One Night Ultimate Werewolf: An Exciting Game for All Ages

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We like

  • 10 minutes, fast-paced games 3-10 players so everyone can play together
  • Durable material
  • Light-weight game for easy travel and storage
  • Simple to learn and play
  • Appropriate for younger children and still fun for adults
  • Family game
  • Comes with a free app to make gameplay more engaging
We don’t like

Not water proof

How it works

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a quick, fun, and engaging game meant for between 3 and 10 people to play in which every player gets a role. Like a terrible Werewolf, the mischievous Troublemaker, the wise Seer, or many unique roles, all with their own special ability. Over the length of one morning, your village will collaborate and decide who of them is a werewolf. If you find out who is a werewolf, you are the winner, but if you can’t figure it out, the werewolves win! There is no moderator, no one can be eliminated, and the game only lasts about 10 minutes, there are so few rules you can be up and playing in just a few minutes. The game also comes to life with a free app that walks you through what happened during the night! This game is super quick, easy, and fun you’ll want to play it time and time again.




The basic end goal is to discover and kill the players who are the werewolves if you are playing on the villager’s team or try to prevent the werewolves from getting discovered and killed if you are playing as a werewolf.


In order to start playing this very easy game, you will need to first decide how many people are playing and choose the appropriate amount of character cards, either randomly or you can choose your favorites. There are typically two werewolves in a game, but you get to decide however you want to, including by mixing up the whole pile and giving them out with no idea what is in the pile. Every player gets one card and should look at it without showing anyone else, three extra cards are put upside down on the middle of the playing surface.

Night Phase

The night phase, several of the characters are allowed to do their ability. One person can be an announcer to say the characters turn and keep track of time, or you can utilize the included app. A good tip is also to have some background noise, so no one can hear cards being picked up and moved around.

Day Phase

When everyone’s character has completed their actions, it becomes the day phase and all the players wake up or open their eyes. Players can now spend about 5 minutes talking about who you think must be the players who are the werewolves. Players can talk about anything, try to trick players, lie, and even utilize the character coins to make sure the story stays in line, but you can’t reveal your character card to any of the other players. You cannot even check the card in front of you. After the 5 minutes are over the players must take a vote. Everyone must point at one player at the same time, the player who receives the greatest number of votes is killed and has to show everyone what their card is.

End of Game

Villagers win the game if a minimum of one werewolf is discovered and killed, its ok if a few of the villagers are killed in the process. If no one was playing the werewolf plus no villagers get murdered, all the players win. If a minimum of one villager is killed, but no werewolves got discovered and killed then the werewolves win.


Doppelganger, the player with this role gets to go first. You can look at another player’s card, then mimics that players character.
Werewolves, the players with this card get to wake up and see the other players. If there is only one player as a werewolf then they can look at a card in the middle of the table.
Minion, the player with this card is on werewolves’ side and is allowed to open their eyes and see who is on their team, but the werewolves don’t get to see who the minion is. If this player dies, but none of the werewolves do then they win.
Masons, two players get to be this character, they are allowed to open their eyes and look at the players.
The Seer, this player is allowed to check another player’s card, or they can look at two extra character roles in the middle pile.
The robber, this player gets to switch cards with one other player, the player then becomes part of whichever team was of the card they switched.
Troublemaker, this player can switch two other players’ cards while not seeing what they are.
Drunk, this player gets to switch his card with one card from the middle without seeing what it is. He is now that role.
Insomniac, this player can see their card one extra time to check if it changed.
Tanner, this player is on his own side alone and they win if Tanner gets killed.
Hunter gets to instantly make someone die only if they are killed. Whichever player his finger is facing is killed no matter if they received the most votes.


The game materials are very simple compared to your average board game: 16 role cards, 16 role tokens, and a rulebook with detailed role descriptions. The cards are actually card-sized cardboard tiles and they’re big and chunky, perfect for lots and lots of games without damaging the cards. They are double-sided, with a full-color image on one side and a lighter version on the other. The tokens are also made from cardboard, a little larger than a quarter, with the same character artwork as the cards. The tokens are numbered showing the order in which they act during the night. The tokens are also double-sided with a full-color image on one side and a muted version on the other. The artwork is appropriate for all ages and very cool to look at it, in a cartoon kind of creepy style. The rule book tells you how to get the game set up, what the goal is, how to play, and what each character’s role and special ability is. The game also comes with an app that is available on ios and android for free, the app brings your game to life and directs you what to do during the different phases of gameplay.
The actual box is bigger than necessary to hold all the pieces, and it is made out of the same thick cardboard as the game pieces making it very sturdy.
<h2>Age Range</h2>

Age Range

The age range for One Night Ultimate Werewolf is for children 8 and up. The game is about lynching werewolves and a few of the characters have questionable roles, like the Tanner who wants to die or the Drunk who doesn’t even know his own role. The artwork, however, is completely appropriate, so maybe with supervision or removing the questionable characters, younger kids could join in the fun as well with a little help!


One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a simple, fun, fast-paced game that has so much entertainment value for the whole family, or a game night full of friends. Up to 10 people can play at the same time so no one ends up feeling left out and it is such an easy to understand game anyone can play it, especially kids that might struggle with more complex board games. It also only takes about 10 minutes to play a game so there isn’t a lot of commitment involved in a quick, enjoyable game after dinner, before bed, or whenever you have some spare time! Plus, with the phone app the game really comes to life and immerses you in the world of Ultimate Werewolf. You really can’t go wrong with this game since it’s so quick and easy you can set it up and play it practically anywhere.
<h2>Adult Supervision</h2>

Adult Supervision

For younger children, some adult supervision may be required to get the kids started on the rules, the character roles, and the goal, but once they understand the just of it they’ll be off and running. This game is not intended for children under 5 because of the small game pieces which may pose a risk to choking or suffocation. Make sure to read the rule pamphlet and always keep ingestible pieces away from small children.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf’s box is made from thick and sturdy cardboard material making it durable to travel and general wear and tear. The 16 game character cards and 16 game character tokens are also made from the same thick cardboard material making them long lasting for many games of fun without getting bent or lost. This game is fairly durable to general wear and tear; however, because it is cardboard it is susceptible to water damage so ensure your game stays in a dry area when not in use.


The actual dimensions of the box are 1.5 x 6.9 x 5.2 inches and it only weighs about 8.5 ounces making it so compact and light-weight you can take it anywhere. On camping trips, to family reunions, to holidays with the family. The portability of this game just makes it even more appealing to the on-the-go family that travels a lot, but still enjoys sitting down and playing a good-hearted family game together.


The real reason we play games is to enjoy quality time with our friends and family, sometimes games become too competitive or take too long to really enjoy. One Night Ultimate Werewolf only takes 10 minutes to play a round, it is stimulating and exciting, and the whole family can play all at once. This game makes it so easy to carve out some time to spend with your friends and family and enjoy each other’s company without feeling restrained on time. Kids can feel included in what the grownups are doing, and teenagers can engage with parents and friends all at once. This game is truly a family-friendly one.
<h2>Logic Skills</h2>

Logic Skills

Most board games require a fair amount of logic skills to play making them harder for kids to understand and enjoy, but the good news about One Night Ultimate Werewolf is that it is very simple to learn. With just a little bit of help from the grownups. Once you understand the rules, the role of your character, and the goal, you are ready to play! The app also makes it much easier by reading out the next step in each phase, so you never have to stop and ask, “what’s next?”. But if you enjoy a game with some more in depth thinking this game could still satisfy you since you can use manipulation, persuasiveness, and deceit to misguide the other players.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

Not only is One Night Ultimate Werewolf, engaging, fun, and fast-paced, but it is also budget friendly. With a very reasonable price point you and your whole family or all your friends could be sitting down and enjoying this game in minutes! The price range for this game makes it so easily accessible to everyone it’s wonderful. It certainly won’t blow your budget, but it might blow your mind with fun.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that One Night Ultimate Werewolf provides the fast, fun, and easy family game you’ve been looking for. You get to use deduction, persuasiveness, and deceit and try to throw off the other players in less than 10 minutes, and when it’s over you can play again. No one gets eliminated and no one has to be the moderator, plus with the free app the game can literally come to life and direct you through the phases making the game that much more engaging and amazing. This game can be played with the kids, just keep the trickery to a minimum, or it can be played with just the grownups, let the lies flow. It is a portable and durable game you can take anywhere to enjoy on the go in a hotel, camping, or family’s house. You can customize which characters you want to play with, choosing only your favorites or making it random for more of a challenge. 10 people can play at once, meaning no one ever has to feel left out. Maybe the best part is that this game is very reasonably priced, making all this fast-paced, good-hearted, fun so accessible to everyone!
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