Zetterburn Plush + DLC
Editor's rating: 8.5 |
Reviewed by Cindy
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Why we like it:
  • Dependable and huggable stuffed toy that will last many years
  • Made with high-quality Materials
  • Affordable in Price
  • Very Unique Design
Why we don’t like it:
  • Not recommended for infants
How it works

If you want a doll with a bit of history to it, then the Zetterburn Plush will fit your childs every desire in a lovable stuffed toy. Aside from his unique past as a fire warrior. Zetterburn also offers his firey warmth in a ultimately huggable thing.

Don’t limit yourself by settling on meaningless plushes that don’t actually give you comfort. Zetternburn brings with it a passionate lovable fire passion to kids, so to speak. One of his greatest features is that he is made with warming fabrics that are usually utilized in blankets for napping and sleeping.

This a very unique comfort with a touch of authenticity to his appearance and he is an invention of Symbiote Studios. Bringing you the comfort and warmth that make young kids the most content.