Unique Easter Basket Ideas for the Family

Unique Easter Basket Ideas for the Family

Whether it holds some deep religious meaning to you or not, chances are pretty good when you hear the word Easter something comes to mind. It could be images of beautiful spring flowers and frolicking baby animals.

For others, it is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Families gather to celebrate, they play games, sing songs and feast together.

Little boys and girls dress in their best and they head off to church to hear the story of how Easter began. Christians have used Easter eggs to portray a message, each hidden with its own symbol about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Children look forward to their mysterious baskets full of gifts and treats.

Originally however baskets were a tradition used to symbolize hearty lands. Cultures such as the Hebrews, Assyrians and Babylonians, brought baskets of seedlings to temples in hopes that their gods would bless the seeds and bring about prosperous lands abundant in healthy crops.

In the 18th Century, German Immigrants brought with them the tradition of baskets brought from the Easter Bunny. In more recent times, For Catholics, easter baskets are a symbol for the joys they gave up. Lent is a forty day period before the Easter feast, in which a person gives up something like chocolates, red meat or wine.

They celebrate by indulging in these treats as part of the Easter feast. Not coincidentally, the feast was brought to the temples, in baskets, before the priest to bless the meal before it was shared among families, friends and neighbors.

Christmas lists and birthday celebrations are often the times of year children look most forward to. Their wish lists are ready to be heard and they’ve been given the freedom to ask for anything they desire. So we are faced with a challenge, how do we make this holiday as cherishable and memorable as the aforementioned above?

Spring has arrived, we’ve had countless movie days and pretend, indoor adventures. Energy is pent up and everyone is starting to get cabin fever so motivating our kids to get outside and enjoy some fresh air is essential for everyone’s benefit.

Outdoor play time ensures a good day is had by all. Children can be as loud and rough as they like, with little to no repercussions or damaged furniture. There are a number of games and activities designed for helping children get excited about the outdoors. Some include jump rope and chalk. Chalk allows for endless creative possibilities to inspire a world of fun. It additionally provides children with some color and possible shape recognition.

They can improve finger dexterity and be motivated to get active by creating their very own hopscotch game. While the jump rope itself inspires active play and strengthens core muscles. Some other really great gift ideas to help with the development of fine motor skills are activities such as playdough or lego sets.

If you are looking for a perfect on the go activity consider crayons and Easter themed coloring books. Together they make a great time killing distraction that inspires creativity and keep children occupied during restaurant outings or sitting through their siblings school pageant.

Children love sweets, treats and snacks:




There are loads of fun and creative ideas to create the perfect Easter basket for your little one. An exciting touch of adventure is a great start in success. Colorful easter eggs are sold in a range of sizes.

These eggs can be used to aid in color recognition and learning to open and close them will help children strengthen their finger dexterity and motor skills. The colorful plastic eggs can be hidden in the yard to add more magic and fun. Assign each child a specific color and watch them turn their Easter baskets into a treasure chest to store all their goodies. The eggs can be filled with anything from a few coins to yummy treats and tiny toys.

Some of the most popular among these treats are jelly beans or chocolate bunnies, both reigning in millions, in annual sales. Another well known treat to consider is bubble gum. These yummy treats can be hidden and dispersed throughout the basket in tiny colorful plastic eggs. For treat ideas that may not fit in an egg consider peeps. Over the years they have gotten creative with their color and flavor options to provide us with plenty of variety

Playtime with an element of surprise:

Some other fun games and toys that can be included are a deck of cards. This will give children an activity they can do together, or even with you as you teach them your favorites like poker and rummy.

Not only will these games promote socialization skills they will help children learn to count and track numbers. Some other great toy ideas include play jewelry, toy soldiers and mystery packs with trading cards and mini action figures.

Music touches the soul and helps to power the brain:



For families who want to get really creative you can add things like musical instruments. Children love making noise and having things that make noise. Discovering different decibels, sounds and sensations is one of the most exciting things about growing up.

Giving children exposure to the sounds of music is a great way to really benefit their brain development and promote a happy lifestyle. Music reaches every lobe of the brain to provide stimulating benefits.

In addition, it also has the therapeutic ability to relieve stress and tension, making it a great expressive outlet. Small instruments such as kazoos, flutes and tambourines are a great addition to an easter basket.

Snuggly Companions:

Whether he relates to a chatty duck or she relates to a cheeky monkey a soft and cozy companion for a child is never a bad idea. Bunnies, ducks and other baby animals are so prevalent in stores this time of year. There is an abundance of snuggly friends to suit your little one perfectly. The soft and cozy fabrics and feels will provide your little one with a memorable and huggable Easter friend.

Bubbles and Outdoor Discovery:

Children love bubbles, from blowing to chasing and popping them. They are such a simple and fun tool to inspire laughter and a basic introduction to science. Some examples include a very basic understanding of wind power or what happens when soap is combined with water.

Bubble companies have now added things like color and scent to make for an even more exciting bubble adventure. Pair these with battery operated machines like imaginary wands and other toys that have been made into an exciting bubble blower for even more fun.

Books that Inspire:



Reading is one of the most beneficial activities we can do with our children. It promotes happy and healthy growth for their development and their souls. It can enhance cognitive abilities and help them learn to speak and recognize letters and sounds. Storytime is a great bonding opportunity for you and children.

Books take readers and audience through an exciting story with their favorite animals or characters giving you and your child the opportunity to laugh and pretend together. There are small Easter themed books that can be used to give children a sweet sentiment equated with Easter, its history and its symbolism.

Easter baskets come in many forms. Some are woven and made of wood and plastic, while others are made of felt and fabric. They are decorative and colorful. Typically, fake grass is scattered in the basket and it’s loaded with treats and surprises.

With these small gift ideas, some creative easter crafts, bring a smile to any child’s face and give them life long memories that they can one day pass down to their own children. Easter brings about a world of sentiment. From the blooming flowers that brighten days to the warmth of the sun slowly peeking away from the clouds, to the religious celebration of the resurrection of the Lord. There are so many blessings and reasons to smile.