12 Tips to Clean your House Each Spring

12 Tips to Clean your House Each Spring

The warmer fresh days of spring are finally here! Spring means warmer weather, beautiful flowers, singing birds, it’s the perfect time for outdoor activities but first, spring cleaning! It’s that time to throw away Christmas gift boxes, giving out unused items and leave the house spotlessly clean so that you and your family can enjoy as much time as possible in a clean, healthy home. We understand that this time can be both exciting and tiring for you, so we came up with 12 great ways to help you with cleaning this spring.

Visualize Your New Space

Visualizing how awesome your new space will look is a fun way to begin your spring cleaning. Take some time to think about how you want your new living room to look like, your bedroom, and the kids play area. It is a great way to get you pumped up for cleaning and keep you motivated to finish things up.

Once you have created a mental picture of what everything will look like, check your pantry to make sure that you have all the basic cleaning tools that you need. Give your vacuum a test drive to make sure your partner in crime is running perfectly and make a note of all the tools you need to buy before you leave for the store.

Start Small

Spring cleaning is a definite way to make sure that your house is looking fresh and shiny for the new season. It is a great way to match the freshness of nature with your home. Having the whole family helping out will make things easier as you can divide the roles to get things done faster.

It’s best to start with the simple tasks to get everyone in the mood for the heavy lifting. A fun activity like helping your kids go through their toys and clothes and set aside anything they feel they no longer need will get them pumped up to help with cleaning the rest of the house.

Kids love water activities, so involving them in cleaning tasks that will see them play with a little water could be the magic trick you’re looking for. It is also a great time to bond with them and learn more about what makes cleaning fun and interesting for both you and your kids.

Remove the Clutter

Removing the clutter from the house is a great way to get started when doing your spring cleaning. Apart from the seasonal items, getting rid of items you have not used in a long time to you create more space for more fun things and leave your house looking amazing.

You could start by going through books and receipts that you no longer use and work your way to appliances and décor. Sorting items into labeled boxes/bag like ‘donate’ ‘toss out’ ‘keep’ is a great way of making sure that you do not do away with something that you might need later. It also makes your work easier and fun.

Aim Higher Then Go Lower

The onset of spring is a great time to get dusting on items that you have had no chance to look at in a while. Starting with the hard-to-reach places is an excellent way of making sure that dirt does not get back to already cleaned items.

This way you will not have to clean twice when the dust falls back on the already cleaned floor. Take a minute to clean all the spider webs that have taken hold on your ceiling and maybe last summer’s dust sitting on the ceiling fans and light fixture.

Once your done cleaning the tops of the cabinets and tall pieces of furniture and all the high areas in your home, it’s time to clean those areas that require bending and stretching. Under the beds, behind the toilets are some of the places that will see you squat and break a sweat to give them a great clean.

Moving seats and table around to clean will see you get a cleaner house. You may even find that favorite toy your little one misplaced over the winter. Even though this will be a tiring process, one thing for sure is that you will be smiling at the end result.

Set a Place for Everything

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to set ‘a home’ for everything. You could work out a plan with your kids on where to place specific toys so that they can find them easily and put them back easily. It is also a fun way to teach your children to be organized. Once you finish with the toys, you can find a home for your makeup, colognes, and your new spring shoes can use the perfect clean spot.

Springtime comes with spending a lot of fun time outside exploring and discovering new things. Keep bikes, skates, and shoes close by so that you can easily access them when you want to spend time outdoors. Since most winter shoes will not be used soon, setting them at the back will keep them out of the way.

Change Things Up

You have looked at the same décor all winter, and it is only understandable if you feel like everything is starting to look old on the walls. A great way to change things up and have a different look is by switching things from room to room. This way keeping your favorite décor while achieving a brand new look becomes easy.

You can also take advantage of this time and get some new great pieces you have been eyeing. If your kids have matured into teenagers, for example, a fresh new coat of paint will be a great way for them to change their rooms up and complement their new change.

A Fresh Garage

The garage is a great place to store things and comes in handy during winter when you need a place to store all the boxes and unused items. It gets pretty tempting to dump everything there, and a great spring cleaning will give you a better-looking garage to store your items and space for your car!

Remember how you organized things into sections while decluttering the house? Using the same idea here will see you go through the process faster and seamlessly. Organize and separate stored items for donations, to sell, and those to keep. You can go further and have similar items together like toys and yard tools stuck together for easier organization.

Once everything is out and organized, install storage spaces to keep items and then get dusting and vacuuming before you store everything up in their designated areas. Having labels so that you easily find thing will be of great help later on.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Your kitchen might be the most hardworking room in your house and spring is a great time to make sure the heart of your home carry the fresh-start feeling brought on by spring well into the summer.

You can use this opportunity to go through your fridge and see what is about to expire so that you can use it first before it goes back. This is also the best time to restock on fresh goodies and change up the menu for your family. A great trick for cleaning your kitchen appliances is to take equal parts of water and vinegar and wash using a sponge. This is also a great way to kill germs.

Spring is also a great time to clean your dishwasher, kitchen curtains and cabinets. You can also rearrange drawers and do away with cutlery you have not used in forever to create space for the extra mugs your kids made you for your birthday or for being an amazing parent!

Spruce Your Bedroom

After a long day of work, your bedroom is your sweet haven to relax, shower and have that long deserved rest. Giving it a thorough clean during spring will keep this space special and keep allergies at bay.

Take out old clothes and shoes from the closet and give up donations. Clean your bed sheets and duvets, your pillows and your mattress protector. You can simply use the washer and dryer or take them to laundry. You will appreciate all the freshness once you hop into bed after a long day of cleaning.

Washer and dryer and Dishwasher hacks

Your washer and dryer will come in handy when cleaning curtains, throw pillows, and quilts. Throwing things in for ten to fifteen minutes will be a great way to get rid of the dirt and kill dust mites, leaving your items fresh and clean.

Throwing small items like switch covers, over and dish drying racks in your dishwasher will save you time and give your items a great new look

Make It Fun


Not everyone will be up and running when it comes to spring cleaning. Looking for ways to make it more fun and interesting will see you get a lot of help from your family. You can have simple rewards for the person who did a great job that day like having them choose what to watch on tv in the evening. If you have small kids, consider rewarding them by giving them starts on the wall or making their favorite treat.

Playing games as you work is also an awesome way to keep things interesting, fun and have the whole family engaged.

Remain Positive

Remaining positive as you clean will help keep your moods up through the process. Whenever you feel like things are taking a toll on you, taking a break to catch your breath and re-energize will see you recharge and you’ll be up and cleaning in no time.

You can have a great jam playing in the background to keep you motivated and full of energy. Thinking of this a great way to break a sweat, get a cleaner and more fun space and have time to bond with your family will keep you going.

The joy of spring cleaning is making sure that your house stays sparkle all year round as well as have fun with your family. Whether you plan to have everything done in a day, a week or even a month is fine, as long as every corner of the house finally gets a thorough cleaning. Remember, keeping it simple and fun is your best bet for a cleaner home as a parent.