Tips and Tricks for a Great Easter Hunt Party

Here are some awesome tips and tricks for a great easter hunt party!

Spring is here and Easter is the next holiday that children and parents alike are looking forward to. There is more to Easter than just the Easter bunny, Easter baskets and dying of eggs, however; families create traditions from doing these things for their children and traditions can carry on for generations to come. All children enjoy dying Easter eggs and going on an Easter egg hunt the morning of Easter.

Here are some tips and tricks so parents can create a memorable and wonderful Easter egg hunt for their children.

Make sure you have enough supplies and decide how many eggs you want to boil before you go shopping. There are easy ways to dye Easter eggs now and you can buy many of the supplies at The Dollar Store. There are either tablets that contain food coloring or you can also use food coloring but have some vinegar on hand. Your children can decorate their own eggs because many kits come with stickers and crayons so kids can get pretty creative when designing Easter eggs. You can also combine colors or dye one egg half of one color and the other end another color. There are egg wires included so it’s easy for children to dunk the eggs into the colored water and bring them back up with the wire device. Most kits include a box that turns into a drying rack for the eggs to dry after they have been dyed.

You can always talk to your neighbors if there are enough children on your block and organize a big Easter egg hunt and include the children in the neighborhood. All the parents can work together and divide up the costs for the supplies and each household can dye their eggs and you can choose an area with on your block where you want to hide the eggs, or in a local park that is close by that, you can all walk to. You might want to choose a few parents to guard your eggs in case other children are coming to play but on Easter, most children are either at church or at home doing things with family if these children are not living in your exact neighborhood.

Easter egg hunts are fun, they don’t cost much money and kids really enjoy looking for the eggs. Parents also enjoy going on the adventure with their children. It’s a good time for neighbors and your household to get outside after a long winter and have some good times with their children. Kids of all ages love to hunt for Easter eggs.

Make sure everything is planned weeks in advance even though the hunt probably will only last under an hour. The good thing about hunting for eggs outside is you don’t have to fuss and clean for the neighbors. Some people buy plastic eggs and fill them with candy. If this is how you choose how to do your Easter egg hunt then make sure that if small children are involved, there is nothing they can choke on. You can always seal the plastic colorful eggs with stickers so they don’t break apart. Some of your neighbors might celebrate Passover, so if you invite them along to go on your hunt, make sure you ask about allergies before you decide to use certain products for filling these eggs or using the dyed eggs.

If you have large children and small children, it’s wise to make two different groups of kids so the older ones can look for their eggs, while the younger ones ban together with a few chaperones and look for their plastic eggs. Some families pick a special color for the prize egg so if the child that finds the special colored egg gets an extra reward. You can buy supplies just about anywhere and if you decide to use the plastic eggs and fill them up, these eggs are all 50 percent off the day after Easter, so stock up on as many as you can for next year when you have your hunt.

Start shopping for small chocolates, gummies and jelly beans so that these easily fit into the plastic eggs. If you decide you are doing a large hunt, then send out invitations about two weeks before the day of the hunt. Candy is considered a treat for all so no matter what faith your neighbor children and their parents are, they will all enjoy the Easter egg hunt. Make sure everyone is on time because kids can find these eggs fast so, after 20 minutes or so, the kids that are late might not find any eggs at all. You wouldn’t want to disappoint any children. Make sure you have plenty of eggs if it’s a neighborhood event in case unexpected kids show up because they spent the night at their relative’s house. You can also say on your invitations that the egg hunt is on whether it rains or shines.

Make filling the eggs a family event along with help from all who offer if you are planning on holding a huge easter egg event. It’s probably a good idea to stuff the eggs a week in advance because people are usually busy getting ready for Easter and cooking on the weekend of the holiday. Make sure the eggs are counted correctly so every kid gets the same amount of candy and parents can test some of the candy as they fill the eggs. Make sure you have your cameras ready or your phones if that is the device you choose to use for the egg hunt.

Make sure you create some rules and have all the children gather at the designated area, divide them into the right groups and tell them that they can’t start until you tell them to. Make sure they know that there is a special colored egg for the older kids and younger ones and they won’t get the prize unless the reward egg is turned in to the person in charge. Tell all kids that eggs are only hidden in safe places so it’s not necessary to climb trees and look for eggs. All eggs are hidden in areas that are easily accessible and give them the general area so they aren’t 5 blocks away looking.

Easter egg hunts are so much fun with a minimal investment. This builds more friendships and after the kids return with the special eggs, take pictures of the winners. Otherwise, let the kids talk for a while and eat some of their goodies. This can be a great tradition for years to come because the beginning of Spring is when everything is alive again after the long cold and snowy winters, depending on where you live.