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We like

Adjustable chair heights

Adjustable footrest

5 point harness

Seat can recline to a resting position to sitting upright

Damage resistant wheels with safety lock

Folds to a compact position for storage or travel

Removable tray liner

Stain resistant, soft upholstery

Easily cleaned

Multiple colors available

We don’t like

Pay more for the high quality of this chair

Chair may be larger and weigh more compared to others

How it works

Quality is a desired feature in the products we spend our hard earned money on. Where do you begin to find quality products? Beginning at looking at the company itself and the years of experience they have is a good place to start. In 1949, the Perego family began their journey developing and manufacturing baby products in Italy. By the 1960s, they brought their quality products to the United States. They have stood the test of time.

The Peg Perego Siesta high chair is one of many quality products. It has been designed for comfort, for convenience, for style, and for longevity. It not only functions as a high chair, but it’s versatility shines through. How many times have we seen little ones fall asleep while in their high chair? How functional would it be if your little one could be reclined to rest easier right where they are? How convenient would it be to be able to wheel your sleeping baby into the next room with you? The Peg Perego Siesta high chair can do it all!

Age Range

Age Range

With so many choices of products on the market, we can find ourselves purchasing a type of product only to discover we have to buy another because our little bundle of joy continues to outgrow them. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a product you can use from day one until it is no longer needed at all? The Peg Perego company has made a high chair which can do just that.

The Peg Perego Siesta can be used from birth until the child is a 45 pound toddler. This high chair can easily recline to accommodate an infant, and adjust to fit a toddler.


How important is comfort in a high chair? The child may not be in there for long periods of time, or they may be in there slowly eating their lunch as you are cleaning the kitchen. If the child is not comfortable how long do you think they will be content in their chair? Being comfortable and content in the high chair may help with avoiding messes, keep baby from crying, and encourage the child to eat their meal.

The Siesta high chair has a seat cushion which will provide the child’s back and bottom the support needed. The high chair even has cushion for the side of the child’s legs and underneath their knees. The plush upholstery will give even more comfort. The Peg Perego company has called their upholstery, Prima Classe, which means first-class. There is no better way to describe the high quality of this upholstery. The footrest on the high chair will provide extra support and comfort.


The design of the Peg Perego Siesta was developed with functionality and style in mind. The chair may be manufactured in Italy, but the company has made sure it meets US standards as well. The materials used are not only part of a quality product, but has a great appearance as well. It is composed of durable metal to make the high chair frame. The quality of the metal used allows the high chair to be adjusted to different heights. Nine to be exact. The high chair’s dimensions are 29.5 inches (L) x 23.66 inches (W) x 41.16 inches (H). The tallest setting for the chair is about 34 inches above the floor. The chair weighs about 23 pounds. It may be a larger chair them some, but the features and quality are well worth it. What if you do not have the room to have a high chair out all the time? No worries with the Peg Perego Siesta high chair folds up for easy storage. When the high chair is folded, it compacts to 11.83 inches (L) x 34.66 inches (H).

The Siesta high chair does not only adjust in height, but the foot rest has three different settings to provide for the growth of the child and his or her comfort. The seat is able to recline to a position where the child could lie back for a nap or sit up properly for mealtime. The ample sized tray can easily accommodate a plate and cup for mealtime. The Perego company has added the convenience of being able to move the high chair from room to room. It has damage resistant wheels to make it easy to move the chair when desired, and has an auto-lock feature on the wheels to keep the chair from moving when desired. The wheels will be to be moved by the Stop and Go button for ease. The high chair has a net on the back of the chair making it easy to store baby wipes, bibs, or even toys.

As mentioned earlier, the Siesta high chair is also designed to look appealing as well. This product has an appealing look to the metal used which is complimented by the eleven different colors available: Cacao, Noce (tan), Ambiance Brown, Ice Grey, Ginger Grey, Palette Grey, Ambiance Grey, Licorice (black), Raspberry, Arancia (orange), and Mela (olive green).
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Siesta high chair can be adjusted to suit many different heights making it easy to fit the chair to your needs. The chair can be used alone or up at the table with the rest of the family. The chair can be slid down the frame of the chair to lower or to raise the chair with ease. The chair can recline by pressing one button on the back of the chair to different recline positions. The foot rest can be lifted easily to change to accommodate the comfort of baby. What happens if you need to move to another room, but baby is eating and needs to stay in sight? The Peg-Perego company has thought of this! Push in the Stop and Go buttons and the wheel lock is released, just wheel baby and chair to where you need. Release the buttons, and the wheels will automatically be locked for safety!

Once baby is in the high chair there is a crotch piece to keep baby from sliding down while you secure the five point restraint. The harness is made of straps which connect to one piece, and are easily released with the push of one button. The tray is easily slid on the high chair, and easily released to slide off when finished. The tray is constructed with a top tray which can be removed for easy cleaning. If you don’t want to use the tray at all, it can be easily stored by securing to the back of the high chair bottom.


The high chair is made with an upholstery which is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and soap. What about those ugly stains from tomato based foods? The upholstery is stain resistant as well! The seat cover and come off the chair to aid in cleaning it, although it is not safe for the washing machine. The harness straps are secured to the chair, but if need be they can be removed by simply unscrewing the straps from the chair. The tray comes with a tray liner. Both are easily washed with a damp cloth and soap, but they are also dishwasher safe.



The caster wheels on this high chair will allow you to move your baby from kitchen to living room without lifting and carrying. The wheels were developed to avoid damaging floors as well, which is an added bonus!

This model of chair can be folded up for easy storage. Baby staying at Grandma’s for the weekend? No problem, this chair can be easily transported because of the compact size when folded.
Price Range

Price Range

The Peg Perego Siesta high chair is a bit more expensive than other chairs on the market, but with this product you get what you are paying for. They have developed a high quality high chair which has comfort, safety, and purpose. This high chair will be of great use through the years. The company has ensured their customers satisfaction by providing a 2-year warranty. The initial investment in this product will be well worth the years of use!


The Siesta is a high chair and more. It can be adjusted to nine different heights to meet your needs. The chair is easily slid down the frame to a low setting which can be used as chair for your child. The large tray can be sued as a play area as well. The chair can be raised to meet a comfortable height in which to feed baby or even have them sit right up at the table with the rest of the family. Just remove the tray and store it on the back of the frame.

The high chair can be reclined to five different positions. The chair can be a safe place for a newborn to recline in while receiving a bottle and even nap. The entire chair shifts into the reclined position instead of only the back of the chair moving. Baby can remain secured with the five point harness, and no concerns of baby slipping out of the chair. All this can be done with the push of one button at the back of the chair.


The Peg Perego company has developed a high quality, versatile high chair. The Siesta is a high chair and more. Their high chair can be used for your newborn, and right through their toddler years. How convenient would it be to give your baby their bottle with them reclined back in their high chair and at table height? This chair can recline all the way for the sleeping baby. All the while baby can be secured safely in the high chair. What a fitting name, The Siesta!

This chair can virtually grow with your child. It can be used as a traditional high chair for the baby and early toddler stages. The large tray will help with teaching your child to eat using plates, utensils, and cups. They can sit in their chair while having a snack or even playing with toys. Family meal time has gotten easier to include your toddler with the Siesta high chair. The chair is easily adjusted up and down to match the height of your table, and with the tray removed, your toddler can be pushed right up to the table to eat with you.

The Peg Perego company has used an upholstery that is soft and comfortable for baby, while being easily cleaned by parents! They have made the chair available in many colors to suit your own style or decor. The chair may be a bit larger and heavier than others on the market, but this chair can be folded compactly for easy storage or taking it to Grandma’s for the weekend.

There are those times when it would be nice to have a seat for your toddler up off of the floor, but if you have to move to another room it can be a pain. With the Siesta high chair you can leave your baby or toddler right in their high chair, and move them to the living room with ease. No lifting or dragging. Just with the push of the buttons on the chair, you can wheel your child were you need them to be. The wheels are designed to avoid damaging your flooring as well. Once your baby is where you desire, the minute you release the buttons the wheels are locked to ensure your child is safe and cannot move the chair.

The Peg Perego Siesta high chair may cost more up front, but it will become a great investment for your family.
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