Spectra Baby Breast Pump USA – S1 Plus Review

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We like

  • Hospital grade provides optimal hygiene
  • Portable with rechargeable battery
  • Mode that promote natural nursing
  • Additional features like night light, timer and memory settings, included
We don’t like
  • Pricy

How it works

Many of the new mothers who are breastfeeding are not sure whether they need a breast pump and of course, many of them will never use such a product. However, in some instances, breast pumps are useful products that cannot be avoided. Breast pumps are good option because there are cases when sometimes the newborns do not want to take to the breast or maybe the mother is a full-time working mother that has to return to work but they still would like to continue to breastfeed their child and when they do decide that eventually, they will have to decide on the type of breast pump. For some moms, the pumps become a part of the daily routine that occurs for months so we can say that definitely, it is worth investing in a breast pump that really would perform the job well. It often happens that what one mother thinks that it is comfortable for her, can feel painful for the other. Spectra S1 comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and together with all the parts that are required for the pumping process such as baby bottles, backflow protectors, tubing and flange. That’s why today we decided to have a look at this pump, Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump, which has been on the top of popularity among moms looking for a breast pump and check out what makes Spectra Baby 1 an awesome choice for almost every mom.



Although Spectra's breast pumps are relatively new on the market of such products still they had won the trust of the customers because of their guarantees for quality and safety for the mothers and babies, as well. The Spectra Baby USA - S1 is a hospital-grade pump. If you are asking yourself what does that mean and how are hospital pumps different than the standard ones, here is the answer. The hospital-grade pump means that there is a system that physically divides the milk and the pump.

This type of system increases hygiene and motor performance as well because it keeps the tubing clean and dry. It basically prevents the flow of air and in this way, it protects breast milk and thereof the baby from bacteria and viruses. Compared to many similar products this Spectra S1 breast pump does not have the problem which seems to be common for the other products, which is condensation. Spectra S1 has backflow hygienic protector that keeps the tube dry and in this way, it prevents condensation to appear inside the tubing.

Spectra S1 Breast pump as a package besides the pump itself include the breast pump itself, 2 Spectra tubing, 2 wide neck bottles, 2 Spectra Valves and 2 Spectra Backflow Protectors and all of these parts are made of BPA- free plastic. These parts are removable, easy to assemble and disassemble and there is nice and easy access for cleaning, which is very important since the hygiene in these cases must be impeccable.


The Spectra S 1 Electric breast pump at hospital grade means that you will experience the advantages of the hospital strength breast pump meaning efficiency in performance and power but because of the size of the S1 Breast Pump, it is more than convenient in terms of portability and transport. The weight is 4 pounds and if you want to carry it around while pumping there is a handle on the top of the pump. Many moms say that they put a ribbon through the handle and put the other side of the ribbon over the neck when they really have to move while having to pump at the same time.

Because of its small size, you can definitely put it in one of the bags that moms of newborns and babies usually carry with them. Because of its weight, it will not add much on the heaviness of the bag or it will not take too much space because it is not bulky. This pump is sold together with all the parts that one mom needs to start pumping right after she gets the pump out of the box. Another convenience is that all these parts are sold separately as spare parts.


Spectra S1 Breast Pump more than certain offers flawless and extraordinary performance. One of the features that are most likable by mothers is that this pump has settings that can be customized which is advancement compared to some other pumps. This practically means that each mother according to her body response can customize the setting of adjustable suction to find what is the most comfortable for her and set the rhythm and speed accordingly. The suction can be adjusted in two modes - let-down and expression. The performance is enhanced with the option this pump to be used as a single or double pump and complemented by other extra features.

One of the extra features which also contribute to the life of the product and its portability is the inbuilt rechargeable battery. The power of the suction when using the product with the battery is at the same level and strength as if it was plugged. Spectra S 1 breast pump has two modes. The first mode is a massage mode that stimulates the natural suckling of a baby. This is designed to stimulate a reflex of letting-down. After this, the pump switches into expression mode that imitates baby's nursing.

The pump has digital controls that help you set the pumping program. There is also a digital display which allows you to see the adjustable settings that you have programmed. The motor is ultra-quiet and does not make any noise compared to other breast pumps. As additional features that are extra are the night light, timer and memory settings. The night light has two levels and it is useful for pumping at night at which occasions you do not have to turn on the lights or a night lamp because this light is sufficient for the pumping sessions.

The timer registers the time that is spent on pumping and the memory features memorize the last settings that you had programmed.
This pump has an option for single or double operating function. This means that Spectra S 1 comes with everything you need for single or double pumping and correspondingly everything you need for expressing milk from single or both breasts at the same time which in the latter case saves your time and it offers better support.


Most mums do not find pumping a comfortable thing because with the most pumps mothers claim that it feels like rough tugging. However, Spectra S 1 breast pump brings another experience with the pumping to mums. The comfort that can be provided by the pump depends on choosing the right size of the flanges and with this product, there are two 24mm flanges and two 28mm flanges.

If you are wondering what size has to do with the comfort the answer is that the correct size of the flanges that are vital for the suction process while pumping is that they not only they provide gentle pulling but they also prevent mastitis and nipple soreness. The comfort can also be achieved with the ability to adjust the setting for speed and rhythm regarding the body's response and flow of milk.

The inbuilt rechargeable battery also adds to the comfort and functionality features since this feature gives moms flexibility and it is a great option when there is no power or you have no access to power for example when on holiday or while in the car. Most of the moms claim that battery lasts pretty long like 1-2 hours and it definitely can be used for 3-4 pumping.

One of the points that are worth mentioning is the option of “hands-free” pump. This pump has been designed to be able to be used as hands –free pump but one should have in mind that if you want to use this option additionally you need to purchase a special hands-free pumping bra. According to most mum’s experience it is definitely worth investing in this kind of bra since otherwise you have to hold the parts for pumping all the time while the process of pumping lasts, which can be quite tiring especially if you a frequent user of the pump.


Spectra S 1 breast pump with its powerful but quiet operating motor is a product that is intended to last and to be used every day and often. As such, plus with the extra features that it possesses this product wins against the test of time. Spectra S 1 is neither heavy nor bulky in size and because of the handle of the top, it is easily portable and carried around. It does not have a special clip that you can use to clip it but it is hard to believe that you are likely to drop it, or if this happens it will not definitely be due to its weight or bulkiness. Majority of the moms are satisfied with the additional features too and very few malfunctions are observed.


Although this breast pump is quite pricey when you take into consideration the outstanding performance and the fact that this is a hospital-grade pump we can say that it is definitely worth the money. The value is increased also by the other included additional features of this pump and the package itself. Spectra S1 Breast Pump is designed for heavy use and to last a long time. It promotes optimal hygiene and in the box, one can find everything that you need to start the pumping process.

The price is acceptable if you consider what you get – a reliable product that will not disappoint you and many parts such as two bottles, 2 tubing, 4 flanges, 2 protectors, 2 duckbill valves, AC Power adapter for recharging. All in all a great product with great performance for an acceptable price. The price can be even more acceptable if you resell this product which is a great and safe option since this pump contains a closed system. All the parts that go with the pump are sold separately and can be purchased additionally.

The Bottom line

Spectra S1 is an outstanding breast pump that offers great functionality and is designed for optimal use. The pump with the two modes that promote natural nursing and the digital settings that can adjust the speed and the rhythm of the pumping process according to the mom’s body response offers the maximum comfort that you can get in a process of pumping. It is a pump that is intended for everyday use and for the mothers who will use it often. The pump in the package is accompanied with additional features such as the night light, convenient for night pumping, a timer that tells you the time required to pump, and a memory function that memorizes the last programmed settings.

One of the features that are great is the rechargeable battery which means that this breast pump is portable and can be used during movement. On the top of the great features of the Spectra S1, Breast Pump is that this pump is of hospital grade, containing 2 Backflow Protectors that separate the expressed milk and pump tubing. This adds a lot to optimal hygiene and easiness in the cleaning of the parts. This type of closed system also protects the breast milk and baby from bacterial and viruses.

This breast pump is light and compact in size which makes it highly portable and convenient for storage. Spectra 1 Breast Pump Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump, Double/Single, Hospital Grade is definitely number one for many moms who are breastfeeding and after the review, we can definitely see why this is as it is.
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