TOMY Pokémon My Friend Pikachu

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We like

Can say ten phrases for children

Able to move arms

Wiggle Ears ( mechanical ears)

Blush red cheeks

Easy to carrying

Child friendly-materials

Versatile play-young children

Battery powered

We don’t like

For some young children ten phrases is not enough

How it works

With so many years of popularity among children, because Pikachu is adorable, all children from 3 + years upwards should have a friend like this. They will adore the interactive features designed into Pikachu: they can gently press on his stomach and his checks will glow, his arms will move to acknowledge contact, he will speak and he has over ten great speaking lines to share with young children. This is a durable Pokemon toy because when children accidentally drop him he can take the knocks. He has built in mechanics and still, he is soft and cuddly for children to safely cuddle and carry.

There are two AA batteries with long-lasting energy, discretely designed into the toy. During the day he is an interactive companion and during the night a cuddly toy. Standing at a child-friendly height of around ten inches and weighing eleven ounces, he is a nicely proportioned toy for young children, easy to carry and lightweight.

Wherever children pick him up, they smile and want to interact. If you are thinking about a gift which will give your child a lot of happy moments, this is a very good addition to add to their ever-growing toy collection.



Durable materials have been used to ensure that lots of hugs will not damage him or cause too much wear. The designers of this toy clearly took the incorporation of child-safe materials seriously. There are no small parts which can come adrift and present as a possible choking threat for children. Two batteries are included with this toy and these batteries are securely housed to ensure they stay safely out of the way of a curious child. The overall structure and body of the toy are firm and yet soft for hugs but durable to put up with being dropped. The toy is covered in a fur which is soft to touch and embedded so that it does not get easily tugged out of the skin of the toy. The materials used do not present any general threats or hazards for young playful children.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Ease of use has been thoughtfully designed into the child toy figure. The power to operate and get the toy active comes from two batteries which are securely held with just a click to get the switch to active. These actions are targeted for amusement and fun among children from around 3 years in age. Pikachu will flush red on both cheeks, wave his arms playfully and produce sounds which are designed to appeal for young children.

The toy is built at a manageable height for kids, not so short and not tall, just a comfortable ten inches which is really easy for children to tote around the home. When food or other dirt get onto the toy's fur, it is easy for children to give a quick wash using a warm cloth to bring the fur back to its original clean condition. Simply and easily switch on the power which is supplied via two medium sized batteries and this toy is ready to play and interact, it can move both arms to show he is happy and active, both ears give an amusing wriggle and he will come up with ten attention seeking sounds - sentences to get a child's inquisitive attention. When feeling very happy both his cheeks will warmly glow and this function gets a positive delightful response from all children.

For cuddle power he has a nice soft fur with an attractive yellowish tinge and his body structure is soft to hug while durable enough to withstand the challenges of play which young children use at various times. He fits in very well with other types of young children's toys and will be a lovely addition to their collection.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

A lot of productive entertainment value has been designed into this toy at two levels. It is great for hugs, easy to carry and easy to keep clean, but also through battery power this toy can utter fun phrases, make cute sounds, wave his arms up and he also has glowing cheeks to show he is happy.

Further entertainment is bound to result through a child's imagination and the role-playing which she or he will produce when playing with this cuddly and friendly toy.


This interactive toy comes with great durability, with moving parts and securely designed sound options. In times of play children can often throw a toy and this toy can take the rough treatment within a reasonable context. All in all this toy will please young children and will be popular among kids from 3 up to around 8 years. As children get towards 8 years old the toy will most likely receive less attention for playing and is more likely to become part of a more extensive selection of popular figures/toys.
Safety & Care

Safety & Care

Though it contains batteries, they are safely stowed in a compartment away from young children, however, this does not mean a child cannot get to the batteries. There are children who persist with anything until they succeed if they are determined enough.

There are no problems with safety when this toy is carried, it is around ten inches tall and easy to manage for young kids. The weight is minimal so there are no struggles for children in terms of carrying. All materials are child-safe and there aren't any toxic threats or over abrasive qualities. Also, there aren't any attachments or external fitting which could pose a threat to children.

For younger children, caring for this toy is easy and potentially fun. Children know how it feels when Mom or Dad give them a quick clean up with a warm damp/wet cloth and they can practice doing this for their toy. It's easy and fun and the result will be a clean well-maintained toy.


Good thought and work have been applied to creating a design which works nicely for young kids. The height, weight, color, materials, and mechanics are all perfect and specially designed for little kids. Designers have created all the features and functions for a good child compatible cuddly toy and added in the functions of movement and speech which a child can easily initiate.

At ten inches tall, Pikachu will snuggle up comfortably with your child, since it is a very fun toy for children. He looks so real that a child will feel like they took him directly out of a TV-screen.

Covered in yellow fur with a subtle brightness to the fur tinge, he is soft to the skin when touched or hugged. Pikachu has a lovely endearing warm smile, healthy red cheeks, bold beautiful eyes, and with a click on a switch he becomes interactive, gurgles cute types of baby noises and speaks a range of ten fun sentences. His arms move and he clearly shows how happy he is to be with his child companion.
Built from light durable child-friendly materials he can comfortably be carried around by young children. He can be a perfect birthday gift for your children or their friends. With just a press on his tummy, see his ears wiggle in appreciation, watch him wave his arms and listen to what he says.


This is a versatile toy in terms of design and durability. Versatility might seem limited until we look at the targeted age group. For example, a three or four-year-old will be very impressed with a toy which waves its arms, can make its cheeks glow red, wiggle the ears and speak around ten phrases when in full on mode. When in demo mode the toy stays with a mode of three sounds. This toy figurine has lots of benefits for young children, though this may become less so with older kids.
Price range

Price range

This is a popular toy which has stood the test of time, and the brand ensures good product quality. Without a doubt, your little ones will enjoy every minute spent with this little cuddly toy. You'll get a well designed and well built durable product which is instantly known by children. It is a good gift idea for very young kids or older kids looking to expand a toy collection.

Bottom Line

Gifts for children are a challenge because there are so many brands on the market offering products which have appeared to children via popular movies and the world wide web.

Parents face the task of choosing a brand product which is either currently a hot favorite or a product with ongoing popularity and a good base of fans. Pikachu has been in children's movies and TV shows, he is everywhere on children's websites and online game sites, even mobile phone companies have marketed him. There are even spin-off products resulting from his popularity.

This cute toy is good for a young market and parents can rest assured a child would love to receive it as a gift. They can learn so much through imagination and role-playing, and this toy offers it all. The features within this toy offer battery-powered movement, mechanical ears, and wiggle, the cheeks can flush, the arms are able to move and the voice system can say ten phrases. Young children around 3 years will be enchanted that their toy can say ten phrases. That could be a positive because a child can be very imaginative and come up with many imagines role-plays types of games.

The design work is very appealing, especially for youngsters and toddlers. The characteristics are cute and can easily draw in a child's attention in ways which lead to enjoyment and pleasure. Since this toy can easily fit in anyone's budget, it is a great gift for many toddlers out there.
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