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Our Top 3 Picks

Boogie Board Scribble 'n Play
  • Boogie Board Scribble 'n Play
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  • Enhances Creativity
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Mega Bloks 80-Piece Kit
  • Mega Bloks 80-Piece Kit
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  • Infinite Building Possibilities
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Moluk Bilibo Blue
  • Moluk Bilibo Blue
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  • Endless Play Options
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Criteria Used In Evaluation of The Best Toys that Start with B

When we stop to actually take a look at it there are many toys on the market that will start with the letter B. So, how did we go about coming up with a  list of toys beginning with this letter of the alphabet. Well, we followed a certain criteria of what we were looking for which would benefit certain factors in a child’s development these factors are as follows:

Cognitive Skills

Concentration: This is something that the toys on this list can help a kid to work on.  As a kid plays a board game or use building blocks to create their own struction  they are sharpening their concentration skills. Through concentration a child can sharpen their problem-solving, memory and logic skills.

Communication Skills:  Kid also learn more about communication and language skills as they play with various types of toys.  This will include while playing with a teddy bear actually talking to the bear or even talk to a doll.  If they child is playing a board game than they need to be able to communicate to the other players involved in the game.

Sensory Perceptions: Bright balls, beautiful Barbie dolls, brightly colored squeeze toys, and cute little toy animals can all be pleasant to a child’s eyes.  This will stimulate a child’s visual perceptions and actually enhance their visual range.

Interaction and Bonding

Several of the toys on this list beginning with the letter B encourage interaction with other kids and even bonding with parents.  Kids will find playing basketball or baseball more challenging when playing with a friend or sibling. Also, all standard board games require more than one player. Kids can also play with baby dolls and Barbies with other kids which will only add to the enjoyment. Parents can also spend quality time with kids as they read a book to them or teach them to ride a bicycle, which can lead to even more bonding time.

Imagination Skills

It seems as if exercising their imagination is something kids don’t seem to do too much these days. However, imagination is a important element for a child growing up. It’s through the imagination that kids creativity starts to develop and even ideas can be born. This is where toys such as balls, board games, baby dolls and Barbie dolls can come into play. These will exercise a child’s imagination as they pretend they are caring for a baby, having a fashion show with a fashion doll, or even pretending they are a ball player.  These are just some examples of the benefits to these imagination that playing with toys that begin with the letter B can do for a child.

Motor Skills Development

Through toys such as various types of balls blocks and bicycles kids are strengthening their muscles and enhancing their coordination.  This will include strengthening the muscles in the legs as the rides the bike or runs after a ball.,  The hands will also benefit as a child grabs hold of a ball, or plays with blocks which will also help to sharpen a child’s agility as they build their structures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I notice both wooden and plastic blocks on this list. Which one is most-recommended?

A: Building block are an essential toy in a child’s development not doubt about that.  These will help spark a child’s creativity while helping to sharpen their concentration skills and motor skills.  As for which type of block is most recommended wood or plastic.  The wooden blocks have been around the longest and have been the standard.

However, there are some advantages to the plastic ones, these can be used in the bathtub or in the swimming pool, something that should never be done with wooden types. Plastic blocks are also more lightweight. There is the argument though that wooden blocks are completely natural since these were made from wood something found in nature while plastic even when declared non-toxic was developed in a lab. The bottom line is it comes down to personal preference and what a parent prefers.

Q: Why were there only a few Barbie doll items chosen when there are so many on the market?

A: Let’s face it given all the Barbie dolls on the market and all her vast amount of accessories should could have taken over the entire list for the letter B. Yes, there are many different types of Barbie dolls and Barbie Accessories on the market it is difficult to just a couple but we chose a few that we felt stood out for various reasons listed above. That’s not to say the other Barbie items aren’t great as well.  After all, Barbies has been delighting little girls since Mattel first put her out on the market in 1959.  Since this time, she has gone through many a makeover and many a career but she still has stood the test of time.  No matter what Barbie is chosen for a little girl the doll is bound to be a hit she always has been.

Q: Is playing with a baby doll beneficial to both genders?

A: There does seem to be a disconnect that boys shouldn’t play with baby dolls.  While no one can tell a parent that there is no harm in letting a boy play with a baby doll, it is important to point out that there are benefits to playing with baby dolls that both genders would only learn from. This will include learning about nurturing and caring for another person as they pretend the doll is an actual baby that they care for. After all, just like girls can grow up to be mothers boys can grow up to be fathers.

Q: When was the Perler bead invented and how?

A: The Perler bead was invented back in the 1960’s by a Swedish man by the name of Gunnar Knutsson. At the time he experimented with Indian pearls placing these on wooden board with spikes. He later patented the idea using plastic beads that could be fused together on a plastic pegboard creating various patterns.

Q: Why are there so many balls featured on this list in various games?

A: Well, first of all ball does begin with the letter “B” and the other reason there are many benefits found in a game of ball.  While throwing a ball, kicking a ball, catching a ball, dribbling a ball and rolling a ball, kids sharpen many developmental skills.  They will strengthen the muscles in the their legs and hands along with improving their coordination.

Kids will also be working on their concentration and eye coordination as they watch where they ball is going or where they want to send the ball. So, balls are a standard toy that never goes out of style for a reason, it is a simple toy that has many benefits, and a child loves them.

Q: Are stuffed animal safe for young kids? What about the incidents of crib death involved with these?

A: Yes, there have unfortunately been incidents of crib death in past, and one of the contributing factors has been stuffed animals that were left in the crib with a sleeping baby. This is why experts say to make sure that no stuffed animals such as teddy bears aren’t placed in cribs.

Also, maybe stuffed animals such as the ones we listed do have recommend a certain age. But know this about stuffed animals, such as bears, bunnies and even purple dinosaurs, these can be a kid’s best friend. A kid can learn interaction through a stuffed animal, and even sharpen their imagination. Stuffed animals are more than just toys they are fun filled companions that a kid will treasure.

Q: Are the Doug and Melissa products good? I’v never heard of this company before?

A: Perhaps the name doesn’t ring a bell but odds are their line of toys would. The company known Doug and Melissa was founded by a young couple in their basement back in 1988 and specializes in quality toys that will aid in a child’s growth and development. These toys include wooden puzzles, wooden toys, craft items and stuff animals.

Q: Should my kids be encouraged to play with classic versions of board games?

A: The classic board game definitely still have their place in modern times. Board games give children a chance to interact with others and these can also encourage family interaction. If that’s not enough there are other benefits such as learning how to follow instructions since each board game will have rules. There are also other things such as learning about counting, colors, spelling, money, and even life skills. So, board games are not only fun these are educational in many ways.

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