Best Selling Toys Of 2018 – The Top 100

The research team at spend countless hours every day finding the most popular and leading toys for kids. Our product selection process is a strict one factoring in customer feedback, the quality of the manufacturer and the developmental appropriateness of each toy. This year has been an exciting one for the toy industry, with some fantastic releases from great brands all providing those key benefits to help shape a younger generation of children.

Based on extensive buyer data we have collected over the last year and toy trends, we are pleased to showcase the top 100 best selling toys this year that every kids must have!

Why We LOVE Toys

Many of us have already forgotten the many benefits of play. Some of us even dismiss the value of toys to children as nothing more than a useless way to spend our hard-earned money. Many of us have totally forgotten that the things we have achieved so far are the indirect result of our development as children. It is about time we revisit the many benefits of toys among children so we’ll gain a better understanding of how we can ensure the success of our kids when they, too, grow up.


  • … help kids understand basic concepts in math, science, technology, and engineering;
  • … provide kids with the tools to refine problem solving, logical reasoning, and divergent thinking skills;
  • … enhance children’s physical abilities, especially their hand eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, spatial sense, and balance;
  • … help kids learn the basics of communication, including language development, expansion of vocabulary, and the correct use of speech;
  • … inspire creativity and imagination, giving kids the ability to think for themselves, become nation-builders, and excel in areas that they believe are best for them;
  • … boost children’s confidence and self-esteem by giving them the opportunity to build and create something that they otherwise, would not be able to accomplish;
  • … enhance kids’ social interaction skills by giving them the chance to work with other kids, learning how to cooperate and how to effectively communicate with them; and
  • … develop children’s innate skills that will help them to function in society with a greater chance of success as adults.

There are many benefits of toys for children. In case we have forgotten how it feels to play with these toys and how these can affect the growth and development of our kids, just get any of the top 100 toys in 2018 and you will appreciate just how invaluable they are for your child at every stage of their early lives.