The Importance of Generation Z

Generation Z is the most philanthropic generation so far.

Generation Z or more commonly known as Gen Z’ers are the generation born after the Millenial generation. This generation is often called “lazy” and addicted to their smartphones. They are always instaraming and think they can have everything right at their fingertips. In all reality, there is so much more to this quirky and unique generation than Instagram and smartphones. If Generation Z realized how much impact they have on the world, they could master their own fate and conquer their own universe. They might not always be go-doers, but they most often are good-doers. They want to make a difference but are too naive to know how. According to some statistics, 60% of their generation wants their jobs to be a huge impact on the world. 26% want to volunteer, and 76% are concerned about the planet. They care a lot but are too connected to social media at such a young age that they are convinced they are changing the world and making a difference on Facebook. That might have some truth to it because many have their own style and a few months later, it seems to turn into the rage.

People can view all this media and technology as negative because they have all the access to knowledge that they desire, which could make them a major influence.  They have grown up during the worst economic crisis in history and are surrounded by terrorist activity and traumatic events. They notice the dangers of global warming all around them. They have to grow up extremely fast and develop a great awareness as no other generation has. They have quite a bit of wisdom already at a young age. They see themselves as people who might be able to solve some of the world problems, that makes them less afraid of chasing their dreams and pursuing good careers that could help society. They can be anything they want and the sky is the limit. They are used to major issues such as equality for gender, race, and sexuality because these issues have always been at the forefront. Now they have more ways than ever to spread this awareness by talking about these things. They have the ability to tell 1400 of their friends on facebook about their feelings. With the tap of a button, their friends learn about the way they feel about all these issues right at once.

Generation Z has so much power and it’s incredible and extremely important that they use the tools that are given to them to make changes. They can fly to any country and lend a helping hand and bring much-needed supplies. These are the same things they take for granted on a daily basis. They are smart enough to create apps for cell phones that help victims of domestic violence victims so they can call discreetly for help. They have much better access to education so they can become anything they want to be. They want everyone to open their eyes because they can do so much.

Gen Z’ers know that every generation before them was significant in their own way. The invention of paper, pencils, to light bulbs, from airplanes to cars, they realize that each person existing in their own chapter of life has to fulfill their own purpose. Gen Z’ers might take a minute to learn the meaning of their lives, but they will also look back on it and understand. They believe in taking their time to truly look at themselves so they know what they are capable of and don’t make mistakes. They under the history of their many great-grandparents who did many amazing things and now they are realizing, it’s their turn. Tell them to get off their phones and get off the couch and do something because they are so much more!

Generation Z are the children born after 1995 and are just beginning to enter college and universities. They are not Millenials, there are some similarities between the two generations but many differences. The first thing one notices about a Gen Z’er is their use of technology.  This is a characteristic they do share with Millenials, but there is still a difference. Millennials are technology savvy, having grown up with emerging technology while Gen Z’ers are more tech-reliant. Generation Z kids like to share their thoughts, even the most mundane on social media and take part in the creation of knowledge.

Don’t expect them to leave a voicemail or read long blogs. Generation Z likes shorter forms of communication. Researchers have found that 50 percent of members in Generation Z send at least 50 texts daily.  These texts are very short and sweet.

Generation WE and not ME!

Generation Z likes to share their ideas and be a part of the community, unlike the Millenials. This generation really wants to put in the time and get to know people. These are people that like to work in groups and will make good team members. Colleges and Universities might want to start taking this into consideration in their admission offices when attempting to reach Generation Z kids. These are not passive content consumers and just telling them about a college program isn’t enough.

This could mean quite a bit of change for higher education institutions because colleges and universities have to start engaging Generation Z members with more information about the communities and activities that are available to them at these particular schools. Generation Z loves visual content as well. These kids want to participate in everything and be a part of the community.

Generation Z trusts Friends and Family

In general, Generation Z has a different relationship with authority figures than Millenials. The heroes and people that are trusted by Generation Z are those they are close to. Generation Z buys on word of mouth, where Millenials buy what they like. Gen Z’ers want to hear it from a friend because they believe these people can be trusted. In addition, this is another reason that schools should take note of this to attract these prospective students to their campuses and this will take more than flashy content in a brochure.

Generation Z is Practical

Generation Z is more practical and realistic than Millenials. They are also very pragmatic. Generation Z kids grew up in a very complex time in American history. Millennials came at a time of excess and Generation Z saw the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, 9/11 on top of the great recession. Millennials believed they would graduate from college, find a job and prosper, while Generation Z doesn’t believe this is necessarily correct.  They have watched enough people around them not succeed. Many have seen Mom and Dad lose their jobs. This means they are given a certain kind of careful consideration for colleges and universities and how they present themselves to Generation Z. They have to be careful when they ponder the pros and cons of going to college. Generation Z kids know that success isn’t taken for granted.

Big Problems also require Big Solutions

Community service is one of the things that caught colleges off guard when Millenials started to like and pursue these interests. Generation Z kids also are interested in philanthropy but not in the same way as Millenials. Generation Z was raised with social media and instant communication, and they are much more aware of global problems than Millenials are. They want to continue on with social change, but not the same way as the Millenials did. They are interested in solving the world problem of hunger and poverty, but they are not interested in donating their time at a food bank. They want big changes and they want it to happen now.