The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

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A sweet and touching children’s book with great moral lessons

Heartwarming rhythmic rhymes compliment the enchanting illustrations

Hardcover edition with 36 pages filled with astonishing loving characters

Critically acclaimed bestseller recommended by the New York Times

Emotional, creative and educational journey about childhood

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Few buyers received damaged books

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Parents are encouraged to read to their little ones, even while they are still in the womb. Doctors, psychologists and educators often speak of the many benefits of books and nursery rhymes. Scientific studies have proven that activities of this kind would greatly help your child in developing early language learning skills and have calming effects for both the baby, and the mother since maternal emotional states have great results on fetal development.

Many authors have been inspired to create stories for the tiny members of the family in order to educate and comfort the little readers. Whether you are an expecting parent, or already have a child, buying them a well-written book is essential to the mental and emotional growth of your mini-companion. However, with so many books on the market, we often find ourselves puzzled in making the right decision when it comes to sharing knowledge with our children.

Children’s books have many colorful illustrations and simple storylines that help kids follow the plot and understand the book’s meaning, yet we rarely come across such exceptionally written art piece that even haunts the adults with the powerful moral lesson manifested as a simple and elegantly written poem. It is no wonder “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” by Emily Winfield Martin has grown to become a bestseller, praised by the New York Times and other acclaimed critics. Regardless of the age range, it is almost impossible to stay indifferent to the astonishing journey that lies ahead of you as you begin to discover each sentimental page.



The first edition of this book was published on the 25th of August, 2015, by Random House Books for Young Readers, a reputable publisher for children’s books, however It was a product of many years of self-discovery by the young prominent author. Emily Winfield Martin is quite an exceptional artist who went to art school but never truly felt like she fit in because she was interested in a narrative illustrated art. Her favorite artists were comic book artists or children’s book illustrators and filmmakers.

She wasn’t really optimistic about her future and even though she was a notorious daydreamer, Martin also found herself fiercely realistic. The artist was quite certain that she will end up working in the service industry, while creating art at night if she’s not too tired. That scenario ultimately happened after she graduated, she got a job in an independent video store by day, and worked on her art projects at night.

It was then when Emily learned about Etsy and even though she wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into, she wasn’t intimidated, since the online shop business page seemed rather simple and used by many other independent artists. The illustrator soon started selling enough to lower down her shifts and managed to finance herself from her whimsical creations. Her work included the lovely illustrations of large-eyed children painted in a retro pallet of colors that gives her art a warm yet nostalgic mid-century feeling.

As a very creative individual, Emily also made cute dolls, postcards and paper doll books, in which she cleverly snuck many narratives before ultimately realizing that she was molding children’s books in her mind which after some publishing offers, they later came to life. It seems as if this intelligent young woman who received acclaim from the New York Times, on CNN and on the Martha Stewart Show is truly all the wonderful things you can be.


This sweet children’s book is designed in a classy and elegant manner with many colorful illustrations that seem timeless and tasteful. Many books for children can be visually overwhelming and tacky, however it seems that this talented young artist truly created a classic, valuable visual experience. Meant for children from 3 to 7 years old, it comes with a hardcover and contains 36 well-thought out pages.

Emily’s artistic expression was greatly influenced by fairy tales, carnivals, myths, movies, music and books from children from the late 19th and mid-20th century. You can truly experience the magical world in her mind, as you turn each page and glance your eyes on the gentle brush strokes which paint a remarkable vintage style universe.

While the book is quite short and you can find many quotes online, even whole readings on YouTube, the experience of having it in your hands while holding your little one, as the pages unravel with glorious detailing, is quite surreal and emotional. The paper and the hardcover are made of high-quality materials that make this item timeless if you treasure it with proper care and keep the tiny bugging hands from damaging the pages.

The illustrations include many adorable babies in costumes, children eating cookies with animals, holding balloons and exploring the world with their parents. The toddlers are from different ethnicity and wear colorful dresses and onesies. The adolescents play music with their cheerful companions and participate in theater shows. Every scene is different as the story unravels a fanciful journey that manifests the splendor of childhood.


This is not a typical educational book for children. It doesn’t feature a picture of a firefighter explaining how they save lives nor a drawing of a vet taking care of animals. However, it has an immense educational value about life, emotions and human psychology, so cleverly and simply written in language that children understand and adults grasp with amazement. It is quite astonishing how the author of this enchanting book found a gentle and heartwarming way to share with young children an important lesson that this fast paced society we live in, often neglects – oh the wonderful things you can be as a person.

There are many books that educate children to dream big so they can have the career they envisioned. But this one allows the readers to connect with another part of themselves, that makes them more wholesome human beings. It reminds them that mommy and daddy saw incredible potential in their little ones, but all these splendid beliefs were hopes that their child would be a kindhearted individual, and that is more than enough.

The book never puts emphasis on certain professional fields as many customers might assume by reading the title. After all, as a misfit, Emily never quite knew what her actual career would be, so she focused on being a better version of herself. By working a daytime job, she manages to support herself and work on her art as well. By working on her art, she started an online business that led her to writing books for children which are critically acclaimed.

Overall, each book that you share with your child will help them practice their reading, language skills and expressing their thoughts. However, it is always more meaningful, especially for children, that you provide them with content that will inspire them during their childhood, which is known to be a period filled with utmost potential.


This children’s book illustrated by Martin, bursts with creative depictions of children and parents accompanied by rhythmic rhymes that effortlessly blend in loving and truthful heartfelt love letter. While some critics compare the premise to “Oh The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss, it is quite genuine in its own unique charming way. In fact, it is almost unlike any other children’s book out there even though it puts emphasis on messages we come across every day.

By cleverly implementing illustrations of children from different ethnicity painted in a vintage ethereal style, Emily gives life to each character by providing intimate poem-like questions about all the amazing things their parents wonder in their minds. This can greatly inspire children as they bond with the painted young personas, to imagine themselves wearing adorable superhero themed costumes and bringing kindness to the world.

This kind of books will motivate many hours of play-pretend scenarios in which children can even repeat their favorite rhymes and ask their little collectibles and dolls the same lines they’ve come across while reading the book. “Will you learn how to fly, to find the best view, or take care of things much smaller than you?” They might even share these messages with their little pets or even some plants you decided to grow in your own backyard.

The creative adventures that might arise as a result from this particular children’s book are truly endless. Art teachers often read their students poems and stories asking them to draw and paint the image it provoked in their minds. Since this book is very relatable to kids, your little ones will be thrilled to express their feelings and manifest their artistic side.


When we become parents we often find ourselves gazing at the little innocent creatures wondering of all the wonderful things they can be when they grow up. Moms and dads truly hope that their children will develop into a happy and healthy intelligent individual regardless of the steps they’ll take or the career choices they’ll make. However, daydreaming about all the countless possibilities that lie ahead of them is quite emotional.

This book is so peculiar, it takes both the parent as the reader, and the child as the listener, on a curious journey of all the soul-warming potentials that are meant to be explored during the adventurous ride of existence. In a way, it awakes the inner child of the adults as well that often find themselves stuck with busy schedules and house chores, they tend to forget to fantasize about the spiritual utopia only they can create in order to accomplish inner peace.

It is by no means a self-help book although it manages to remind the readers about the true virtues in life, like caring for the environment or protecting the weaker species. The rhymes and illustrations gracefully share the quiet introspection which occurs in our minds when we decide to listen to our heart and provides guidance for being a better human being without forcing the moral lessons upon the readers. The book itself is an astonishing voyage of self-discovery and soul-expansion.

The parent and children will undoubtedly create a meaningful connection throughout this book since it represents an elegantly built bridge between different generational gaps. The parental hopes that their children will get to experience glorious versions of themselves is affirmed with every reading and children feel comforted and soothed that there is a bright future ahead of them. An emotional bond is most likely to be developed by the mesmerizing adventure of exploring each whimsical page.


The ultimate worth of a book is hard to be determined with a number although for a comfortably affordable price, this well-illustrated and beautifully written piece of art is truly a valuable item. Sometimes short books filled with magically painted scenarios are treasured more by readers than long educational journals or even encyclopedias if they manage to provoke an emotional roller-coaster and quality bonding time.

Children’s books are an exceptional gift to be shared with our little ones since they inspire them to practice their reading skills or even express themselves artistically by trying to recreate the images they see on a blank canvas. They are items that can be passed on from one generation to another and provoke a nostalgic feeling of the comforting times readers have experience with their loving family members.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be, being a tender, moving read will stir your soul and uplift your spirit every time you go back to its ravishing universe. It is a wonderful gift for baby showers as well as for graduating students who are about to embark into professional fields. It would greatly benefit children with autism and ADHD with the dreamy plotline and the relaxing atmosphere it provides. It is quite timeless and suitable for everyone, since we all need to remind ourselves frequently of all the wonderful things we can be.
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