12 Best Minecraft Toys for Kids in 2018

A lot of people, from kids to teenagers and even adults, are so crazy about playing Minecraft. For many of these individuals, it’s like playing the Creator as players do get the chance to create their own worlds, destroy and remodel it as they wish, and do almost anything that they can think of which, in the real world, they simply cannot. And if you have a kid who is a fan of this particular computer game, we’re pretty certain they will love our 12 best Minecraft toys especially for kids in 2017.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Top 12 Minecraft Toys on Our List

Minecraft is a popular game that keeps increasing its fanbase through the years. This popular game has franchised into other types of playthings like live action building blocks and action figures. We weeded out fake Minecraft pieces to ensure we only highlight the best on the market. Our team of researchers searched the web far and wide to find the best top 12 live action Minecraft kits and bring them to you.
All of the action figures are made of strong, great quality plastic. We chose these characters because all of their colors were painted on. That means there are no stickers to peel off and lose. These action figures can survive the thrashings of little children. This makes it cheaper for mom and dad because they won’t have to spend extra money replacing the pieces.
The Lego biomes we chose go great with the action figures. The biomes can easily be built by little kids and they can be disassembled and reassembled several times. For those who prefer to not disassemble their biomes, they can proudly be placed on display on a shelf.
The Minecraft kits and figures on our list are considered collectable items. Kids can learn the fine art of becoming a responsible collector. They can also learn how to play well with others as they share their figurines and go on an adventure through their biomes.

What Determined the Minecraft Toys in Our List

Picking the best Minecraft toys for children (perhaps of all ages) was not easy simply because the computer game franchise has now branched into almost every other type of plaything, from building blocks to action figures to learning kits and others. The point is that, choosing which of these types of playthings to include is like choosing which between a ride on toy and a building and construction set is better when we all know both are equally beneficial to a child’s development. To address this we had to shorten the list of possible candidates for the 12 best Minecraft toys by looking at their consumer ratings. We’re confident that if a lot of people are buying these products, then it must really be good.

However, we did not stop there for the simple fact that even with the ratings scores, there are still a lot of potential candidates for the plum. So, we examined each one and carefully considered how each of these playthings will be able to help children of today in terms of their growth and development. Sure, all toys have developmental benefits to children but we would like to determine which products provide the most benefit. As such, you can expect that our top 12 Minecraft toys are simply the best in helping your child develop and grow to his or her optimum.

We also evaluated the overall design of the product. Of particular importance to us is the safety of these products. If there are plastic components, we made sure there were no BPA, phthalates, or any other harmful substances in the product. For those made of wood, they should have been finished with kid-safe materials. Of course, safety certifications made a big difference in these evaluations. All of these actually point to the reputation or credibility of the toy manufacturer. So, we had to consider the trustworthiness of the company.

With these 12 amazing Minecraft products, we’re pretty sure your child will have all the more reason to play it and explore the endless possibilities of creating their own world and shaping it to how they see it should be.

Minecraft and Children’s Cognitive Development

There are many reasons why Minecraft is well-liked by children and adults alike. Children in particular, love the idea of being given the opportunity to shape their world, even though it’s only a digital environment, by using elements and entities that are present in the game. This greatly enhances their creativity and imagination which are closely related to their cognitive development.

When children start designing their Overworld, they have to process a variety of information which are actually reflections of how they understand the real world. For instance, building a home for Steve and the animal mobs in Overworld shows their understanding of the need for shelter for all living things. When they spawn sheep, they are showing their understanding of the need for clothing. All of these things may actually seem so nonsensical to us adults but for children, it is a way for them to express their understanding of the world.

What is worth noting is that children’s ability to reshape and remodel an existing world is a reflection of what they consider to be the ideal world for them. For instance, if they don’t like the existing setup of their world, they destroy everything and try to build a new one. This reflects their understanding of how the world should look like and how it should operate. These actions are often misinterpreted by adults as being too violent. What they fail to see is the reason behind the destruction which is to create a new and better world.

The Bottom Line

Minecraft is one of the most famous computer games today. And it does have significant benefits to a kid’s development as well. As such, while your child is already playing with the Minecraft computer game, why not add to his or her joy by giving him or her one of our top twelve Minecraft toys for kids? We’re certain their eyes will glow with happiness.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Minecraft teach kids?

A: It builds creativity, teaches real-world engineering skills, they can play anywhere, its kid friendly and fun for the whole family.

Q: What is the one bad thing about Minecraft?

A: As kids grow up, they might want to play the Minecraft video game. There are strangers online that may want to destroy their hard work. But there is an option that allows kids to play in their own map. This helps parents not to worry about what strangers might be saying to their kids while they’re not watching.

Q: Can a child with ADHD play Minecraft?

A: Yes, they can. In fact, this game is incredibly popular among kids with ADHD. They get to build whatever they want. It helps keep their mind busy because they can build a house, church, cave, etc. When they get bored with one project they can put it down and work on another within the game.

Q: Why is Minecraft so addictive?

A: Children and adults love Minecraft because it’s a sandbox style game. They can build anything they want to which is incredibly fun. If they want to stop building and go exploring they can do so at any time. There is no linear progression in this game, it’s a world they can work on at their leisure. The game is so popular that parents find themselves cutting back their kids playtime so that they don’t play too much.

Q: How popular is Minecraft?

A: Minecraft is one of the most popular searched terms on YouTube. In one month, 3.9 million people viewed Minecraft videos through YouTube. It is the 2nd most searched term after ‘music’. Because of how approachable and simple it is, many schools also include it in basic programming and engineering training.

Q: What are the pros of playing Minecraft?

A: While kids play they learn how to face challenges. They discover novel ways to manipulate their world, learn to deal with limited resources and challenge themselves to creative tasks. At the same time they develop confidence, an understanding of basic engineering techniques and how to follow through on a plan.
Kids will also be tempted to take risks in game and that is a good thing. Taking risks and meeting their challenges head on is a great lesson that they can use as they grow. And in Minecraft, the only consequence of failure is having to start over.


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