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We like

The play panel on the walker is detachable

Lots of activities that the kids can do

The walker is sturdy and hard to tip it over

The back wheel can be locked and the speed of the walker can be adjusted

There are over 70 songs and musical notes to keep your baby entertained

We don’t like

The songs and the musical notes can be loud

How it works

One of the few milestones in your baby’s life that creates excitement in the family is the first baby steps and learning how to walk. If we want to help our baby to get from the phase of a crawling baby to a walking baby phase, the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a great gadget for this aim. There are lots of designs and different products that are available on the market today offering a range of multifunction and manufactured with a purpose to grow together with your baby.  

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a colorful baby walker that is designed with a purpose to assist the babies when they attempt their first steps and later to support the babies when they decide to stand up and start walking. This walker is popular among parents because of its multifunctional purpose, stability and interactive features accompanied by an early learning center. This is a product that babies love to push around and are interested in pressing all those bright and colorful buttons on it. The value of this sit-to-stand learning walker is increased because of the removable play panel that can be used long after the baby stops using the product as a walker.

When we did a research on the net which are the most popular products regarding baby walkers or sit-to-stand learning walkers with certainty we can say that VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker was always on the list of top ten such products. This was a sufficient reason for us to check this product and see what are the reasons behind its popularity.   

Product description

Product description

The product consists of an interactive baby walker that has a panel that is detachable, meaning that it can be removed and used separately. The product is compact in size with dimensions 16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches and a weight of 5 pounds. The walker is with four wheels and the back wheels can be locked. The product is made of high-quality plastic. The interactive play center consists of many buttons in bright and eye-catching colors. The play panel has 5 piano keys, 2 spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, 3 light-up buttons and a pretend telephone handset and 2 AA batteries included.


This walker comes in frustration-free packaging. The item is packed in a simple brown box which means that not only it is easy for opening, but it also uses less packing materials, including no wire ties, plastic bindings or plastic casings and all the materials are recyclable. The product is easy to be assembled and you can follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual. You just attach the legs and snap the handle on and your little one is ready to take the first step together with this lovely walker.

There is no need for any additional tools to put the walker together. The product requires two AA alkaline batteries which are included in the packaging. If you want to dissemble the product it is an easy process because the legs easily come off by pushing the buttons on the handle. The product does not fold flat for storage so if you want to store it you have to dissemble it. After dissembling because of its size you do not need big space for storage.


The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is mainly recommended for infants from 9 months to toddlers at the age of 3 years. The period of use of the walker for its primary function - as a gear that helps the babies in their pull-ups, standing up and making the first steps and may be limited to 15 months but the additional learning center that gives a splendid array of entertaining and educational features, that can be removed from the walker and used independently for play, extends the period of use of this product up to 3 years old or even more.

The attention of a growing toddler will more than certain be kept for a long time and the child will be entertained and kept busy by the learning and play panel. This product as a walker can be used from the period when the baby can sit up independently up to the period when the baby is learning how to stand up and walk.
Educational feature

Educational feature

This toy does not have only entertaining and functional features but it serves as a great tool in educational purposes. There are many songs among which the ABC song so your child can learn the English Alphabet. The animal pictures and the animal sounds are a great way to teach the kids about some of the animals and kids usually love the animal sounds.

There are other gadgets that can also be used for teaching basic counting -123s, basic colors, and shapes. The additional feature of a pretend phone is also great for educational purposes because we can encourage some role-play that can teach basic phone language or social skills to our toddler. The only thing that can be confusing for the child is that one key on the play panel usually is used for more than one activity. So for example, if you push one button the cow can mow or some sound phrases can be played. This may confuse the child in terms of cause-effect relationship especially because kids tend to press and push the buttons more than once which can create a little mess in the sounds.


The play panel is one of the greatest features on this sit-to-stand walker because it offers an abundance of features that stimulate the auditory and visual senses of a young child. The panel is detachable, which makes it perfect for use and playing on the floor when your little ones get tired from walking or when the child outgrows the walker, so it provides extended periods of use since this play panel with its interactivity offers a great variety for kids. The play panel offers more than seventy songs, sound effects, phrases and music options that toddlers can enjoy.

When the kid pushes the walker with the panel on, the walker plays melodies automatically. The panel has lovely, cheerful colors that are intriguing for the kids and at the same time, it encourages creativity because of all educational features that this early learning center has. The panel has an adorable piano with five keys of musical notes all in different colors that the children love to press over and over. The activity center also features a pretend telephone that helps to foster a child's creativity and can be used for social skills development by acting a role-play.
Motor Skills Development

Motor Skills Development

The panel beside the entertainment features offers a great opportunity for gross and fine motor skills’ development. There are so many activities for the kids to choose from and play with. One of the activities that a child can do is inserting shape sorters which are great for promoting problem-solving skills because kids should identify the shapes and colors and you can teach them about cause and effect relationship. Later, when kids grow older and use the panel independently they can practice counting and further improve the other skills we mentioned.

When toddlers attempt to insert shape sorters in the right slot they also work on their eye-hand coordination. Another activity that the kids can do is press light-up buttons or spin the 2 colorful spinning rollers. When the child spins the spinning rollers in a form of flowers they can hear phrases and sound effects that motivate the kids to spin the flowers again and by this, the kids develop fine motor skills. The activity center is enriched with colorful pictures of animals and the kids can open and close a swinging door to look at the pictures and can play a "hide and seek" game.

Again the swinging door besides the visual stimulation offers fine motor skills reinforcement and encourages learning about animals that kids in this period of development really adore. There is so much to do on this activity center and the kids love doing things that can build their motor skills such as rolling, turning, pushing, pressing, pulling, picking up.


This baby walker has a wide wheelbase and provides the needed confidence for the child when making the first steps and trying to walk independently. The wheels can be adjusted and can be partially locked (on the back wheels) when the walker is pushed on smooth floors in order to prevent sliding or the wheels can be adjusted to spinning for surfaces like carpets. So, the wheels work on carpeted and hard floors just as good as they work on smooth surfaces.

There is a great traction control which provides safety for the kids who are making their first steps. There is a rubber seam on the back wheels that prevent side to side motion. The walker is made of plastic material of high quality and together with the wide base provides stability for the child that might lean on the walker and sturdiness when the kids push the walker so you should not be afraid that the walker will tip over.

The walker is sturdy enough and the babies can freely use it for pulling when they want to stand up, although adult supervision is definitely advised. Generally speaking, the walker is stable and firm enough to provide the child the much-needed confidence that the babies who start walking by themselves usually require. The handle that is used by the baby to hold on it while pushing, is also at a great height and suitable for the baby.


This is a product that offers such versatility of use and abundance of features for visual, auditory and creative stimulation that anyone would agree that it is definitely worth the money. The affordability of the price is once again confirmed if we consider also the time of use of this great kids 'equipment. It is indisputable that it is a small price to pay for all the possibilities that this toy provides and for the hours and hours that your child will be entertained and kept occupied not only just sitting and playing but more importantly learning things through play as well as developing its skills.

The bottom line

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a product that is many things in one. Its primary function is to assist the toddlers in their first steps and encourage them in the walking. Besides this function the walker consists of a play panel that can be removed from the walker and the child can play with it on the floor or anywhere else that it finds comfortable. While the child learns how to walk, this learning center will encourage the child to do so.

This play panel is made of quality plastic in bright and colorful colors and it offers great educational tools for the child to be motivated to learn about colors, music, shapes, and animals. The walker is sturdy and firm enough for the babies to pull it up and not to tip it over.

This walker has few features that promote physical development of gross and fine motor skills as well as features that encourage creativity. There are five piano keys, three light-up buttons, two spinning rollers, and three shape sorter. In addition to this, there is a telephone handset for role-playing and fun playtimes. The play panel has over 70 songs and sound effects that are pleasant for the ear and good for baby's senses.

This toy is an engaging and interactive toy that grows with your child. It is sturdy and firm to prevent falling and tipping over and the product is a colorful tool that promotes learning and creativity.
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