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We like

It is made entirely from recycled material

The Willa Walker gives your child support while they are learning to take their first steps

It frees up one of your hands so you can multitask

It saves your back from bending and stooping

We don’t like

If the child uses the walker with their arms raised above their heads it can be bad for their development

How it works

It is so rare that you find an item that is amazing for you and your child but for the environment as well. The Willa Walker, a useful gadget that helps teach children to walk, does that exactly. It is essentially produced using two characteristic materials which are wood and cloth.

Willa Walker happily boasts their impressive reputation for making high quality, attractive and useful product that limit its carbon impression and help children to begin making their first steps independent of mom and dad.

All of the cloth and wood parts are healthy for humans and for the Earth, from the supportable wood rings completed with natural oils, to the recycled material of the fabric. Willa Walker does its job to keep their creations natural, and does some philanthropy as well by donating portions of their profits to helping preserve our planet. The hardwood used to form the wooden handles are sourced from tropical wood that is left over from producing other products.

It has an amazingly little fabric bag, which keeps every one of the parts in one place and keeps the fabric pieces from getting jumbled. It is packaged minimally with no extra packing materials to limit the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.

It is really great for children who are just on the cusp of walking on their own who have begun to pull themselves up and stroll along furniture, or even for kids younger than that.

As all parents may know, your back experiences a great deal as you always have to twist around to pick your child up, sling your child around on your side, and constantly pick them up out of chairs and in and out of your car among other places. This useful little gadget eases the strain caused when holding your children’s hands as they figure out how to walk. You can stand upright and give your back a little rest.

For small children, the dangling handles offers some freedom from mother and father, however gives enough help that despite everything they will feel sufficiently confident to ace strolling alone.

The very sleek, contemporary structure make this item incredible for movement, so your children can work on strolling on all sorts of surfaces from a verdant park to a relaxing. This device does its part to make this enormous formative landmark in your child’s life a safe and agreeable one.

Age Range

Age Range

Your infant is prepared for the Willa Walker when they are able to crawl up on furniture or walk around holding yours hands or the wall. Additionally they must be able to hold their own weight while standing and also grasp the rings without any assistance from you or another adult. This generally happens at some point after the infant is around nine months old.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Babies are so excited when they first start using the Willa Walker. It offers them independence while they are learning to walk but they still have the security of their parents being right there with them. When babies take the wooden handles, it is a very simple process to use that helps parents to move their child around the house. It is such a substantially less demanding activity than bowing down to support your child as they walk. The Willa Walker is anything but difficult to utilize and you can turn your child around by simply curving the wooden handle in your desired direction.

The walker enables her to figure out how to learn to amble along without the restrictive nature of hand holding. The ties on the walker are flexible enough that it enables your little tyke to lead you where they would like to go. You simply need to focus on where your child is taking you or they may end up falling on their knees. The Willa Walker is more sophisticated than other walkers even though it is so simply designed with such a basic concept. It is so innovative because it makes learning to walk a collaboration between the parent and the tyke. With the Willa Walker you get the chance to manage and monitor your child’s movements and in the meantime they control how quick they can go. Kids get the chance to figure out how to stroll at their very own pace. Children can figure out how to adjust their bodies and figure out how to walk better on their own.

You should begin with the infant in a sitting position and hold the Willa Walker so he or she can grasp the rings. When she has a firm grasp, gradually lift the handle, with the goal that the infant can pull herself up to a standing position.

While standing, you should hold the Willa Walker so that your child’s arms do not rise above their heads. Children should not learn to walk with their arms raised as it is bad for their development. You need to hold it low enough so their elbows are not to be above their shoulders. This guarantees that you are not damaging their little joints. You should also never yank up on the WIlla Walker or pull up so the youngster using the device. The youngster ought to be supporting their own weight but simply utilizing the Willa Walker only to help with balance.

The Willa Walker can also be adjusted. The manufacturer suggests that you begin with the rope at the smallest length so that your child can become accustomed to using it. Alterations are made by pulling the knotted fabric through the inside part of one ring in the handle and after that sliding the rope to the edge of the space closest the other ring. For the longest setting, the rope will not go through both of the formed openings. Continuously alter the two ropes until they are set to a similar length.



This is a really great product for parents that have children that are able to walk slightly but are not confident enough to walk on their own yet. Under normal circumstances, you would be hanging over your child while the youngster is holding either one of your hands or both. For taller parents or for any parents really, it can cause great strain and stress on your back to constantly bend over and support your child as they walk. It is beneficial for you to use the Willa Walker so that you can ease the burden on your back and be able to help your kid practice walking for a longer period of time. It is more beneficial for your child as well. While supporting your child while they walk is great, it would really be better for them to clutch two rings rather than one finger. This offers such a significant number of benefits. You can keep two kids occupied on the double rings. You can also walk one kid and still have your other hand freed up so you can hold another child or perform basic tasks like opening doors, walking the pooch, pushing a cart and including having the capacity to break your kid’s fall in the event that they lose their balance. It is not recommended that you use the Willa Walker to hep a youngster to walk sooner than they are prepared, just as an apparatus to enable them to help themselves when they decide that they are ready on their own.



The Willa Walker is essentially produced using only wood and cotton. It is a very minimalistic design but it has such a sophisticated look and usage. One thing that makes the Willa Walker so great is the fact that the manufacturers tried every they could in order to limit their carbon footprint on our planet. The materials are safe for children and also for the environment.

The majority of the materials are earth and human safe, from the sleek wood handles and rings that are treated with natural oils, to the recycled fabrics. Willa Walker does a good job of keeping the planet safe, and does its part in donating to multiple charities that are devoted to preserving our planet.

The hardwood used to make the handle and rings originates from a company that utilizes little bits of responsibly sourced tropical wood that is excess from their other manufactured products. The Willa Walker also comes in a very simple packaging. There are no plastic bags or extra packing materials. This means that less unnecessary garbage ends up in the ocean or in the landfills. The bag it comes in is made from recycled materials as well and it is a really adorable carrying case for you to put the Willa Walker into when it is not in use.


The wellbeing of your children has been the first and foremost goal of the manufacturer of The Willa Walker. That is why they have picked just high caliber, non-dangerous materials for every portion of the Willa Walker. The Willa Walker meets a multitude of safety and security benchmarks. When utilized as the manufacturer intends, the item is very safe and very useful for parents of young children.


It is so uncommon that you discover an item that is incredibly useful and beloved by you and your tyke, yet for the earth as well. The Willa Walker, a valuable device that aids kids in taking their first steps, does that precisely. It is basically created utilizing two trademark materials which include wood and cotton fabric.

Willa Walker rightfully flaunts their amazing notoriety for making high caliber, alluring and functional items that limit its carbon impression and help youngsters to start making their initial steps autonomous of mother and father.

All of the cloth and wood parts are safe for people and also for the Earth, from the support wood rings finished with natural oils, to the reused material of the rest of the fabric parts. Willa Walker does its best to keep their manifestations green, and does some charity also by giving portions of their profits to helping protect our planet. The hardwood used to make the wooden rings are sourced from tropical hardwoods left over from delivering different items.

It has an incredibly cute textured bag, which keeps all of the parts in one place and keeps the cotton parts from getting jumped together. It is bundled very minimally with no additional shipping materials to constrain the measure of waste that winds up in our landfills.

It is extremely extraordinary for kids who are simply on the cusp of walking individually, who have started to pull themselves up and walk around furniture, or even for children slightly younger than that.

As any parent probably knows, your body encounters a lot as you generally need to contort around to lift your tyke up, sling your youngster around on your hips, and always lift them all into car seats and then out of your vehicle again among other things. This valuable little contraption ameliorates the strain caused when holding your children's hands as they make sense of how to walk. You can stand completely upright and give your back a little rest.

For little youngsters, the dangling handles offers some opportunity to be independent from mother and father. But it gives enough security, that in spite of all of the freedom they will feel, they will still feel supported and confident.

The smooth, contemporary structure make this item a great tool for your child’s development, so your little one can enjoy walking around a wide range of territory from a verdant park to a soft beach. This gadget does its best to make this momentous developmental milestone in your tyke's life an enjoyable and safe one.
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