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We like

Unlike any electronic pretend pet unicorn on the market

Undeniably mesmerizing and colorful design

Over 20 magic surprises included

Collectible item value

Countless entertainment possibilities

The keychain is a fun accessory which hides your slime

High-quality materials and components

The size makes it very realistic and offers grooming possibilities

We don’t like

Limited amount of food (slime) packets in the original box

How it works

The whimsical unicorn craze is everywhere you turn. And how can it not be? They represent the symbol of innocence and magic. They are known to be mythical, legendary and enchantingly adorable. In contemporary culture, they are drawn with sparkly horns, wide glittery eyes, long colorful manes, and astonishing wings. It’s no wonder they have inspired so many toy-makers to create their own captivating versions of this peculiar imaginary animal.

However, if you are tired of the regular plush unicorn toys but you still want to surprise your child with an entertaining and quite distinctive version of this one-horned creature, prepare to be blown away. The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn has truly left us in awe. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, here comes a delightful witty model of what seems to be a bundle of astound and never-ending fun.

The Poopsie company not only designed an adorable bombshell unicorn toy, but it also managed to capture its magical personality by wrapping it up in a box filled with slimy glittery surprises. If you somehow manage to stay indifferent to this, we truly applaud you.



What makes the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorns different than the others is that they come in 4 hidden characters and you can never guess who’s going to be your new best friend, but you’re going to love it regardless.

But that is not all. As the name itself gives you a hint, this cute little rascal is a pooper, just like your child, but since its magical and supernatural, it actually poops colorful slime. Feed it, groom it, give it a drink and it will award you with a magical gooey sparkly poop that you can actually keep in a customized poop key-chain.

In case you are worried that Poopsie might leave a mess around the floor when she needs to do number 2, don’t be. This product comes as a box in which one of the secret components is a tailored glitter potty in which the slimy poop creation takes place. The potty can be then cleaned with a little cleaning tool which is also included. Remember, each component of this creative electronic toy is meant to help your children learn basic pretend-pet responsibilities but in a fun and entertaining way so they want to do all the tasks and chores by themselves.


Even the package of this product is very creatively constructed. By a process of peeling what seems to be a colorful toilet paper, you get to reveal each and every one of the different components that come with this toy. As you take off the colorful wrapping, it unravels different surprises. You will encounter 4 unicorn packets of slime powder, 4 unicorn shimmer packets, 2 unicorn magic packets, a unicorn sparkle packet, exclusive bottle, exclusive poop character key-chain, a customized shirt and diaper, unicorn spoon, hairbrush, cleaning tool, and a measuring cup.

On the top of the box, there is a lid which covers the ultimate surprise of them all, your own collectible Poopsie Unicorn. The 4 best friends are named Dazzle Darling, Rainbow Brightstar, Oopsie Starlight and Whoopsie Doodle. In this particular package, you might find either Oopsie Starlight or Rainbow Brightstar. They are known to be totally BFF goals.

They both share similar features yet come in overall different colors. Oopsie Starlight has a long pastel mane and a baby pink shimmering body. Rainbow Brightstar has a more intense rainbow-colored hair and a glowing pearly white body. They both have very wide eyes which resemble an anime character and a golden glittering horn.

Oopsie Starlight has more of a rock star look with cute tattoos on her arms and a black Don’t Stop Believin’ t-shirt with a unicorn picture on it. She comes with a white diaper and a matching pastel lavender drink. The cup really resembles like a Starbucks drink, since it has a similarly shaped logo and it has Oopsies name written with a marker on it, but unlike the real Starbuck, instead of a medusa there is a jellyfish and the name is spelled right.

Rainbow Brightstar on the other hand, looks like a vivid colorful superhero and her ultimate superpower as you’ve probably guessed it, is the rainbow. She wears an electric blue t-shirt with a rainbow drawing on it, a red diaper and has a striking matching beverage. The cup’s design represents a variation of a 7/11 logo except it has a 2 instead of a 7 and a wave of rainbows.

The slime comes in different colors as well and the pink seems to be the rarest. The key-chains in which you can keep the slime and take it with you everywhere look like emoji poop characters. You can open them by twisting the bottom and put some slimy poop inside to show it off to your friends and play with it wherever you go.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

This product is pretty much a variety of toys all combined together so it is safe to say that your child will be playing with it for a long period of time. Whether it’s a pretend pet toy scenario, slime molding arts, and craft expression or grooming and accessorizing activity, the entertainment possibilities are countless.

Since the unicorns are magic, they come with electronic components to give a little spark to the slime making process. In order for the unicorns to poop, you will have to feed them and press their cute little heart-shape bellybuttons. The whole process is very nurturing and it will help your child to take responsibility for its own pretend pet toy.
The whole fun, however, comes with preparing the food in the measuring cup and mixing the required components by following the simple instructions. You get to feed it with a golden unicorn spoon and once unicorn is done pooping, you can customize it with glitter and mold it in different shapes.

However, keep in mind that these two bombshells also expect you to doll them up by using the adorable hairbrush that looks like a cloud emoji character. Since their hair is long and silky, you can brush it, braid it, make cute pigtails and get artistic in many ways. If you manage to collect them all, you can even change their outfits and get creative with their looks.

The company also has a website that offers a variety of games through which your child can bond with these Poopsie unicorns and learn more about their joyful personalities. You can also find all sorts of quizzes and tutorials to get familiar with the enchanting world of your new best friend.


When you hear that a certain toy is collectible you almost always expect it to come in a smaller sized package. Therefore, seeing Rainbow Brightstar and Oopsie Starlight in real life might come as a pleasant shocker. They are big enough to appear real yet not too big which means a child can comfortably carry it around.

There is no doubt that for a pretend pet to seem realistic, it has to be big enough to resemble an actual real life pet. The product dimensions are calculated at 11.2 x 16.8 x 15.2 inches and its weight is around 4 ounces. The size is perfect because it allows you to notice all the lovely details on Oopsie Starlight’s body, including the details of the funny looking creatures tattooed on her arms.

The box of the product itself looks rather huge which would make a very flattering gift for a child since they are impacted by grandiose shapes especially ones being wrapped up in a colorful paper.


The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is made of high quality and child-friendly materials. The toy-makers also take pride in creating one of the best slimes on the market. It is stretchy, durable and flexible. Unlike cheap quality slime, you can play with your Poopsie Slime for a longer period of time and it will keep its composure.

Both Oopsie Starlight and Rainbow Brightside have long shiny hair made of synthetic fibers which are known to be more durable than natural fibers. They will not lose its wonderful palate of colors over time and there will not be a mess on the floor once you’re finished grooming them.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The product comes with simple and colorful instructions that are easy to follow by children who are 6 years or older. All the surprise components are well organized and separated so it really requires an elementary level of understanding in order to mix them all together.

The measuring cup is properly marked so the children can prepare the slime recipe by themselves. The rotating spoon deposits the food with a simple press of a button which makes it really easy to feed the pet unicorn. It even comes with cleaning equipment so children can clean the used components and remove the rest of the slime.

The tricky part might be that there is an actual timeline that needs to be followed in order for the slime to end up in perfect shape. Children are notoriously impatient and might want to speed the process instead of waiting for all the ingredients to mix well.

And since the product comes with only 4 packets of food there isn’t a lot of space for experimenting with your supply. You might want to keep an eye and help your children the first time they prepare the unicorn food in order to avoid disappointing slime results in the end.
Price Range

Price Range

Toys that come with electronic components are always more expensive than regular plush unicorn toys. And if you take into consideration that there are actually more than 20 surprise components in the package, this product seems worth every penny. Some parents might be annoyed that the original box includes only a limited amount of unicorn food supply which indicates that there will be further expenses in the future if you want to continue feeding the unicorns in order to create slime. It also requires a regular supply of 2 AA batteries. But it does pay off if you want to bring some magic in the house during the holiday season and be crowned as the best secret Santa ever!


This is quite the unconventional pretend pet toy. The Poopsie unicorn really opens the realms of magical possibilities and captures the attention of everyone in the room. You can help your child to prepare the slime and discover different ways to nurture the cute collectibles. It is a very entertaining toy even for adults and it does create space for a bond to be formed between you, your child and your newest member of the family.

Whether you get Oopsie Starlight or Rainbow Brightstar, you will not be disappointed. There are equally adorable and have the same purpose – to be your best friend and poop glittery slimy gifts that will keep you company when they are not around. The keychain can be a lovely accessory for your backpack and Poopsie will even borrow you her hairbrush to groom your Barbie dolls.

These types of products are great because they are versatile, entertaining and can prepare your child for an actual pet. The set even comes with a cleaning brush for the potty so your child can be responsible for their own mess and learn to help you out around the house.

The most important part of unicorn-themed toys is that it really enhances your child’s imagination. The sole idea of owning a unicorn takes you to a mythical world filled with rainbows, wonder, and purity. But owning a Poopsie unicorn takes you to a more contemporary adventure where you magical best friends have tattoos, drink Starbucks drinks and poop glittery slime. Totally BFF goals indeed!
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