My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart

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We like

Adorable life-like design

Interactive electronic components

High quality plush materials

Immediate sensory stimulation response

Variety of cute baby voices

Sparkly horn that lights up

Two baby accessories that activate the toy

True to the original character from the series

Demo batteries already placed in the compartment

We don’t like

No volume control for the sound effects

How it works

The saga of interactive plush toys that will melt your heart continues. Seriously, it is even hard for adults to stay indifferent to them. What kind of cute sorcery is this? Just when you thought you’ve met the most adorable pretend pet out there, here comes a life-like version of the irresistible characters from the My Little Pony universe.

Everyone is obsessed with these innocent little unicorns. The merchandise is everywhere, whether its t-shirts, collectible dolls or Facebook stickers, we just can’t seem to get enough of them. Even though they have magical abilities, their secret superpower is their undeniable cuteness. They advocate friendship, compassion and caring for the environment! But most important of all, they are emphatic beings who will never let anything bad happen to you.

For those who are unfamiliar with the plot-line of the series, the rarest and most captivating of them all is the baby Flurry Heart alicorn! It is the newest, tiniest member of the My Little Pony family and therefore the most sensitive. This pretend baby is a mesmerizing way to introduce your child to basic nurturing and comforting playtime, since it seeks attention and responds to loving gestures.

Thanks to technology and electronic components, now we can give children a little glimpse of wonder with a talking, laughing little creature who even glows when you interact with it. After all, it wouldn’t be magical if it didn’t light up the room with its quirky personality and colorful components. It has sensory stimulation features that would keep your child entertained for hours and it will definitely capture the attention of anyone who walks in the room.



The My Little Pony fans will immediately recognize this adorable creature from the Friendship is Magic animated series. It appeared in season 6, The Crystalling episode and it immediately won over our hearts. It’s the daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Baby Flurry Heart is a very special and unusual character. It was beyond anyone’s comprehending how it came into the crystal world as a baby alicorn which means she has both a horn and wings.

Now, the My Little Pony legend tells us that alicorn wings need to be earned by accomplishing some great princess-worthy deed, however Flurry Heart is simply born with them. Being both a unicorn and a Pegasus combined, this baby came withsuper strong flying abilities and crazy magical potential. For example, when the audience first met her, she sneezed and her horn destroyed the whole ceiling with its fierce glowing power. It comes as no surprise that Hasbro would be inspired by this cute and unique personality and create an equally amazing plush companion.


The baby Flurry Heart toy is undeniably adorable! It is so well put together that it truly does justice to its original animated character. She has a pink plastic head with wide blue eyes gazing enthusiastically through the long enchanting eyelashes. Her horn is a darker shade of pink and it’s glittering, while her hair is in pastel purple and baby blue color.

Her body is made of soft plush pink material and she’s wearing a blue diaper with a cute purple tutu on top of it. Her long silky alicorn wings are decorated with lavender, magenta and baby pink swirls, tiny sparkles and shiny crystal hearts. She also has a My Little Pony tattoo on her leg which you can press even from the Try Me box opening and hear her lovely voice.

Inside the original package you will find two baby accessories, a blue rattle and a purple baby bottle. They are very important since you can use them as tools to interact with Flurry and unlock all her sweet baby voices. The rattle is shaped as the magical heart crystal that protects the My Little Pony kingdom, while the purple bottle has lovely royal patterns all over it.
Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation

Since Flurry Heart is meant to be an interactive toy, it is equipped with sensory stimulation electronics that make her more life-like than regular plush toys. She adores attention and she will respond to it in the most adorable way, by lighting up her horn or making jolly noises.

Flurry Heart wakes up when you squeeze the pink tattoo on her left foot. She will greet you with a joyful voice and her horn will light up the room. She will also notice and respond when you amuse her by shaking the baby rattle. If you want to make her laugh, try tickling the sensors on the tummy. The longer you press her, the more she’ll giggle.
However, keep in mind that all that play-time activity might leave the little pony hungry, and once you feed Flurry with her bottle, she will make adorable nom nom sounds and share some happy voices. This way children can feel rewarded for taking proper care of their pet and helping it when it’s neglected.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

Children love pretending they are adults and having responsibilities. They will make sure the baby is nurtured, fed and happy near their presence. Their creativity easily unfolds when they have a magical companion. They can pretend they live in a whimsical kingdom filled with enchanting adventures while playing in the living room.

Since this is an electronic toy, the entertainment value is greater since it will communicate with your children and the play-pretend scenario will quickly gain a more realistic vibe. Flurry Heart says: Hi mommy! to remind you that your new role is to be a parent of a magical alicorn. Once a bond is formed, it is almost impossible for children to leave it. Even if they get bored with entertaining her, they will most likely attach to its personality and cuddle before they fall asleep.

In order to learn more about her origin and characteristics, you also get to play in the virtual world. If you scan the Baby Flurry Heart figure’s code with your smartphone, you can embark on an adventure in the My Little Pony Celebration app. There will be multiple games, quizzes and parties hosted by all the characters from the series.


Even though this is an alicorn and not a baby doll, it still acts and behaves as an actual infant. It has a range of emotions that make her very dependent of her caregiver. She will thank you, call you mommy and make exciting noises when you keep her company.

Flurry Heart can accidentally fall asleep while you’re feeding her and start snoring. She might cry if you wake her up or ask you to play Peekaboo! She has a very sensitive and baby-like personality which makes her truly irresistible.

This is an important component for children who want to connect emotionally with their imaginary friends and start valuing their material possessions. When they take on a role as a guardian of a helpless baby, they start changing their destructive behavior towards toys and learn to protect and take proper care of Flurry Heart.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The best thing about sensory toys is that you can either follow the simple guidelines on the box or learn all the features along the way by exploring the toy and seeing how it responds. It has a battery component on the back and an ON and OFF button. It would be nice if the manufacturers added a volume control since parents can be annoyed by the continuous giggling of the toy, however it is not too loud to scare off your child.

All the buttons and sensors are easily activated and you get almost an immediate response. There aren’t any complicated features that would confuse the child and you can even order the toy by choosing a Frustration-Free method, which means it will be delivered unboxed in a plastic bag.


We can all agree that the best thing about pretend pet toys is that they are not real pets who make actual mess around the house, since it's always the parents who need to clean after them and the kids.

You won’t need to schedule vet grooming or give them bats, just a regular wet wipe cleanse will do the trick since Flurry Heart is made out of plastic and synthetic fibers and she will dry immediately. Baths are not recommended so you don’t damage the electronics and only a regular supply of three AAA batteries is necessary for further maintenance.


The size plays a big role with pretend pet toys, since the toy needs to be big enough to appear real, yet still conveniently small so it can be held and comforted by 3 year olds. The product’s dimensions are calculated at 5.8 x 13 x 13 inches which means you can rest assured it will leave you with the WOW effect once you meet her. It weighs around 1 pound so children can carry the baby everywhere and pretend they are exploring the world together.
Age Range

Age Range

This toy is meant for children above the age of 3 years old since it requires a socializing and nurturing behavior. It can be easily figured out by younger toddlers and it will undoubtedly prepare your child for a real pet in the future. Older children who are My Little Pony fans will also enjoy this collectible since it is the most accurate version of the original character.

Regardless the age range, it is an excellent gift for children who have autism, ADHD or communication difficulties since it’s an interactive pet and it creates a safe environment for kids to express themselves. Who wouldn’t feel secure and comforted around a baby alicorn?
Price Range

Price Range

Children these days get easily bored with their toys and almost any investment in a plush companion needs to be worth the money. It has to come with entertainment value and be durable at the same time. Furry Heart is made of high quality electronics, long lasting synthetic materials and fun components that will keep your child interested and dedicated in building an emotional bond with its pretend pet.

Unlike real pets, you won’t have to worry about buying real food, vet appointments and cleaning messy smelly surprises around the house. It's only requirement are triple A batteries which come with the product and are easily replaceable. It is safe to say that its price will not damage your bank account budget.


You might have noticed how children desperately ask for a pony yet you can’t even explain to them how unrealistic is to have a miniature horse in your home. But what if there’s a more convenient way to surprise them.

You know what’s better than getting a real pony? A soft pretend one that talks and you can keep it in your room! But what if it was actually a baby unicorn with a glowing horn? No, wait, a Pegasus baby with silky smooth wings! Combine them all together and you might just end up with the My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart alicorn toy.

The character in the series is quite captivating and inspiring for children everywhere. It is an unpredictable and energetic super-strong baby that saves the day and brings peace to the kingdom. Kids who are notoriously obsessed with the My Little Pony animation will undoubtedly love this toy. If they haven’t seen the cartoons already, this would be a great way to introduce them to a world of limitless adventures and magical quests.

It teaches children of basic ethical behavior, manners, sharing and caring. Your loved ones will have someone to look up to and thanks to this toy, someone to look after as well. With Baby Flurry Heart, you might purchase an interactive plush pet and discover a friend for life.
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