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Magical fun






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Not for children under three years


Discrete adult supervision between 4 and 6 years.

How it works

Orbeeez are clear plastic globes built on to a stand anywhere base and these toys introduce a child to apparent magic, children love these because the toy is a mystery and surprise which can be solved by simply adding water. The toy is a magic pet and is inside a clear durable plastic globe is surrounded by Orbeeez balls which play around with the light transmission so that the child cannot see the toy behind the apparently clear Orbeeez balls inside the globe which are placed around the toy. The magic pet toy figures seem to not exist, it has become invisible.

For adults magic is entertaining, for children it is wondrous, look at any child watching a magic trick, see how their eyes light up in surprise. This toy offers apparent magic and the design of the toy lets the child repeat the magic trick as many times as he/she wishes to do. Simply by adding water, the identity of the toy inside is rapidly revealed, prior to adding water the magic toy identity is impossible to see or figure out. A child can peer into the clear plastic sphere from any angle but never be able to see enough to guess the identity of the toy, this can only be achieved through unscrewing the secure top lid and pouring in a small amount of water.

The magic does not stop here, pour out the water and the colorful toy will again be hidden, bring back the water and the tot magically reappears. Within seconds the plastic balls surrounding the toy seem to vanish and the toy is revealed in absolute clarity. There are a total of twenty collectible toy figures and this current deal offers two toys to set off a child on the route for collecting all twenty. Your child has a target, twenty new magical surprises to build up a superb collection of highly appealing pet toys which seem to appear through magic. This can lead to a degree of fun competition between friends as they compete to be the first to acquire the full collectible set.

Series one and two offer common toy figures, figures which are rarer and more of a challenge to get hold of and very rare figures which means children we need to hunt them down in order to beat their friends at being the first to get together the full collection.

Social Development

Social Development

A very social toy with magic and educational tones, this magically created pet/toy introduces a child to the concepts and innovation which are achieved through thoughtful design, the family can join in when the moment comes to use water to make the toy figurine magically appear or vanish back to being hidden by the inventively designed pellets. This toy is a social asset between children within a family or their friends.


The clever design invokes curiosity and interest from children, they know a toy is inside the plastic globe but they cannot see it. Children can hold the globe, look at it from every angle but no matter what they do they cannot see the toy. This product is smooth to handle, no sharp edges to harm eager young hands, very easy to grip, and the functions are designed as user-friendly for young children.

It is a challenge for makers to come up with designs which are appealing to young curious minds, this product has a shape which is a globe and within the globe is hidden a surprise which requires some magic to reveal the unknown surprise. To solve the secret the design requires the child to carefully add water and then as if through magic the surprise will come and the child will see the colorful toy figure.

When designing a toy into a plastic globe the potential problems are handling and stability, it is not easy to place a plastic globe on a flat children's dresser table without the globe rolling of the surface and getting broken when it hits the floor.

The designers came up with a perfect solution, the clear plastic globe is fitted on a durable plastic mount to ensure that wherever a child places it, the globe will stay in place and not roll away. Children playing with water can lead to problems, such as spillage onto the floor which in itself can become a hazard, step on the water on a tiled floor and you will slide and fall over. The design features present a small area at the top of the globe which means water has to be carefully controlled by a child when pouring in the water to create magic. The top can then be put in place to seal the water inside the globe, lot’s of fun with no watery mess. The overall design is very child friendly and practical.


Safety has been in the mind of designers, the top unit of the container is fitted with a turn key which is attached to the toy figure so that a child can turn it around inside the container and even remove the toy easily without having to remove the pellets/beads. It is equally easy to use the turn key attachment to put the tor back inside. Water can lead to the growth of mold if care is not taken, if any signs of mold start to appear, you can obtain new pellets/beads easily to replace the old beads.

Safety is thoughtfully designed into every aspect of this children's innovative fun toy, The globe housing the hidden toy contains purpose-designed pellets which have features which help to hide the toy. These pellets are a risk to children under 4-5 years old and adult supervision is advised because inquisitive very young children can be tempted to put these in the mouth and this would be dangerous, a choking hazard is obvious.

Even with older children, parents should warn the child about potential hazards. The best place for the pellets is for them to stay inside the globe-shaped container where they can pose a potential risk. When the pellets are inside the globe and water is added the toy will reveal itself when the water is drained out the pellets will make the toy disappear, there is no reason to remove the pellets.

In fact, removing the purpose-designed pellets will stop the functionality and magic of this toy, when the pellets are removed they can easily be lost and this means the magic characteristics of the toys will be lost.


All the materials used in the making of this product are synthetic and selected because they are child safe and friendly to children. These materials offer a good long life because they are durable enough to stand up to the rigors of regular play which a child can produce.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

The toys are small enough to fit into a child's hand, they come in a broad range of interesting characters, an excellent range of blended colors which are designed to appeal visually. The toy figures are durable and built to last a long time while safety ensures none hazardous materials to ensure no risks to children. Though parents need to be aware that children of very young years should be supervised because small pellets are housed inside the product, these can represent a potential choking danger. Though water is used the materials for the toy figures will not be affected, no lose of colors and shape.

Entertainment with this range of toys can be long term, there is a set of toy figures to collect and some are easy to find, some a little more difficult and a few more challenging to find, searching out and building up the collection can be entertaining and fun.

The element of magic is very entertaining for young children and the toy allows them to manipulate the magic, the child can make the hidden mysterious toy appear magically just by adding water and the child can make the toy vanish again by simply removing the water. Entertainment is used to introduce a child to the fun which magic can create, a child can invite his/her friends and thrill them with magic, this toys easily qualifies as very entertaining.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Incredibly easy to use while producing genuine interest and fun for children and even adults. The recipe is ingenious, modern materials, synthetic beads which when dry will hide a toy figure yet the same beads when immersed in water will enable the toy to be seen for children this is a form of magic.

It is very easy to make the toy figure vanish again, just remove the water. It does not get any easier. When a child first sees the figure, she/he can use the turnkey to rotate the figure while it is inside the container so the suddenly appearing toy can be closely inspected.

For children seeking to expand their collection, a collection sheet is provided with the toy so that they can see which other toys they can look for.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

The functions stand as impressive for the purpose of providing enjoyment and fun for children, that special moment of surprise when a child first magically is able to see the type of toy simply by pouring in some water and the equal delight and surprise when a child can remove the water to magically and instantly make the toy vanish.

The toy functions to introduce a child to the concept of magic, a desire to hunt down and collect a full set and the enjoyment of demonstrating his/her magic skills to family and friends. This toy not only produces magical educational fun it also serves to invoke positive curiosity from children.

The beauty of this toy for young children is that the magic will work again and again repeatedly, as many times as the child wants, the magic pet can vanish and come back again and the function to do this is so very easy, just add or remove water. Children do not generally associate water as being magic, this to a child is real magic the special magic pet can vanish and re-appear as many times as they care to do so.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

This is a toy which is certain to bring a look of delighted surprise to any child's face when they pour in water and suddenly as if by magic a wonderful toy figure appears. The pellets hiding the toy seem to vanish, the blocking of light through the pellets/beads instantly stops when they are covered in water, any child will view this as delightful magic at work.

The Orbeez are gel balls made from Polymers which have a superb level of absorbency they can grow to one hundred times their size when put in water, they look like little marbles but they do not behave the same way. When wet they give the appearance of vanishing and light passes through them to allow you to see. This is very good fun for children, much better than watching TV, the child is engaged in magic and learning. This product will give your child and his/her friends many hours of magical fun.

The magic pet is housed within a clear durable plastic-type of ball which would roll away and risk being damaged, especially if placed on a high surface such as a table, the designers have built-in prevention to ensure that wherever it is placed it will stay still, the sphere/container is fitted with a stylish mount so that the container can be placed anywhere safely and the magic pet/toy can be there for everyone to see, a great ornament and toy for a child's bedroom.

A child's face will tell you everything as they unwrap the gift, hold the globe and move it around while they peer inside to try and see what is inside. See the concentration while unscrewing the lid, the positive focus while pouring in the water and the absolute look of sheer undiluted surprise when a magic pet takes shape gradually and close to almost instantly appears. Slowly turn the top turn-key and carefully study this figure which has magically appeared in a place where the child knows it was not there a few moments earlier.

The new magic pet can be easily lifted out with the key and studied closely, the Orvbees balls/pellets are right there in the water, and will return to their magic when water is re-introduced. A grid is designed into the top of the container and this stops the introduction of large unwanted objects being added by an inquisitive child.

These durable and attractive toys offer twenty different magic pet choices and this current deal offers two pets to ensure a child gets a good start on what will be a very special collection.

Price range

This is a toy which qualifies as really affordable, even when a child wants to embark on collecting all twenty versions, this still remains an affordable option. Lot’s of fun, lots of pleasure, amazement with magic achieved through the use of water. The toy is attractive and durable and will last a very long time and when the full collection is achieved, children will still use these as fun toys and as ornaments.
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