Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit Review
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We like

Encourages children to be creative

Lots of fun for a child and his/her friends

Choice of flavors

Nicely scented

Attractive designing


Easy to use


We don’t like

Ensure you clean the truck after playing

How it works

To coin a phrase, lip smacking fun for children via a fun dispensary in the shape of an ice cream truck.

The sight of an ice cream truck will immediately bring children to a focused interest, because all children know ice cream is nice and it means tasty stimulation, fun and enjoyment.  The concept is inspiring for children that like to play and put together the ingredients for fun, and the fun ice cream truck toy is the means to create tasty lip gloss for children. They pour in the ingredients into the truck and it will dispense child friendly lip gloss in the form of a soft ice cream in a trendy sundae-container, which can be shared with brother, sisters and friends.

The flavors are delicious, candy cotton or bubble gum which can be mixed in with enticing sprinkles of glitter. The challenge for children is which tasty flavor to choose. The fun for children is to mix the ingredients in preparation for creating a nice lip-gloss topped of with sparkling glitter. Pour the mix into the ice-cream truck and watch as it dispenses cup cake portions of delicious lip-gloss.

For young children who want to mix and play and see results. Parents will love the smiles on their children’s faces and the excitement which they generate when they mix up their tasty Lip-Gloss choices.

Social Features

Social Features

Features matter because features retain the interest of curious children who are eager for fun and socialization.

Children have vivid imaginations, in this product as a gift you press the key to allow children to exercise their imaginations and see fun results. Take a look at the features for ingredients for happy children.

An ice cream truck, children's eyes light up at the mention of this, let your children be involved in preparing their tasty choice and the features are a menu for happy children.

This product comes with a good sized container bowl of Lip gloss mix-paste.

Here is how the features work together to produce very happy children. They pick the flavor they like, then add sprinkles of glitter, mix it together in the cupcake container using a spatula, put this in to the ice cream truck, get your lip gloss containers. Collect the tasty results which pour out of the ice cream truck, and share these with friends or family.

The challenge is choose the flavor you like best or even be adventurous and mix them, Vanilla and Cherry are two tasty offerings. The features of this product have a sequence to follow follow that order and the result will be very happy children.

Collect the special menu because more surprises may well come in the future.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

Entertainment comes from choosing a gift for children which will work with their fertile imaginations for fun and playing. This product offers high entertainment value and yet children will take the entertainment value a few notches higher. Imagine your child or children and their friends eagerly mixing up ingredients and pouring them into something as symbolic as an Ice Cream truck. Of course they will be delighted, fascinated and eager.

Children are creative, they take something and create their own sense of fun, so don’t be surprised when their delightful imaginative skills expand beyond the already exciting features and functions which come with this product.

The ice cream truck is mobile. Light and easy to move around, bath-times can become fun and adventure, there is nothing to stop your child taking her mobile lip-gloss dispenser anywhere in the home, garden, even to the local park.

Of course this product scores very highly for entertainment because it touches on pleasure and fun for children. This will give endless hours of entertainment for children and their friends.

There are factors in life which touch on entertaining children in a positive context and this product has blended together all the features and functions which will obviously result in real entertainment for all young children. If you offer this as a gift to young children the answer will be YES.


What is the educational value for young children in this product? Making decisions, working to mix ingredients to produce a delicious Lip-Gloss are clearly educational in that children make a decision to see through a set of actions and enjoy the reward of those positive forward planning actions.

All of us when we want something we have to plan or follow a set of actions to get to what we want. Young children learn that by planning, putting in work to make that plan happen, by making a decision to choose ingredients, go through the actions of preparing those ingredients and enjoying the results of the planning to get a reward.

This product allows children to learn to enjoy something which they have created or go further and share the results of their acquired skills and efforts skills with family and friends.
Educational developments is not just about school books, we need to educationally develop or soft or social skills so that as we grow older we can interact positively with our family, friends and others in society. If we create something and we share it with others and it gives pleasure and enjoyment to others we in turn feel positively rewarded.
This fun toy puts young children on the correct path towards enjoying the results of something we make or share with others. This is gently educational for young children.
Logical Skills & Functions

Logical Skills & Functions

A very cute truck which dispenses child friendly lip gloss portions which are premixed by eager children who want a nice treat.

Children are part of the functions in that they must prepare the lip gloss and put it into a feeder into the toy ice cream truck. The set comes with a nice sturdy spatula and pot to children can have fun measuring and mixing.

Once they have completed doing this they have a truck dispenser which can give them many hours of fun.

For the ice-cream truck dispenser the children will need one battery to power the dispensing motor.

A parent function is to clean the truck after the children have finished playing, the longer you delay cleaning it the more difficult it will be to get off any spilled lip-gloss.


The materials used in making this product offer durability and safety for users-young children, lip-gloss is sticky and fun and that's why children like this. The ingredients used to give flavors are materials which have stood research tests and are known to be safe.

The design in the material construction of this fun toy are such that they are child friendly and do not pose risks or hazards.

All the materials in the ice cream truck are durable molded synthetic plastics and this means that the potential for germs to take a hold and grow are greatly reduced because these materials do not absorb moisture's and do not allow breeding germs to gain a foothold.

The materials or ingredients used for the Lip-gloss choices are none toxic and will not cause any harm to children.
Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

Without question the products used to make this toy are environmentally friendly, nothing in the construction of this toy or the ingredients for the tasty flavored lip-glosses have any type of negative impact on our environment.

This means that positive research has been applied before the production of this product to ensure that all materials and work put into producing this toy are environmentally friendly and also safe for young children.


Portability is easy, the ice-cream truck has a set of wheels but is also light enough at 2LBs to be carried and moved from one room to another. The truck itself measures nine by 10 by six inches so the size dimensions are at a size which is easy enough for young children to pick up and carry.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Very easy for children to use, just pour the lip gloss mix into the truck via a open and easy to use feeder, switch on the power and the truck will dispense a mix which has the consistency of soft ice cream.

To catch the dispensed lip gloss this product set has convenient plastic made Sundae containers. Gather children together and they will be busy very quickly because they will be eager to see the results and get a treat.

it’s easy for children to pick a flavor, add in the wanted amount of sprinkles, mix together and pour into the truck.


Emotions will run high in a positive and happy context and children will gain a nice sense of happiness from going through an interesting process for creating their own special lip gloss.

The scent of the lip gloss is tantalizing and children will be very interested and excited. Emotionally, this toy offers excitement and happiness each time children use it and is perfect for children to play with or entertain others.
Price Range

Price Range

This fascinating and fun toy is available at a general standard price.

Bottom Line

This entertaining and rewarding toy encourages children to go for creativity while having a fun time, it is perfect for imaginative children and well keep them positively occupied for long periods of time.
The concept of this product is clever and certainly designed to be child friendly and highly appealing for young children. All of us as young children have seen real ice cream trucks and we know how we felt when seeing them, a sense of delightful expectation every time. When you see a real truck you get a chance to choose an ice cream flavor and can even ask for chocolate sprinkles on top. Everything is done for you right there in front of your eager eyes.

With this product, children are drawn into being creative and selective, they must prepare the ingredients, add in the amount of sprinkles which they prefer to a prepackaged mix which comes supplied in a sealed plastic bowl. They need to choose a portion size and spoon stir the mix with added glitter sprinkles until it is a nice creamy consistency and ready. Then it is time to flip open the protective flap cover and pour the mix into the truck. Then they get their child sized Sundae bowls and switch on the dispenser. They will watch with eager anticipation as the creamy mix is dispensed.

This is a creative and fun game and children will want to play this with brothers, sisters or friends. When the mix is used up it does not end there because Mom or dad can easily order replacement portions of fix for more future fun sessions.

The truck is a child friendly size and can be mounted on or off the wheels, due to the light weight this toy can easily be handled and moved around the house to favorite play areas by young children, 2 pounds in weight is easy for most children to easily and safely carry.

The dispenser is battery operated so parents need to keep an eye on anytime that the battery runs out and it’s a good idea to have a replacement battery ready to avoid having disappointed children. The same applies to having a back up of the mix close at hand and ready for when the first mix is used up.

Children love sweet and sticky and though the mix does resemble soft ice cream mix, if it is left to dry anywhere on a surface for too long it can become dry and not so easy to remove. Therefore after children have finished playing, it is a smart idea to give the truck and the plastic cups, spatula and anything else that's been smeared with the lip gloss a wash down with a cloth and warm soapy water. If you leave it to set it can be a little tricky to wash off.

The ice cream truck is a very child appealing design and comes in a nice color style which also appeals to young children. Built from strong durable child friendly plastics which does not contain anything which can be toxic or harmful towards children. Children can play robustly at times and this durable product has been designed to last.

A very nice entertaining toy which brings out a nice level of interactive creativity in young children and their playful interaction is rewarded. This will bring a lot of enjoyable entertainment for young children and their friends.
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