10 Best Minion Toys & Games in 2018

The Minions are really a fabulous bunch of hot characters with kids right now, as anything with their images on it is grabbed up quickly by parents and relatives. The brothers of Stuart, Bob, and Kevin are so popular and they adorn everything from stickers and socks to thermos bottles and backpacks. Made popular by the Despicable Me movies, these funny characters will have you laughing out loud at their goofy antics and high-end adventures. Their yellow blob-like bodies are so fun to look at with their google eyes and amusing costumes. When kids identify with creative personalities such as these, they will be attracted to almost anything with their image on it. It is a wonderful way to get them to try things they would not normally want to do or participate in, so products can be educational in that way of trying new things. These products on this page are also beneficial in that they help kids exercise their motor and verbal skills, imaginations, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, and building talents. Fun toys can be good for the entertainment and also great for gaining wonderful skills to build on each year.

We feature items that decorate, such as the sticker sheets, Minion wall decals, and the Stuart peeking decal for clear windows and doors. The Despicable Me backpack, Minion socks, Stuart Camera, and minion thermos containers are perfect usable everyday items to decorate your life with plenty of Minions. Toddlers will love the Tumbling Stuart, action figure set, or the Seek & Find book that will provide hours of fun. Whether your child likes all of the Minion characters or just a few of the Despicable Me personalities, he or she will be attracted to at least one or two of the hot new items on our list. Here are our choices for the best Minion toys for kids reviewed in 2018 by parents just like you.

Last Updated: August 27, 2018
By Angela:

This page was recently updated to include only the best minion toys and games for kids in 2018. We made sure all items are still in stock and that all information on the page is up-to-date and correct.

Our Top 3 Picks

Minion Dave Talking Action Figure
  • Minion Dave Talking Action Figure
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 55 Minion phrases
  • Price: See Here
Play-Doh Despicable Me Minions
  • Play-Doh Despicable Me Minions
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Safe & quality materials
  • Price: See Here
Minions Plush Buddies - Bob
  • Minions Plush Buddies - Bob
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft & huggable
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Minion Toys

As the holidays roll around we are all on the lookout for the perfect gifts for the people we love. Here is a list compiled of some great minion themed ideas for your little one this year. With their faces available on band-aids, shirts, bedding, and countless other everyday items the minions have taken over as a popular fad among today’s younger population, and it’s no wonder why. These little characters do a great job of capturing the spirit of children all over, making them relatable and entertaining. They are mischievous, goofy, inquisitive and mirror the behavior of many curious little ones.

By combining the popularity and fun of the minions, with skill-building games and activities you are sure to find something for your little one to love and cherish this holiday. There are some great choices for kids who need some assistance with their fine motor skills and logic/reasoning. There are some figurines that encourage imaginative playtime as your child takes off into a world ruled by my minions. With block kits that will promote creativity as well as imagination as they may come with figurines to paint a more detailed scene for your child to be assured to get the fullest enjoyment. While there are a few list items with small parts not suitable for small children as they pose choking hazards, many of these activities will allow and encourage your children to play with each other and fuel a desire to include the whole family.

With gender being such a controversial issue these days it can be a little intimidating to find a gift that will appeal to the little one in your life, without offending someone or facing some type of backlash. While some of these gifts are very obviously gender-specific there are some really good choices that are on the verge of gender-neutral that will appeal to all kids, so long as they are within the age parameters of course.

Some of these great gift ideas are perfect for harnessing ingenuity and creativity. They help improve critical thinking and logic as well as fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and promote social building skills. There is a range of ages from 3 years up to 12 years, although there are a few items suitable for youth up to 15 years.

How We Chose the Top 10 Minion Toys in our List

Because our focus is on toys, it was imperative for us to adhere to our time-tested formula of looking at the inherent characteristics of playthings in our search for the coolest, most adorable, most fun, and most amazing Minion stuff for 2018.

First, toys must be fun. These should bring a wide smile to kids. To help us identify the best Minion playthings currently available in the market, we had to consider their consumer product ratings. We believe a 5 star-rated product would be more appealing than one that only has 3 stars or less. That’s why, as much as possible, we only included those with no less than 4 stars in their consumer ratings.

Toys must also be developmentally appropriate as they are fun to play with. This is actually more important than the customer review ratings. The developmental appropriateness of a toy simply means that it is able to address some, if not all, of the developmental needs of children for any given age. That’s why developmental appropriateness is often equated with age-appropriateness.

The safety of these products was also considered. It was crucial for us to ascertain the level of safety of these items both in the kind of materials used in their construction or manufacture and in the way in which the different components have been put together. This is especially important among younger children as they can easily choke on very small parts. Their sense of safety is not yet that fully concrete so it’s up to us, we believe, to safeguard them from unsafe products.

Character Toys and Your Kids’ Development

All children require toys to help them in their optimum development. It is clear that different toys will have different benefits for different kids. For instance, the benefits of toy blocks or construction and building toys have been proven by science to include enhancement of motor skills, spatial intelligence, divergent thinking, social skills, hand-eye coordination, language skills, and the capacity for creative thinking. Adding characters to these kinds of toys can add a new dimension to your child’s development.

Character toys are those playthings that encompass a variety of toy categories that are unified by the use of a single character. For example, on this list, we focused on the Minions and their roles and functions in the three movies that featured them so far. And while these characters are in 3D animation, they do provide the framework for optimum child development. Studies show that animated films are good for kids especially those who are already in school as these films give them the opportunity to learn many life lessons but in a much lighter, non-overwhelming manner.

In the film Despicable Me, there are a lot of scenes that portray the behavior of our main protagonist, Gru, to be particularly vile. But the message is quite clear. Even the most despicable person is still capable of showing concern and affection for others. Take for example Gru who wasn’t really that thrilled to have all the Minions following him wherever he went in the closing credits of the movie Minions. The same life lesson is learned in Despicable Me where Gru’s cold-hearted nature eventually gave way to compassion and fatherly affection for Margo, Edith, and Agnes. In the 2nd installment of the movie, even a super villain can be softened by the warm affection shown by Agent Lucy Wilde. All of these only show the human capacity for change regardless of how difficult it can be sometimes. And this is something that they don’t teach kids in school.

Other than this, character toys can also help our kids develop their psychomotor skills and help facilitate their language development. Depending on the type of character toy, children can also further enhance their cognitive and social skills as well as improve their emotional wellbeing.

The Bottom Line

With Despicable Me 3 slated to be screened this Summer of 2017, kids all over the world are already beefing up on both their knowledge and their collection of the trusted companions of Gru and his family, the Minions. You’ll definitely find our 10 best Minion toys in 2018 a helpful resource for your kid’s Minion endeavors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need some party items for a Minion party for a child. Which items would be great for party favors or decorations?

A: The sticker sheets, wall decals, Minion invitations, and action figures can all be used for decorations and party favors, plus the Minion movie can be some of the party entertainment or just playing in the background for kids to watch and enjoy.

Q: For an activity in the car or when away from home, which items would keep a child entertained for a while by themselves?

A: For traveling entertainment try the Minion backpack, Bob Interacts with Teddy Bear, sticker sheets, Mega Bloks figure pack, or the Minions action figures set. These would all keep kids enthralled for hours either home or away.

Q: Are there any Minion toys that are safe for a toddler to play with?

A: Oh yes, there are several that would be safe for very young kids and will keep them entertained too. The Minion movie, sticker sheets, Bob Interacts with Teddy Bear toy, Tumbling Stuart, and the Seek & Find book are all great toys for toddlers.

Q: Are these Minion toys for girls or boys?

A: All of the products on this page are for either boys or girls, as there is no specification for gender. The only item that may state a preference is the no-show socks because they are small for girls feet, but other than that item, everything is for either sex.

Q: Do any of the Minion toys work well for an outdoor activity? Which ones are strictly for inside use?

A: The Minions movie and the Despicable Me Camera are best for indoor use, as it would be difficult at best to enjoy these outside. Most of the other items we feature can be used outdoors, such as the decals, stickers, action figures, thermos containers, and the backpack.

Q: Do you have to understand the movie plot to enjoy the Minion toys? My kids have not seen the movie yet, but the toys are really cute.

A: Certainly not. Kids can enjoy the personalities of the Minions, even if they do not know who they are or have not yet viewed the movies. They are just funny-looking and laughable with their odd looks, funny features, and fantastic costumes. No knowledge of the movies or the characters is needed for children to enjoy any of the toys either.

Q: How many popular Minion main characters are there? Are these collectible?

A: The main personalities of the Despicable Me movies are the three brothers of Stuart, Kevin, and Bob. There are many other characters, but these are the heroes of the movies and the characters used for most of the popular toys.

Q: What is the appropriate age for kids to enjoy the Minion movies and the toys?

A: No one is too young to enjoy the Minions. Kids may identify with them as a baby or toddler because they are so funny looking and animated. All ages love cartoon characters, even adults, so if they like to watch the Minions, then they will love to play with toys that symbolize the Minions.


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