A Few Essentials to Have for Newborn Babies

A Few Essentials to Have for Newborn Babies

Newborn Essentials

If you are expecting a newborn, then you should know it takes a lot of newborn essentials to care for your little bundle of joy. Figuring out what products your baby actually needs and which ones aren’t needed essentials can be pretty tough. To make it easier on you and your newborn, I have listed below the essential products and guidelines needed to care for the new member in your growing family.

Must Haves

These are the essential products that you need when you are expecting a newborn. It is important to think and plan ahead of your baby and their growth spurts, but also keep in mind your own health as a mother.




Diapers are probably the most common baby product known to America, so it not hard to know it’s a well needed essential on this list. Diapers come in different sizes and brands, but the fact is any diaper will do, it’s the planning that is important. Planning ahead of your baby’s first and second growth spurts is the first step to take and make sure you have before your baby arrives. You will need to keep 1-2 packages of 3 different size diapers ascending in size. You can continue the planning and stocking with the next sizes up from the first 3, just make sure to always have diaper, that could become a messy situation.


With diapers also comes wipes. There are numerous brands and styles, but as long as you know your babies allergies and irritants then you should be fine. You can also make your own reusable baby wipes out of fleece square soaked in 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons baby wash, 2 tablespoons baby oil, and 10 drops tea tree oil. You can use the same method with coffee filters to make disposable wipes.


A onesie can save you so my time and effort when you are changing your little monster, making it a breeze when you are in a hurry. The highlight of the Onesie is that it snaps together at the bottom, easing access when changing your baby’s bottom. They are also extremely easy to put on your baby as well as provide the perfect outfit for any activity in your baby’s life. An awesome plus to these lifesavers is that they are pretty cheap, especially online or at thrift stores.




Blankets are essential for leaving the house and traveling places with your child. A blanket is needed as extra warmth for your baby, especially in colder temperatures. An easy way to know if you need a blanket or not, is to look at how many layers you are wearing and add one more layer (the blanket). A baby always needs one more layer then an adult because babies don’t regulate heat as efficient as adults.

Newborn Mittens and tape

One of the worst feeling in life is when you see a baby with a scratch on their face from their little baby nails. Prevent this feeling and save your little one from an infection by ensuring they wear newborn mittens, this shields their nails from having contact with the skin on their face. These mittens are great but the only flaw is the big wrist opening wear babies wrists slip out of, that’s where you will need tape, masking tape is fine but most tape will work. You just secure the mitten so that it isn’t loose enough to fall off of your baby’s hand, then tape.

Car Seat

Car Seats are essential for transporting your precious newborn via car. The thing to remember when purchasing a car seat for your baby is that not every car seat works in every car. Before you buy that cute jungle themed car seat, do some research on the car seat, make sure it fits your vehicle and other vehicles your child will be riding with. Always make sure the car seat is snug and tightly secured to the seatbelt for maximum safety.

Baby Bed



Your baby is going to need a place to sleep soundly through the night, a crib is the most common. A newborn will need a crib that rises the mattress close to the top, as they begin to sit up you can adjust the depth. You need to make sure the mattress fits snug to the crib, no cracks in between that your baby could slip an arm or leg through. Another option that saves space is a baby box, these are perfect for the parent who wants there baby close to their bed. You can get these for free by registering at babyboxco.com, they are available to parents in the U.S. and Canada. They come with a handful of free baby products and coupons and the perfect baby bed to set right next to our bed so you are never to far from your newborn.


Also known as a “binky”, a pacifier is a must have for a cranky baby. Pacifiers come in different styles, but they all work the same. This product will calm your baby and sooth them, gently lulling them to sleep by simulating a bottle tip. These are great for the first years but don’t make it a habit, science has shown dependance problems in later ages.

Teething Products

Eventually your baby will begin teething, and believe me they are not quiet about it. The fussing can be very stressful and that is why very kind people created these products to help parents get some peace and quiet. Teething rings are the most natural in terms of treatment for teething, they are rubber rings filled with freezable gel that has the consistency of a slushie. Your baby then bites on the ring applying cold temperatures to their gums, soothing the pain and discomfort as well as distracting them from it all together. Baby orajel is also an option as well as teething tablets, using these products are personal preference, but they are all deemed as completely safe.

Fever and Cold Medication

Your newborn will eventually catch some sort of cold or fever and you will need to be well prepared beforehand. Baby tylenol drops are the easiest according the many parents around the world, using the drops to treat your child when they are running a fever. Vicks vapor rub sells a baby version for your little one when they have a stuffy nose or a cough. Their are also patches available that you place on their feet that have the same effect as the vapor rub.

A & D Ointment

A & D ointment is very important to have in your diaper bag and changing table. Use it for diaper rashes and other boo boos, but did you know it can be used after breastfeeding to treat cracks and raw skin? Go ahead and give it a try, it’s useful for both the child and parent.

Optional Products

Now that we went over the basic necessities that are needed when expecting your newborn, it’s time to list the products that aren’t vital to caring for your child, but are pretty darn useful.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is very efficient in saving you time. You can pump a weeks worth of milk into specially made freeze pouches and then freeze them for later use. They come in a standard manual pump that you control with a squeezable lever, or electric which use a switch and and more hands free. Like everything this are personal preference, regardless both save you a handful of time.




Swaddles are like blankets used to wrap up your little one into a sort of baby burrito. Swaddles have been around for years, using safety pins to secure or special folds only a mother knows. But now amazon and other retailers have swaddles available with with safe velcro and thick cloth, making it a breeze to wrap your baby up nicely.

Bath Seat

Some parents like to hold their baby when bathing them, and others would like to use a baby bath seat. The bath seats out now are remarkable, some are a full on attachment to your sink, others actually lock onto to the sink, and some even have a gentle hand held sprayer. Explore these different options on amazon and find one that might fit your style and budget.

Snot sucker

These things are helpful to have when your little one has a lot of boogers. They are pretty cheap for the simplicity of the product, but they are hard to clean which is kind of gross. I would buy multiple and throw them out over time just for sanitary reasons. Electric ones are sold as well, although I have no idea how well they work or the pricing.

Baby Pillow



The baby pillow is basically a larger sized travel neck pillow. They are perfect for tummy time and bottle feeding, they can also make great living room nap pillows.

As an expecting parent you probably have some stress when you think about planning for your new arrival, but there is no need to stress anymore then you need to. Using this list and talking to successful parents and specialists, can help prepare you and your baby for their first years of life.