottom line

Lil’Gleemerz is a solid toy with a decent size. The colors are vibrant and the lights are amazing. Not only does it provide lots of fun and entertainment, but it also communicates with your child. Your kids will be amazed by the 100 sounds that Lil’ Gleemerz can make. The toy is perfect for cuddling in the dark and a great companion for the kids that love interacting. Your kids can do so many things with this Lil’ Gleemerz called Amiglow. It comes in three different play modes so you can hang out, dance according to the beat and have a real light show in the dark or get competitive and start playing games and try to win over Amiglow.
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