My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow Review

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We like

Proper positioning can be maintained with the genuine wrap around design

Adjustable latch can be comfortably fitted to secure the pillow

Back rest provided for healthy posture and comfort

Helps prevent sore back, neck and shoulder pain

Flat, firm cushion prevents the baby from rolling inward or away

The silent-release system won’t disturb the infant’s sleep

Arm and elbow rests included to put an end to shoulder stress

Comes with pocket for storing nursing items, wet wipes, phone, bottles

18 different elegant slipcover designs decorated with classy patterns

High-quality breathable fabrics made of 100% cotton

Safe, tested and cozy foam made without fire retardants

We don’t like

Some customers find it pricier than average nursing pillows

Few complaints about the smell of the foam when unboxing

How it works

As expecting parents, we often imagine the bliss of welcoming a newborn and the many joyful adventures that lie ahead of us. We might get frightened about the financial responsibilities and the many challenges of raising a rebellious teenager in the future, but it all goes away once you look at your little bundle of joy.

However, even though babies are super soft, cuddly and smell absolutely dreamy, the burden of raising a child starts almost immediately after you leave the hospital. Just when you thought the hardest part of pregnancy has passed, and you’ve given birth, so now you can go home and enjoy the company of the newest addition to the family, the baby needs to eat and your breasts, back, and arms are internally screaming.

The nursing problem is so common and often, designers and engineers have tried to help mommies everywhere by inventing support pillows that help babies stay in their right position and prevent discomfort and pain in the muscles which are often experienced by parents who spend long hours breastfeeding their little ones.



Seeing so many products of this kind on the market, it is undoubtedly that frequent breastfeeding is not the most enchanting experience for moms. If you watch Shark Tank, you’ll notice that in almost every season there is at least one invention related to nursing. However, who would’ve thought that a bachelor with a business degree would come up with one of the best-designed nursing pillows that help mothers and babies enjoy the feeding experience.

The creator of this little helper, Andrew Zenoff started to develop this product after observing the struggles some of his friends faced once they became parents. He strongly believed that anything is possible if you approach a certain problem with curiosity and meet the essential needs of the customers in order to provide an effective and long-lasting solution.

By inspecting the complaints from breastfeeding mothers, he started to realize that the ultimate burden of nursing rises from improper support that causes lower back pain, poor latching systems and the incorrect u-shaped pillows with which the babies roll inward or away. He raised funds from family and friends in order to create and test his own unique design.

The process of coming up with the most adequate solution was quite challenging since Andrew spent a year building more than 50 prototypes, and each of them had to be redesigned and retested multiple times. He recruited a team which helped him produce, tighten, shift, loosen and adorn each version until the test group of moms agreed that the design is perfect!


The original product that made to the market is the final version of which the moms that tested the prototypes couldn’t find any way to improve it. Thus the My Brest Friend pillow was introduced to breastfeeding mothers around the world and 20 years later, it is still loved and cherished by many satisfied customers, including birthing hospitals and NIC units.

The wrap-around design that relieves pain and offers proper support to mommies, has been patented and sold in more than 35 counties. The company today sells various models for nursing pillows that include: The Original nursing pillow, a Delux version, an Organic option, Inflatable Travel pillow, Twin size, Professional, and many other options and accessories.

Unlike other nursing pillows on the market, the cushion is quite firm and stays flat at all times, so you can rest assure the baby won’t roll over during breastfeeding time, while the adjustable strap has a silent release latch system so you won’t wake up the baby once the feeding is over. The pillow also comes in 18 different colors and gender-neutral patterns so you can choose your favorite design that compliments to your style or interior.

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow model is quite exceptional and well-thought of. It is meant to be wrapped around mommies in order to secure the pillow to the parent’s body by using a latch system and help both the mother and the baby maintain their most comfortable position. The included backrest provides proper posture and prevents back and neck pains.


The whole purpose of the pillows is to provide support in order for the mother and her baby to enjoy the breastfeeding experience in the most comfortable position. Feeding the baby can last for more than an hour and staying in the same position while holding your little one is not as enjoyable and relaxing as you might have expected before the arrival of your loving companion.

This product is specifically designed to eliminate the stress in our shoulders that leads to unbearable pain by implementing well-designed arm and elbow rests. The flexible sizing of the strap is very helpful as well, since it can be comfortably adjusted to the proper size of your body. You will never feel suffocated by it since it can be modified to the most desirable yet secure fit.

The pillow itself is quite cozy for babies since it allows them to stay firm in one position. Average nursing pillows can sometimes be quite stressful for moms and infants, since the U-shape can cause the baby to roll around so the panic is inevitable. With the My Brest Friend exceptional nursing pillow, laying close to mommy is a pleasant and relaxing experience for everyone.

There is an adorable yet highly efficient pocket included to the whole design that allows parents to store water bottles, snacks, burp cloths, wet wipes or other nursing items. It truly helps to the factor of comfort since you are able to have many accessories within reach, even your phone or remote control in case your baby is really hungry and the feeding time lasts longer.


This magnificent nursing pillow is made of high-quality and durable components in order to allow parents to use it for many years to come in case there is another addition to their family. The fabrics are not only safe and gentle on the skin, but well-stitched as well to provide proper support and withhold many cleaning cycles over the years. The plastics materials used for the latch system are quite sturdy and won’t easily break.

Made out of a 100% cotton, the slipcover is breathable and removable as well. It has a zipper that allows it to be removed whenever you need to clean it from accidental milk leaks that can often occur since babies tend to move around a bit. You also want to protect the zipper’s functionality by keeping the zip cover closed during the maintaining process.

The many patterns and colors of the slipcover are truly captivating and versatile. It is advised to wash it using the gentle cycle or simply in warm water, without using bleach or high temperature in order to maintain the beautiful design on the sheet. It is also not recommended to use a dryer since it can make the material shrink and not fit the foam afterwards.

The pillow is made of comfortable yet firm foam which does not have any flame retardants and has passed the strictest safety regulations. It can be easily cleaned with a mild soap to remove any spots and damp cloth. It should be dried out naturally, out in the sun or in a ventilated area since putting it in a washing machine or a drier is not advised and could damage the material.


This well-known brand takes safety quite seriously since their products are meant for the most sensitive members of society. In fact, Zenoff Products take pride that they have never been notified of any harmful results from using the My Brest Friend quality nursing pillows. They have stayed responsible and committed to this standard for over 20 years of doing business.

In order to stay true to their goal and remain a reputable brand, they constantly focus on the overall health, safety and comfort for both the parent and the child. By continually testing their inventions, they are able to quickly respond to any welfare concern or disadvantage so their products can be completely safe and child-friendly for the tiniest members of the family.

The incredibly helpful and comfortable Original Nursing Posture Pillow has been properly inspected and tested by professionals in an independent and world-renowned testing laboratory called Intertek. Like every other product of this brand, it has passed both legal and safety regulations. Fire retardants have not been used, since they are no longer required in breastfeeding pillows.

The brand uses a high-quality foam that has been tested for safety and the fabrics surrounding it are durable and child-friendly. Andrew Zenoff stands firmly behind his statement to never sell a product which he would not use or entrust to his family member. Their amazing and versatile pillows and accessories are 100% safe concerning legal, compliance or financial issues.


There is nothing worse than being interrupted while you are drifting away to sleep. It’s no wonder babies immediately start crying once the start sliding from the average nursing pillows or being disturbed by the noise of the latch release system. Luckily, the manufacturers had these problems in mind while creating this relaxing breastfeeding pillow.

When your little one finishes eating, he/she can calmly continue napping so mommies can also get the well-deserved rest. Breastfeeding can be exhausting and parents need to sleep as well and get enough nourishment during the day, so being provided with a pillow that actually soothes the whole feeding experience is a life-saver during this challenging period.

Even the gentle patterns and the pastel colors are quite calming and will easily blend with the interior of your home. Sometimes baby products can come in overwhelming and tacky prints, however these designs are classy and elegant. The Light Blue Sunbrust model is a wonderful choice for a gender neutral model that stimulate the sensors with tranquility.

Feeding the baby should be a bonding time between mommy and the baby. Both the parent and the child develop a special connection during this enchanting journey which should be fully enjoyed in a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, this pillow is a wonderful bridge for creating uninterrupted nursing time that builds a healthy relationship with your little one.


This would be a truly amazing baby shower gift since many of the soon-to-be moms don’t even know how desperately they’ll need it. It comes as no wonder that it’s the number 1 choice of many professional lactation consultants and constantly gets positive reviews from nursing moms who praise this product for providing help to achieve longer feeding sessions.

Some might decide to purchase a cheaper option from another brand and it is highly unlikely that they will get the same comfortable and safe experience. This particular model is quite genuine and remarkable. The price is quite understandable if you take into consideration all the high-quality and durable materials, carefully constructed to turn breastfeeding into a relaxing and emotional journey between you and your little one.

With over a million products sold, this item is truly a faithful companion to moms and newborns everywhere around the world. And even bachelor who invented this product is now a father of 2 girls and feels joy that his product helped his wife Sarah during her nursing months. We hope that no matter what choice you make, you will also enjoy the feeding and bonding experience.
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