Summer Infant My Size Potty – Training Toilet with Flushing Sounds and Wipe Dispenser

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We like

Adorable mini version of an actual toilet for adults

Interactive handle provides flushing sounds for a realistic and encouraging potty training

Built in dispenser for baby wipes with a removable top for storing purposes

A splash guard that clips on for a less messy experience

Flip-up lid helps boys to learn to use the toilet while standing

Easy to clean and maintain due to the removable pot

Two lithium metal batteries included

We don’t like

The clip-on splash guard sometimes falls off the potty when the child is using it

How it works

There comes a time in every baby’s life when you need to slowly prepare them for a diaper to potty transition. Those are quite confusing times for children since it is an unfamiliar quest. Many children get cranky when you try to place them on a potty and who could blame them? They learn by watching their parents and they have never seen an adult pee in a potty. In fact, the whole design might have them confused. What is this weird colorful bowl in which I’m supposed to sit without my undies?

Developing these habits at a proper age is crucial, however, it can be hard to explain to babies what the purpose of this whole new educational quest is. They are more comfortable trying out new things once they witness the same objects used by their caring parents. Placing them on the toilet seat is not as hard as teaching them to flush or pick up the toilet seat which is quite impossible to be done with a regular potty.

However, what if there was a miniature toilet, sized perfectly for your little one that looks just like the one that grown-ups use and it offers a comfortable and well-known approach to potty training? Meet the Summer Infant My Size Potty, an endearing and unconventional potty that looks the same as a conventional adult toilet. One of its most fun features is the flushing handle that makes flushing water noises when you press it, which we can all agree, seems weirdly captivating when you are a child. It sounds like a wave of water but it feels as if the potty is giving you a standing ovation for your ability to be an independent toilet user.



This is probably the cutest toilet on the market since it is miniature enough to fit the needs of the smallest members of the family, yet it mimics an actual toilet so well, that is the most realistically designed potty we’ve come across. It is actually quite interactive and has electronic components that make flushing sounds every time you press the toilet handle to congratulate your toddler for its successful potty training.

It also comes with a wipe dispenser which is built in the actual toilet so you can easily access the cleaning paper once the whole smelly challenge has been conquered. This way your little ones are also encouraged to practice and understand cleaning after themselves. Since the lid is removable, parents can store tiny toys within reach that keep the children occupied while they are using the toilet. There is a clip-on splash guard which can be very easily attached on the toilet in case boys are using it, however, it is pretty useful for girls as well, since younger toddlers can sometimes make a mess.

It has a flip-up lid that is very convenient for little boys to learn manners when they are trying to learn to pee while standing up. There's also a removable pot so you can easily clean up the potty once your baby is done with it. The overall design seems very clean and simple so it looks like a real adult toilet and when placed next to the regular toilet, the mini version gives the whole bathroom a cute and adorable look which is something you can rarely say to describe a WC.


One of the first lessons children get in life is how to speak, walk, eat, drink and use the toilet by themselves. And even though babies enjoy exploring and learning new things, they can get confused when transitioning from one particular system of functioning to another. That includes using the toilet. We can’t blame them since using diapers and using a potty are two completely different things so it’s no wonder they are hesitant about sitting on a weird chair while their parents cheer and wait patiently for something to happen.

The best way to educate your children how to go to the toilet by themselves is showing them how to do it, however, adults can’t fit in a baby’s potty. If you are a parent, however, you’ve probably rushed to the toilet with your baby when you really needed to go. Hey, no shame here, it’s hard being a parent and we’ve all done things we’re not proud of.

However, those little last minute exhibitions allowed for our children to pretty much get the idea that it is a comfortable safe space that mommies and daddies use so they will be willing to learn how to use it properly and join the adult club. The Summer Infant My Size Potty makes toilet training an educational quest that is meant to be taken seriously since parents do it as well on their adult toilets so children will be eager to imitate the grownups and develop some basic hygiene habits.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

Let’s be honest, toilets are not the most exciting objects for adults, however, they are a basic necessity and truly essential to a modern household. However, for children, they are glorious thrones which can only be reached and used by grown-ups. You might not be fascinated with flushing water but toddlers are captivated by the sound of waves coming through this white majestic chair. It is no wonder they beg their parents to pick them up so they can flush the toilet even when nobody is using it. That is why My Size Potty makes such an exciting training toilet for children. It’s lightweight enough to be placed in any living room area because children love watching cartoons while going for number 2 and they can also make the toilet flush by themselves. Sure, it’s not real water, it’s just a mimicking sound, but they don’t care. In fact, they enjoy imaginary play pretend scenarios and it is quite fascinating to witness them being obsessed with a flushing handle. It makes you grateful for the little things in life that we take for granted, like water supply and sewage.

It is also very cute to observe the enthusiasm boys have for picking up the flip-up lid to pee standing up. Enjoy it, cause you’re going to miss it when they are teenagers and forget to pick up the lid almost every time. Jokes aside, it is truly an entertaining potty and the top can be removed in case you want to put some colorful picture books so your child can have amusement options within reach while delivering a smelly surprise.


You might look at this potty and find it rather complicated for maintaining since it does have electronic components and can’t be placed in the shower. It also has multiple features which make it seem impossible for picking it up and disposing the baby poop in the adult toilet. However, the Summer Infant manufacturers made sure that parents enjoy this product as much as babies, by making it very easy to clean and maintain.

There is a removable pot which can be quickly removed from the whole baby toilet and easily transferred for disposal purposes. It is very lightweight and can be washed in the shower in an instance so the whole maintaining process is a frustration-free journey. The flip-up lid is very helpful since it prevents pee from getting out of the urinating area which can cause a mess all around the floor, especially if your kid is using the potty in the living room area or the bedroom. It is rather irritating that sometimes the lid falls off when the child is positioning itself on the seat, however, when used properly, it will prevent some accidental leaks which means you won’t have to clean the floor every time your kid has to pee.
Age Range

Age Range

You want your children to develop the right habits from an early age, so implementing changes with familiar products is definitely less time consuming and far more effective. However, toddlers are sometimes scared of the idea of using a grown-up toilet seat with a plastic baby seat on it, since the size of the actual toilet seems too big and they are scared that they might fall inside the hole. That is why miniature versions of an actual product are so loved and easily accepted.

This particular product can be used once the child turns 18 months until they reach 50 pounds. The dimensions of the seating area are calculated as 9.5 x 11.25 inches while the interior seat opening is measured as 4.5 x 6.25 inches, so you can rest assured that is big enough so toddlers can fit comfortably on the toilet seat without sliding inside the pot. Its size is also very convenient since it’s not too big and you can place it next to the adult toilet without taking too much space and blocking the whole bathroom. After all, It is specifically designed to adapt to the needs of the youngest members of the family and prepare them for transitioning to real toilets one day, so you might as well place them next to each other so children get a clearer picture of the purpose of a toilet.
Price Range

Price Range

You will definitely find a cheaper potty on the market but we highly doubt that your child will be equally enthusiastic to use it since My Size Potty is truly one of a kind. It is very unlikely that you will regret purchasing this product since it provides many learning benefits for transitioning to real toilets and it makes the whole experience a fun and joyful ride. In fact, it is made of high-quality materials that make it a very durable potty so when your child outgrows it, you can store it and introduce it to the next addition to your family.

The only expense that comes along with this product is the regular battery supply which is required for the fun and encouraging flushing sounds but it is such an important component for the potty training to seem fun and realistic, that you will be glad to spend a few more bucks and keep the magic alive. Seeing the face of your children when they flush the toilet by themselves after using it is truly priceless so you might find this potty pretty fairly priced, especially since your children will be using it multiple times a day.


Psychologists often remind us that children learn by example and they look up to their parents. They want to feel like they belong with the adults and often try to imitate them which is incredibly cute and heart-warming. That is why when it comes to creating healthy habits, it is always easier to introduce children to products that are similar to the ones mommies and daddies use, so they can mimic their behavior and feel very accomplished when the job is done.

The Summer Infant My Size Potty is the closest thing to a real adult toilet specifically made so your little ones can have a glimpse of the adult world and be inspired to go to the toilet like their parents. It is highly unlikely that you won’t use this potty or be disappointed with its components. In fact, it is an excellent gift for baby showers, birthdays and expecting parents since every baby needs a potty and this little training toilet is the boss of all baby potties. It makes the learning experience fun and incredibly simple so your child can be encouraged to go to the toilet even when you are not around.
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