VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

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We like

Charming learning device disguised as a pet carrier

Adorable pretend pet puppy made of high quality plush

Durable and educational electronic components

Pet accessories included for a nurturing role play activity

More than a 100 melodies, songs, phrases and sounds

Child friendly and mobile size and weight

Affordable price for an incredibly versatile toy

2 AAA batteries included for an immediate response

We don’t like

The demo batteries run out pretty quickly

How it works

We all know what it’s like to be a child begging for a pet yet your parents wouldn’t let you have one since they were concerned with all the mess that comes along with it. But who could blame them? After all, as adults, we realized that it’s hard enough running after toddlers and young rascals who create a jungle everywhere they enter, now add an animal to the equation and it seems like you’ve witnessed your worst cleaning nightmare.

That’s why pretend pet toys are a perfect solution for introducing your children to all the responsibility and nurturing activity that comes along with owning an actual pet. However, knowing there are so many pretend plush animals on the market, it can be hard to make the right choice. But let’s face it, there are a few that are so well put together it is almost impossible for children to be disappointed with their new companion.

There is a VTech toy that is quite different than the other role play scenarios since the main character is not the actual pet, as instead, it’s its carrier. It is specifically designed to offer multiple entertaining and learning activities which would provide your child with lovely playtime memories and the best thing about it…? You can take it anywhere in its cute little singing box.

Meet the Care for Me Learning Carrier that comes with an adorable plush puppy, pet accessories and more than a 100 melodies and phrases. It is so hard to get bored with this product since all the playtime adventures are so versatile and entertaining. It will captivate your children immediately and soon before you know it, they will become inseparable with their new best friend.



This cute little box is both a learning tool and a pet care carrier. It comes with many electronic surprises that provide both educational content and nurturing activities. When you unpack it, you will find each component carefully placed in a different section so you can explore its purpose separately and they are conveniently shaped so they can all fit in the box when you’re on the go.

The carrier has a magenta base and baby pink roof with a purple handle on it. You will notice many colorful buttons including the puppy one in the middle which resembles as the actual puppy you get with the box. Press it and it will greet you with a childlike voice and bark in the most adorable way. The puppy is light brown with cute little blue eyes and an adorable pink ribbon above the ear. It has a matching pink collar around the neck and it seems as if it’s smiling with its embodied pink mouth. It’s undeniably soft on touch so you will feel tempted to snuggle and cuddle every time you are around it.

The pet accessories include a yellow bone spinner, a purple comb, a blue/pink ball with tiny doggy paws on it as well as a white rattle bottle with a pink top on it. Each component is designed in a child friendly way that does not represent a choking hazard for toddlers. The carrier itself has many different options for playtime activities which include numbers, letters from the alphabet, shapes and phrases. It meant to provide basic learning activities disguised as fun bonding time with a new cuddly companion.


Toddlers love discovering the world around them and being introduced to new colorful adventures. They will enthusiastically push the buttons and try to repeat all the words from the sounds in the background. The learning carrier provides more than 60 melodies which will enchant the young individuals and motivate them to practice their motor skills.

This cute and engaging set expects children to interact with it in order to enhance the game play which is very stimulating for the learning process that follows along. They are introduced to opposites by opening and closing the swinging door every time they put the puppy inside and take it out. There are four buttons marked with numbers from 1 to 4, each in different color on top of the box. Below you will find the letters A, B and C which children can move from left to right while learning their pronunciation. A peek-a-Boo slider and a blue and yellow roller are both included on the sides in order for them to practice basic rearranging while hearing interesting noises and observing the changing colors.

The pet accessories are meant to teach your children how to feed the puppy and play with the pet. It is quite fascinating that every component is actually a separate toy. For example, the rattle bottle makes cute noises when you shake it, and it also provides basic educational content as it shows the numbers 1,2 and 3. The tray with the spinning bone has musical notes on it and it will help them practice rotating movements while playing and feeding the puppy. The comb has the same ABC letters on it and it will help your child practice basic grooming habits. It is very cleverly designed since the whole set seems to repeat few simple components in order for toddlers to memorize them easier and get familiar with elementary educational content.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

The beauty of this toy is that every single electronic surprise is intentionally connected to each additional accessory so children can connect them in their minds and find a relatable pattern in everyday life. It is also very entertaining since the toy is constantly communicating with its owner. For example, you will hear phrases such as: “I’m a happy dog. Are we going somewhere exciting today? Knock knock let’s go for a walk… Tick tock tick tock I’m ready to walk.” It basically gives simple instructions so children can follow a pretend play scenario and bond with the tiny dog.

Since it offers a wide variety of sounds and options It is also quite interesting for parents as well since they can help their little ones follow each individual instruction. For example, the toy might say: “I wiggle my tail when I am happy.” You can take the plush toy and show your child how to wiggle the tail so it can learn the body part and repeat the pretend play activity. It also says: “I can run fast!”, which could be followed by teaching your toddler what running looks like and make the child chase the doggy around its carrier. Once you introduce it to all the components the children can easily follow the instructions by themselves.
Logic Skills

Logic Skills

It is truly fascinating to witness children use their basic logic skills in order to discover the magic this toy has. It truly requires them to follow instructions from an imaginary voice that comes out of the toy and connect it with real life objects such as the pet accessories. For example, by pushing the buttons you might hear: Find my comb! Children can practice orientation and problem solving by looking for the purple comb and figuring out what to do with it. When finishing the quest they are rewarded with a fun grooming process that follows afterwards and feel motivated to repeat the learning experience. By sliding the letters beads and the buttons there is an unexpected result which leaves them memorizing each shape and color. By listening to the phrases they learn pronunciation and try to find meaning in each sentence. The numbers are also said out loud each time you press the number sign so children can learn to say properly and in correct order while having a jolly companion who will help them count.
Age Range

Age Range

This toy is specifically designed for early age development and it’s instructed for toddlers who range from 9 months till 3 years old. Its components are simple and gentle enough for the youngest age groups in order to feel comforted and exited around it. It is made of light materials so 3 year olds can pick up the box by themselves and carry it like a colorful bag anywhere they go. They will love feeling responsible for an item they can easily connect to and move around from one space to another. Its mobility is also very convenient if you want to take it outside and play in the backyard as well as take the imaginary pet for a walk in the park and have a little picnic with it on the grass.

It could be quite interesting for children who are older yet love grooming activities since they would enjoy pretending to feed the puppy and sing along to the joyful tunes. However, keep in mind that children above the targeted age range might get bored more easily since they would expect more complex challenges and lose interest if the toy seems too simple. Overall, the nurturing and fun nature of the set will undoubtedly provide a safe space for an emotional bond to be formed once they get to meet the adorable little puppy and its cute magical house.
Price Range

Price Range

When you take into consideration all the different electronic components of the carrier, the incredibly charming pet and the undeniably cute accessories that come along with it, this toy will seem very affordable as a toddlers’ gift. In fact, it is an excellent present for baby showers, birthdays, holidays as well as for anyone who wants to give their children their first pet experience. After all it is cheaper than an actual pet and it won’t require any further expenses such as pet food supply or vet appointments. All it will take in order for you to keep the toy alive is regular battery replacement which we can all agree, it’s quite worth it, since children can get the opportunity to learn basic numbers, letters, phrases and songs. Even if the kids outgrow the educational content, they will enjoy cuddling with the puppy and being comforted during sleep time. It might end up as one of their favorite plush companions since it will provide many memories of playing and singing together.


The VTech Learning Carrier is so versatile it is almost impossible to get bored with it. It is a cute fashionable accessory that treasures many different learning lessons and multiple songs and melodies that will captivate the young minds. It is also the home of your new pretend pet where all its grooming possessions are stored. Children will enjoy feeding the puppy and putting it to sleep. They will spend countless hours exploring all the tunes and repeating each word. The playtime will never get lonely since they will have a companion to interact with and the learning process will never feel hard.

This sweet and captivating toy is truly irresistible since it offers children the opportunity to experience having their first imaginary pet. Caring for animals is an important virtue and would ultimately help your child develop empathy towards other beings and give them a hand when they are neglected. It is very convenient that plush pretend pets do not require further maintenance aside from giving them a quick cleanse in the washing machine. All the other components can be efficiently cleaned with a wet wipe in case there are baby food stains once the playtime is over.

Overall this learning carrier is the most effortless and child friendly way to give your love ones an adventure filled with nurture, compassion and educational benefit. It will be an inseparable companion during sleepovers, summer camps, holiday trips and regular outdoor activities. Caring is a fundamental merit that truly starts with sharing an emotional connection so why not share this lovely toy with your cute little toddler.
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