Pomsies Patches Plush Interactive Toy Review

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We like

Undeniably cute interactive pretend-pet

Size and weight adapted to be mobile

Fashionable and wearable accessory

Child friendly and high quality synthetic components

Fast and immediate sensory stimulation responses

More than 50 reactions available

Batteries are included

We don’t like

The noises can be annoying for parents

The pink brush might represent a choking hazard for younger toddlers

How it works

Remember how our parents always tried to teach us that owning a pet means taking care of a real animal, not just treating it like an accessory. It has to be groomed, fed, nurtured and taken out for a regular walk. What if we were to tell you that there is an actual pretend pet toy on the market that will help your child learn basic pet responsibilities? Pomsies are interactive companions that will offer your children a fun, safe and ethical pet-owning experience in the most affordable and creative way ever.

These fuzzy friends come in 4 different colors and Patches is the most colorful of them all. Her fur pattern is painted with white, pink and mint color which make her a very convenient wearable item for customizing your daily school outfit. Wouldn’t you want to have a pet that you can take everywhere with you and that will keep your child entertained for hours? It would be fun for the parents as well if the whole experience didn’t involve messy floors, grooming expenses, and monthly food supplies.

That’s where pretend plush toys come in hand. Patches, in particular, will prepare your child for the duty of being a real pet guardian through fun pretend role-playing games. Feed it, pet it, cuddle it or go in full-on dance mode! The possibilities are countless because it has electronic components that will boost your imagination and take you to a fantasy land filled with magic.



Imagine having a fluffy cuddly pink snowball that will melt your heart when you hold it. Now add glittery ears and sparkly eyes that change their color based on the emotion the pet is experiencing when you play with it. Twist it around using the long bendable tail that attaches to your wrist so you and your new best friend can be inseparable. This equation for cuteness is unlikely to fail your child’s expectations when it comes to owning a pretend pet which can also be used as a quite fashionable accessory.

This product is relatively small, it weighs almost 5 pounds and its dimensions are calculated at approximately 6 x 3 x 9 inches. However, its size is quite convenient if you are planning on wearing it wrapped around your bun, as an addition to your favorite sneakers or even as a key chain. Before you wake Patches up, her eyes are silvery clear. Hold the nose for 1 second and it unravels 6 different eye colors, depending on her mood. Whether it’s teal, pink, blue, yellow, green or rainbow, Patches expects you to comfort her needs in order to reward you with a loving kiss or a joyful freeze dance. This design is very promising especially because of its interactive nature. It really requires for the owner to show genuine interest in exploring its features which ultimately leads to unraveling a childlike personality.


The real beauty of this toy comes with all the possibilities it offers for entertainment and creative expression. It is designed like a furry little version of the Tamagotchi pet or those adorable virtual pet apps on your phone. And we can all agree that anything that helps the children to stay away from the phone screen in this era of technology is a plus.

You can feed it, play with it, take care of it when it’s sad. It is so much easier for children to build a pretend-pet play scenario when they are holding an adorable cuddly buddy in their arms. It will help your child to develop a basic sense of pet-ownership responsibility and learn how to nurture and connect through regular care and grooming. It comes with a special pink brush which can be attached to its tail so you can also experiment with different hairstyles and give Patches a fresh combed look. But the best feature of it all is that thanks to a metallic wire in its tail, you can take it everywhere with you.

Wrap it around your wrist, your ponytail, your backpack, even your shoes. Now you have a companion that unlike real pets, you can take it to school, to restaurants, birthday parties, anywhere you can think of! It can be best friend with your real pet as well. Cats and dogs will greatly enjoy its company since it will react when they move it around and it has shown to be resistant to mild teeth-biting and claw scratching.
Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation

In order for a toy to be an interactive companion, it has to unlock features that will give your child a glimpse of the pet’s personality. Sensory stimulation has proven to be an effective and fun system to bond with your new buddy by allowing the child to feel validation every time it plays with the pet.

Patches have sensors on the back of their chubby head, on their furry little forehead and under their pink noses. She will react to her owners’ every time she’s offered cuddles by making cute noises such as the long adorable kiss sound. The sensors are there as a rescue solution as well. For example, If the plush toy is sneezing and shivering, it will expect your child to give him a gentle pat on the back so it can feel nurtured and taken care off. If Patches is hungry, her eyes will turn yellow and it will expect you to feed it by stimulating the sensor under her nose which is meant to represent her mouth. Just gently press your palm against it like you are holding a pretend cookie and it will instantly make lovely nom noises.

The reaction is immediate and enchanting. Every great electronic plush toy is meant to give you its attention and create an open space for interaction and connection by responding in a fast and adequate way.


Don’t even bother acting indifferent when you first meet this adorable little plush toy. It is designed to give you an emotional roller-coaster ride by being equipped with more than 50 reactions and respond abilities. You might think that the main purpose of this pretend pet toy is to attach it as an accessory but its secret weapon is that you will attach to it emotionally.

Her undeniable charm goes beyond her adorable looks. In fact, Patches’ changing eye color is meant to share a certain emotion the pet has been experiencing. If her wide glittery eyes are like an instruction manual and before you know it, you have a plush Tamagotchi in your living room. The teal color means Patches is happy, yellow means hungry, green is a hiccup, pink is silly and blue indicates that she is sneezing, coughing or shivering. When she’s not feeling well, pet it to make it purr and she will immediately change her eye color from blue to teal.

You can feed it by touching her mouth or shake it and pet it on her back to stop the hiccups she might be experiencing. The ultimate reward for your consideration is shown when Pomsies eyes are glowing in rainbow colors, which means she is very joyful and lucky to have you as a friend.


Toymakers deal with great competition on the market for plush toys so they need to make sure the materials they use are soft, child-friendly and durable. Skyrocket rarely fails when it comes to high-quality synthetic fibers that won’t lose its color and shine over time.

Since it’s made of electronic components as well, try cleaning it with wet wipes instead of using the washing machine, to give its synthetic fur its glossy original shine. The synthetic fiber will dry out very quickly, unlike natural fibers who absorb and retain more water. The synthetic components are well-attached since Pomsies love grooming, but parents hate seeing hair on the floor after their child is done playing with it. It is very convenient that the materials are well put together and you won’t find any mess when you shake it or twist it around.

The metallic wire in the tail seems very comfortably bendable and it won’t break when you try to adapt it to almost anything. The fur used to isolate the wire is fluffy and velvety on touch, so it won’t feel uncomfortable on your child’s sensitive skin.


If your children are 3 years old or above this age limit, it is completely safe for them to play with Patches. It could be a great shiny gift for younger toddlers since it is a very adorable plush toy you can wrap around the stroller or put it on the cradle to keep your child company. However, for playing purposes, proper parental supervision is advised.

They have been tested in the lab and their materials are safe and child-friendly. The only concern is that Patches’ eyes are made of glittery marbles which could be bitten off by little toddlers causing them to gag. The brush that comes along as Patches grooming accessory is also considered as a choking hazard because of its small size.

In order to avoid any type of accidents, try to introduce this pet once your child is mentally prepared to better understand the functions of this toy. In the meantime, you can entertain your baby with it as long as the direct contact with the toy is controlled and supervised by an adult.
Price Range

Price Range

This is the season to be jolly and avoid overstepping the toy budget. If you are looking for an affordable yet multi-functional and surprisingly entertaining gift for your child, Patches is a convenient solution for your holiday dilemma. Keep in mind that branded accessories are often more expensive than this electronic device. With Patches you really get a run for your money because you get a fashionable wearable item, a pretend pet toy and a fun and colorful educational guide on how to take care for it.

Unlike real pets, it does not require further expenses such as regular food supply or occasional vet visits. You might say that your child’s new best friend is also a friend of your bank account. It even comes with batteries included which is always preferable, so you can hang out with your new buddy as soon as you open it. When the battery is dead you can easily replace them with regular AAA batteries which are >inexpensive and can be found everywhere.

Make sure you purchase on time since the holiday season is approaching and this is quite a popular choice, so the price range and the availability of this pretend pet toy might get tricky. Pomsies are well known for being on almost every list as a preferable toy for 2018 and you don’t want to end up shorthanded due to last-minute Christmas shopping.


Patches is truly a sweet and captivating interactive pet toy. She loves socializing, kissing and making weirdly appealing cute noises that your child will most likely enjoy. Some parents might find them annoying after a while but kids won’t care and will continue playing with it.

It is also a great toy for a parent-child bonding experience. You can teach your child to cover Patches mouth when she’s sneezing and coughing in order to avoid spreading germs. It’s winter, she might be shivering, so instruct your child to warm her up by touching her back.

Parents are always encouraged to help children build this imaginary scenery where they actually have control and are accountable for their pets. Ask them if they forgot to feed her and if they managed to get her to rainbow mode. They will begin to build a relationship filled with empathy and guidance since Patches is too adorable to be neglected. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle, tickle and dance with a lovable kitten like creature?

Almost every interactive plush pet toy is a great replacement for a real pet. However not every plush pet toy can be worn as a fashionable accessory and can be found at a reasonable price. Since the holiday season is approaching, purchasing Patches for your child seems like a decision you will unlikely regret.
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