The SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby

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We like

Elegant and eye pleasing electronic baby bed design

Responds automatically to baby’s crying and cranky behavior

Approved by doctors, engineers and child psychologists

A quiet and durable motor made of high quality electronics

Specially designed app that tracks the baby’s sleep and alerts parents

3 calming white noise sounds and soothing movements

Hip safe sleeping sacks made of 100% organic cotton that come in 3 different sizes

Cozy mattress with water resistant protective cover

100% organic cotton fitted sheet and mash for oxygen flow

Free 30-day trial, 1-year warranty and 7 days a week customer service

We don’t like

Parents might find it overpriced since it can be used for approximately 6 months

How it works

When you become a parent you begin a new chapter of your life as a guardian and a role model for a tiny cute mini version of yourself. This journey will unfold many cuddly memories, pure emotions and unforgettable quests since you will now share the world with a new member of the family and embark on a lifelong adventure together.

However, as we all know, having an infant is not always rainbows and butterflies, in fact, especially during the first months, babies are very needy and demanding. Think of your baby as your new adorable yet ruthless boss. Yes, it’s hard to picture it, since babies are soft and gentle however they can be merciless especially during the night. Just when you thought your raving days are behind you and you’ve trained yourself to get a good night sleep so you can wake up early in the morning for your regular job, here comes a cute dictator and it will expect to be nurtured and comforted at any given moment.

Thanks to design and technology, we’ve been given a chance to buy ourselves a little help from a bed that also works as an imaginary nanny that will hold and rock your baby while you are peacefully sleeping in the comfort of your own bed. Meet the SNOO Smart Sleeper made by Happiest Baby, the smartest and safest baby bed on the market. It has many components that will lend you a hand during the most challenging times when your baby needs you 24/7 but you also need your good night sleep so you are able to transition more eloquently into your role as a responsible parent.



This baby bed was created by Dr. Harvey Karp who wrote the book “Happiest Baby on the Block”. He was inspired to design his own version of a baby bed since he was constantly meeting with parents who claimed that exhaustion is their number 1 stress. He began to wonder if it was possible to have an electronic bed that would rock and shushes babies all night long so it automatically calm crying and boost sleep.

With the help of a team of top engineers and hundreds of test parents, they managed to come up with a product that has been called the smartest and safest bed ever made. Its womb like sensations add an hour or more to the baby’s sleep by gently rocking it from side to side. Parents don’t even have to worry that their baby will roll over since the bed has an adequate wrapping solution that holds the baby safely on the back since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends this position as the most convenient for early child development.

However, what if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and it immediately starts crying. Well this bed is quite interactive since the designers looked for a way to calm the baby down without any involvement of the parents. As instead they figured out a way to monitor its moods so when it burst into tears there would be an appropriate response from the cradle. If the baby starts crying, SNOO will adjust its movement accordingly by speeding up the rocking motion and choosing the best white noise until it's calmed down which usually takes less than a minute.


Doctors often acknowledge that the back is the only safe position for baby sleep, and being placed in a rocker or a swing is actually very uncomfortable for spine development. That is why SNOO is designed as a bed that gently rocks while the infant is secured in the special sleep sack. All the benefits of swaddling wouldn’t be so convenient for the little rascal if the sack wasn’t attached to the bed so it prevents him from rolling around the crib.

There is an app with a lot of options that allows you to customize the motions with the soothing preemie/newborn setting and the weaning mode which helps babies to transition to the crib later on. With the help of a sleep log, you can track your infant’s progress and be alerted if your little one experiences hunger, loneliness or discomfort. It even includes helpful advices from Dr. Karp so you can get the proper support while you are embarking into your role as a parent.

Assembling the product is incredibly easy since it has only a few simple components that has to be attached to each other. Inside the box, you will encounter a very elegant Snoo basket which comes with a very gentle sleeping sack as well as the Snoo legs and medium and large sacks in case your infant outgrows the small one pretty fast. An instruction manual is also provided so you can explore the electronic components with ease as well as the necessary power cord for the bed to come to life.

Think of this product as your own personal helper rather than a bed. It is intelligently designed to hold and calm your baby every time you need to fix a meal, take a shower or rest for a while. With SNOO your baby will not only be safer, but it will sleep better as well. And we all know that when the baby is sleeping, everybody is sleeping.


Each component of this smart baby sleeper has been made of durable materials and high-quality electronics. There are 3 SNOO Sacks included which come in S, M and L sizes since infants are known to grow and develop pretty quickly. They are all made of 100% organic cotton since the skin of the newborns is very sensitive and should not be exposed to synthetic fibers therefore even the fitting sheet is made of the same material. It is also pretty convenient that the sacks and the sheet can be taken out from the bed since you want to regularly wash and maintain the sleeping area clean for you little companion by simply putting them into the washing machine.

The mattress is incredibly cozy and has a cover that is resistant to water in case there is a diaper leak or the baby accidentally throws up. The walls of the bed are surrounded with a breathable mesh since infants need a constant flow of oxygen during their sleep. It truly seems as the SNOO manufacturers thought of every little detail to prolong the longevity of this product so it can be used by other babies in the future and help many parents who struggle with calming down their little ones.


This baby bed is the definition of tranquility since it comes scientifically engineered with 3 different white-noise sounds that have been proven to reduce crying and prolong sleeping time. It is so well made that has a complex algorithm which will distinguish the baby’s cries from any surrounding room noises. It is so soothing that even the motor or the smart bed is quiet and will not disturb your little bean while comforting it.

SNOO is equipped with sensors that will detect your baby’s fussing and respond immediately by gradually increasing the movements of the bed and the volume of the tunes. It is meant to imitate the nurturing experience provided by parents even when they are not around so babies won’t feel alone and frightened. Even parents benefit from its calming effect since they can rest assured that if the baby continues crying more than 3 minutes, they will be alerted through the phone app to check if the baby is hungry or wants some human interaction.
Age Range

Age Range

This is truly your baby’s first bed experience. It is meant for newborns and can be used from the moment you welcome them into this world. In fact, infants who’ve just been brought to the home can start using it immediately and they tent to adapt to it faster. Tests have shown that newborns need only 1 to 2 days to start sleeping better when introduced to SNOO, and infants who are 6 weeks or older begin to enjoy its sleep benefits within 3 to 7 days.

The sizing of the bed is calculated as 30” L × 16” W × 32” H with legs; while the weight is 38 lb, so you can be certain that your baby will fit comfortably in it during the early child development period. It is meant to be used until the tiny bundle of joy is able to get up on its hands and knees and reaches maximum weight of 25 lbs. That means that for approximately 6 months you will be able to comfort and nurture your little one in a magical sleeping cradle with whimsical calming effects.
Price Range

Price Range

Some parents might find this baby bed too expensive since newborns outgrow everything pretty fast and this particular sleeper is meant to be used only during the first few months. However, anyone who had a baby knows that this period is the most tiring so prolonging your sleep and having a clear mind in the morning is truly priceless.

You also need to keep in mind that this is not a regular bed, as instead you are paying for your own electronic helper that will monitor and comfort your baby any time in the day while you are cooking, cleaning, taking a bath or moving around the house for regular daily activities.

It allows you to be present at any given moment by using the app on your phone so you can rest assure that your baby isn’t bursting in tears while you are taking a nap or finishing a chore. It is also made of high quality and durable electronic that will allow you to repeat the whole nurturing experience with the next addition to your family or even borrow it to a family friend or a relative. Some SNOO customers even rent out their baby bed to other parents in need.

Even if you are skeptical and hesitant to invest in a product of this kind, the manufacturers offer a 30-day free trial that allows you to return the bed within 30 days of the date on the receipt and be fully refunded while also have a free return shipping. It also comes with 1-year limited warranty and the Happiest baby company offers customer service support 7 days a week so you can be convinced that you will have assistance in case something goes wrong with the sleeper.


There are many products on the market that are designed to help parents cope with their little ones since having a fragile little being comes with great responsibility and many of us succumb to the pressure of the busy everyday life and are often feeling drained instead of enjoying the arrival of the cute new companion.

Parents need help and support but due to their work schedule and location, they often live far away from their relatives and having a nanny or help around the house is a luxurious treat for most of us. Thanks to technology, now we can manage to prolong our sleep and manage our regular activities by owning an electronic helper who will hold you baby safe and will notify us when our baby really needs us.

Anyone who had an infant remembers what it’s like to fall asleep on the working desk in the morning because you were taking shifts with your partner to comfort your little one. So even 1 extra hour of sleep provided by a smart baby sleeper is not to be taken for granted. With the SNOO smart bed parenthood is no longer a tiring quest as instead everyone gets a good night rest.
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