Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids Fully Reviewed

Read these creative and interesting ideas for creative Mother's Day.

There are many great ideas for kids to make Mother’s day crafts online and they are really easy to create. Moms always like anything that is made by their child but also will cherish these cute crafty ideas. There are projects that are really easy for younger kids to projects that need more talent for older children. Preschoolers and toddlers can do some of these crafts as well with some guidance. Flower ideas are always fun but there are also many other ideas kids can do at home or at school.


You can buy some small mason jars and have your toddlers or preschoolers paint them and add a cute picture of themselves of them on the jar. Kids can always fill the jar with flowers, either real or fake. Kids can make a copy of their handprints on a plaster of Paris and paint them any color they like and put the year and the date on.  


Construction paper is also another good idea to use because kids can make a heart and create a tulip that folds and glue on the green stems of the flower. The online projects also offer details on how to make these items.


A notebook shaped like a heart is another good idea because a person just needs a stencil to trace the heart and some construction paper, ribbon, glue and a marker and the child can cut out the hearts and glue a smaller heart on the top of a larger heart. Then add the pages that are shaped like hearts and use a punch for a hole to tie the ribbon through. Now you have a notebook shaped like a heart. The child can write mommy on it.


Flowers in a hand is an easy project for a child because all you have to do is make a sample of your child’s hand, create any easy flowers you construction papers and create a bouquet.  These flowers are easy to make and you can use a bottle cap to help your child trace a flower. Use different colors of construction paper and create the flowers and glue down the hand and curl the fingers back after the bouquet is glued onto the paper.


You can use paper plates, paper, or cardboard and your child can create a balloon or a tree or almost anything they want and take their fingers and use one of them to dip in colorful pastels paint and make little prints within the lines of whatever they chose to create. If they picked a balloon, then they can also use a marker and draw a string at the end of the balloon. If they picked a flower or a tree, they can draw in the trunk or use their fingers to fill in the flower and create the stems from construction paper.

Flower Pots with a plant

A small plant is nice and decorative and easy for a child to create. They can add a smiley face on the pot or put freckles alongside the nose they draw. They can also add tiny artificial flowers in the dirt of the plant because the stems will bend very easily. Parents can have fun with making quite a few of these and giving them as gifts to grandmothers and aunts for Mother’s Day.


Handprints are fun and easy on paper. Just use some fingerpaint and have the child put their hand onto the paint and use some construction paper and the child can make a handprint a few times using different paint colors. The child can also draw a stem in green paint and write Happy Mother’s Day on their artwork and this is a nice simple piece for kids to do.

Classroom project for Mother’s Day

Salt dough is easy to make with water, flour, and salt. Create the dough into circles and have the child put their hand into paint and place their hand on the salt dough and top it off with a nice tea candle. Any mom would love this gift. This project is a good keepsake and is good to do with a larger group of students.

Heart Flower

These are cute and easy for children to make. Take construction paper and cut out the paper into the form of a heart. Write a message inside and use a sticker to keep the heart closed. Attach the heart to a new pencil, preferably a green one and your mom will find the special message the child wrote when they remove the sticker.


Find a nice sized small clear bowl at the Dollar Store and take the broken glass that is safe or even purchase mosaic pieces at a craft store. Glue the pieces of mosaics onto the clear bowl and arrange them in all different kinds of shapes. You can purchase square mosaic glass pieces and make a pattern out of these and use a good glue to hold them in place and when it’s done, you have created mom a nice mosaic bowl for a snack dish or odd things around the house that she can use it for.

Tissue paper Mosaics

Use three shades of any color tissue paper so they blend well together. For instance, you can use red, pink, and light purple. Tears them into medium-small pieces and take a clear bowl that you can purchase for one dollar at The Dollar Store and start gluing the torn pieces of tissue paper onto the glass with regular glue. One the child has finished, use a clear glaze of see-thru glue so give the bowl and paper a shine and let it dry. This actually is a piece your mother will keep forever and it’s so easy to do.


Cards are always easy to make.  You can fold them in half and have your child draw a picture if they can’t write but most kids know how to spell their names and write them by age three. If they don’t, dads can help them. Use construction paper and paper doilies to make cards look feminine for mom. Kids can glue the feminine doilies onto the card.  Moms will love their cards no matter what. It’s the thought that counts when it comes to Mother’s day.

Whatever children decide to make for their moms for Mother’s Day, make sure they put their name on their present and the year they made the gift. It’s always fun to reminisce as people and children get older and look at all the sweet letters and projects of love your children have created for their parents.