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For young girls, toys are becoming increasingly important in their attempts of making sense of the world around them. As playtime activities become an adjunct to formal learning in a school setting, toys are therefore, the instruments that will help girls to bridge the gap between the school and the real world.

As soon as they reach preschool, young girls already look at themselves as a part of a larger social group. Their development is thus, closely related to this realization. They are now able to move a lot more actively than ever before, allowing them to explore and experiment often together with their close friends. Their creativity and imagination as well as cognitive and language skills allow them to communicate their thoughts and feelings to their peers and adults in a more efficient way. The toys that we have selected in our series of best toys for girls take into consideration these developmental needs.

We worked hard to review each of these toys to determine which ones would really be instrumental in the continuing growth and development of today’s young girls. We are optimistic that you will find our series of best toys and gift ideas for girls will help you search for the most appropriate product for your lovely girl.