Philips Avent Bottle Warmer: Should you Buy it in 2024?

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We like

Heats baby food, formula, or breast milk in under five minutes.

An automatic shut off will go into effect after 20 minutes.

Easy to store and fits well in any room.

Has a defrost function that quickly defrosts breast milk or food

Easy to clean and maintain cleanliness

Circulated heating allows for evenly heated milk, formula, and food avoiding hot or cold spots.

We don’t like

There is no built-in timer, so you will have to time the heating yourself.

The indicator light will blink when the bottle is ready, but if you are not in front of the machine, the risk of overheating the formula, milk, or food is likely.

How it works

The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer has long been on the market as one of the most popular bottle warmers for heating your baby’s food. It can quickly and evenly warm bottled breast milk, formula, or food in a short amount of time. When fully operated, the warmer evenly warms baby’s formula, milk, or food in about three minutes. Philips Avent Bottle Warmer operates on electric requiring the device to be near a power source, and once plugged in, the unit is pretty self-explanatory in its use. You simply turn the switch on, and an indicator light will illuminate alerting you that the unit is on and operating.

Philips Avent food jars, cups, and baby bottles are designed to fit into the unit allowing the warmer to be utilized for various nutritional needs depending on what developmental stage your child is currently in whether it’s newborn, baby, or toddler. Other brands of bottles, jars, and cups can also be used in the unit as well making the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer adaptable to whichever brands you are more likely to use. The indicator light will blink when the bottle is at the proper temperature, and then all you have to do is test the milk before giving it to your child.



In order to effectively use the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer, the cup inside the unit must be filled with water to a certain level indicated in the instructions. The rule-of-thumb is that the water line should be above the milk or formula line in your bottle. Once switched on and activated, the unit will begin to circulate the water and the milk/formula allowing for even warming of the bottle in order to prevent hot spots or cold spots within the bottle. This method aims to warm the bottle gently to your desired temperature. There is a chart that comes on the box that indicates how long a bottle should be warmed depending on how many ounces of liquid are in the bottle. It should be noted that the machine cannot detect how warm or cold the liquid within the bottle is. What the unit does is detect how warm the water in the unit gets, which allows the machine to assume that the heat of the water has properly heated the liquids within the bottle, jar, or cup. As always, test the liquids in the bottle before feeding your baby.


Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is designed in a modest size allowing for the product to be placed on kitchen counters and on bedside tables either in your own room or in your child’s room. The product is measured at 7.3 x 7 x 6.4 inches, which allows for the warmer to be located out-of-the-way in cabinets or under changing tables and easily stored. The size also allows for it to be easily moved from room to room depending on what your needs are at that particular feeding. If you choose to feed in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer can be easily taken from room to room in order to accommodate your desires.


The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer design is very simple. There is just one dial that allows you to turn the unit on, and then you can turn the dial to your desired setting, and that’s it. There is a power cord that is about two feet long, which means the unit must be used close to a power outlet in order to prevent tripping over the cord or the machine falling off of a table or counter. The shorter cord ensures an extra level of safety. The opening to the unit is big enough to fit fat bottles or small bottles, and depending on the size of your bottle, you can turn the dial to the desired level of heating. The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is also a neutral color that will fit perfectly with any nursery or home design.


The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer comes with five different settings depending on what you need at a particular feeding. You are able to place the unit on whichever setting you prefer by using the large dial that is constructed on the front of the machine. The user can choose between small, medium, and large bottles depending on what stage of development your child is currently experiencing. Smaller bottles for newborns, medium bottles for babies, and large bottles, toddler cups, or food jars for toddlers. The dial also has a setting for simply keeping food, milk, or formula warm in the event that your baby or child is not ready to eat or chooses to stop feeding for a period of time. The bottle or jar or cup can be placed back into the unit and its temperature will be maintained until your child is ready to begin or resume feeding. If it takes more than 20 minutes for your child to start or resume feeding, the unit will switch off automatically as a safety issue. Simply turn the machine back on to the warming setting, but make sure you are always near the machine. The machine also comes with a defrost setting.

Defrost Setting

Although the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer gently warms breast milk or baby formula, it also has a defrost setting that can take frozen breast milk, formula, or food and rapidly defrost it for warming. The versatility of the unit allows for fast action heating or gentle warming. The unit can also defrost breast milk that is frozen in bags post pumping. The bags can easily fit into the water in the unit for quick defrosting and heating. One defrosted the milk can be poured into the bottle and fed to your baby immediately. This function can also be used for frozen baby food. You can easily go between settings from defrosting to warming with just a flick of the dial, but once again, it is important to never leave the machine unattended because you may risk overheating the bottle, cup, or jar and having to take more time to cool everything off before feeding your baby.


The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer does not come with a built-in timer. As a result, you will have to set your own independent timer when using this product. The chart that comes on the box does indicate how long it should take for the formula, milk, or food to heat, but you must time it on your own. The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer can heat a four-ounce bottle in about three minutes with 10-11 ounces taking about five minutes. The formula, milk, or food will heat faster and more even if the water that is placed in the unit is at room temperature. The colder the water, the longer it will take for the water to heat up in order to heat up the formula, milk, or food. It is recommended to get into the habit of turning the dial to the off setting as soon as you are finished because the machine will stay on for about 20 minutes before it automatically turns off. If the machine is mistakenly left on for too long you can over heat any formula, milk, or food that is left inside of the unit. By having a timer set, you will prevent burning your child’s mouth with food that is too hot.
Once the unit is turned off and unplugged after it is used, the easier it will be to prolong the life of the machine.


Cleaning the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is easy and fast. Once the unit is unplugged and completely cool, you can take a damp warm cloth and wipe down the inside of the machine to maintain its cleanliness by removing any scale that may have formed from the water in the unit. Although it is recommended to change the water frequently, it is also safe to leave water in the unit for a period of time and use reheat the same water. The risk of leaving the water in the unit for a longer period of time is that limescale may form on the inside of the machine. Although that never comes in contact with the formula or food, it can damage the machine and cause irreparable damage. Another method to cleaning the machine is to plug in the machine and pour a mixture of vinegar and water and allow the unit to warm up so that the solution cleans out the inside of the machine to prevent or remove limescale build-up. The unit can then be unplugged, cooled, and wiped down for storage until its next use.


The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer’s small design allows for it to be stored easily out of the way or left on display. Once unplugged it can be stored in any kitchen cabinet or bedroom cabinet in your nursery or bedroom. It also fits on kitchen counters or bedside tables in either your own room or your child’s room. The small size of the machine allows for it to be pulled out quickly and used for feedings any time of the day or night in any room of the house.


As with any baby product, a certain level of safety must always be used in order to keep yourself and your child safe. Always keep the water away from the electrical outlet that your unit is plugged into, and keep in mind to time the bottle as it is being warmed. The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer does not come with a built-in timer. As a result, you are responsible for using your own timer, whether it’s a kitchen timer or cell phone, to properly heat the bottle or cup. The top of the box comes with a chart that informs the user as to how long to heat your formula, milk, or food depending on the ounces or milliliters of liquid are in the bottle or cup. Forgetting to set a timer can result in the overheating of the bottle, which not only damages the nutritional value of the food but can also cause you to take more time to cool the bottle off before feeding your baby. One of the selling points of a bottle warmer is to guarantee that your child’s food is still high in nutritional value and vitamins and minerals. Overheating the food can cause a loss in nutritional value, so always being in the same room as the bottle warmer and monitoring its progress is essential.


The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is a quick and easy method to shorten the time it takes to warm bottles, jars, and cups during a feeding. It is easy to operate, clean, and store. Caution must be taken when using the bottle warmer as there is no built-in timer to alert you to when your bottle has reached its optimal temperature. The only indication that your bottle is ready is when the LED light blinks with no sound. As long as you stay alert and set a timer on your own, the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer produces what it promises in the field of warming and defrosting breast milk, formula, or food.
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