21 Best Toys & Gift for 9 Year Old Girls in 2019

Selecting a gift for a 9-year-old girl can surely present itself as a challenge. There are so many gifts and toys on the market these days. How do you know what it is the big toy of the year and what is cool enough to become a gift that they will get excited about?

We have created a list that displays a selection of amazing gifts that any 9-year-old girl would love. The gifts range from craft sets to interactive toys. There is something for every one girl on this list, from big things to small things and everything in between. You are sure to be able to find the gift you have been looking for here.

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For this update, we focused on removing out of stock and outdated products in order to include a whole new selection of gift suggestions! These products include some of the most popular choices for the 2018 holiday season!

Our Top 3 Picks

Klutz Clay Charmsimg
  • Klutz Clay Charms
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Enhances Creative Potential
  • Price: See Here
Sleepover Party Game
  • Sleepover Party Game
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 200 Different Stunts
  • Price: See Here
Rainbow Braid Setimg
  • Rainbow Braid Set
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Developes Creativity
  • Price: See Here

Top 21 Toys & Gift for 9 Year Old Girls

The Sleepover Party GameEndlessGames
Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art SetDariceCrafts
ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever JewelryAlex ToysJewellery
Creativity for Kids Designed By You Fashion StudioYou FashionCrafts
Chalktrail for Bikes (Blue)ChalktrailOutdoor
Razor Angel Girls' Bike, 20-InchRazorRide-On

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

It glows in the dark and grows seeds into plants in a matter of days. Children will be excited to watch the little seeds germinate into plants after they set up this terrarium and keep the soil moist. Everything is included to produce a tiny garden in a jar. Kids get a jar and lid, seeds, potting mix, sand, stones, garden figures, and a water mister. The seeds sprout in a few days when the project is kept under a light or in a sunny window. Enough seeds come with the kit for children to grow plants for two growing seasons. All they have to add is water and light. Stickers are included to make the terrarium glow in the dark at night to make it more appealing to kids. The project is a fabulous way to involve little ones in the world of botany so they can learn about the life cycle of plants. This activity meets all U.S. safety standards.

Benefits – Growing plants is important for humans because we depend on them so much for healthy food and clean air. Kids can learn this process simply at an early age with this great botany kit.

What We Like about It – Science projects are fun and exciting, especially ones that grow things. Kids can learn how to grow plants with this wonderful little terrarium of their very own!


  • Can grow plants for two growing seasons
  • Great combination of art and science to teach life cycle of plants and botany
  • Product meets U.S. safety standards
  • Plants start to grow in as little as three to four days
  • Everything is included-–just add water and light


  • Stickers difficult to peel from sheets
  • Some buyers did not receive the seeds in package

Enchantments Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

As jewelry boxes go, this one decorated with pretty ballerinas, flowers, and leaves is an exquisite one. It is one of the tallest and largest boxes available for kids with four drawers to put treasures in. There is one large drawer in the bottom front, one in the back, and two small ones in the sides on the top. The cutest little ballerina figure stands on the miniature stage when the lid is opened. When the key is turned, she dances to the sweet song of “Swan Lake.” A mirror is in the lid of the box and the entire inside is lined with the softest velvet-flocked paper so valuables do not get scratched. A metal latch in the lid keeps all riches inside such as bracelets, earrings, and charms very secure and safe. This adorable jewelry box makes a fantastic present for any occasion and is part of the Enchantments Ballet Collection.

Benefits – Little girls need a place to keep their most-treasured possessions and a jewelry box is perfect for that. Having a secret box gives kids confidence, pride, and self-esteem that they have something of their very own.

What We Like about It – The graphics on this box are really gorgeous! Attractive ballerinas dressed in dark pink with flowers and green leaves adorn a delicate pastel pink box.


  • Promotes cooperative play at sleepovers between everyone
  • Get’s shy girls to come out of their comfort zone to interact with others
  • Includes over 200 activities, performances, and stunts for hours and hours of fun.
  • The game mechanics are simple and easy for everyone to understand.
  • Perfect for children ages 8 and up.


  • Includes small parts, so this toy isn’t appropriate for children ages 3 and younger.

Animal Over Calf Knee High Socks

The fashion design socks are too cute. Each of the pairs of socks has a cartoon pattern that comes up to the knee. They are fashionable and also keep legs warm. Constructed from a blend of cotton and spandex, they are durable, soft, and stretch. Easy to care for with their machine-washable care instructions. What is super cute about them is depending on the length of you 9 year old girl’s legs, the socks will either come over the knee or over the calf. Either way, they are a fashionable touch that girls are just going to love wearing. The set comes with six pairs of socks making it an exceptional value for the money.

Benefits – Socks can be worn for fashion, but the ultimate reason is to protect and keep the legs warm and dry. These socks have been constructed from quality materials that will not only keep the legs warm but dry as well. The cotton-spandex blend offers breathability that keeps the skin dry by wicking away the moisture.

What We Like about It – Giving your little girl the opportunity to dress an outfit up with a cute pair of socks is something that she will love. It gives her that unique looks that everybody is looking for.


  • Knee-high girls socks with a fashionable look
  • Feature cute cartoon patterns
  • Set includes six full pairs of socks
  • Constructed from a cotton and spandex blend
  • Breathable and soft


  • Sizes run small
  • Machine washing on warm will shrink the material

120-Piece Deluxe Art Set by Darice

120 Piece art set

Nine year old girls are known to express their thoughts and emotions a lot better through artworks like drawings and paintings. You can give them the 120-piece Deluxe Art Set by Darice to help express their ideas in a more constructive way. The kit already includes a wide assortment of pastels, markers, watercolors, and color pencils.

You can see the full line up of the most popular art sets here.

Benefits – What’s so beneficial about this toy is that it comes with everything budding artists need to get into the world of art. With markers, paints, pastels, pencils, crayons, and so much more, your child can explore a world of artistic imagination all from the comfort of their room. Though the products aren’t of the highest quality, this kit is an excellent start for any young artist.

What We Like about It – It’s a one-stop box of all the different art materials your kid will ever need. She simply doesn’t have to bring individual coloring materials anymore. The set is great for stimulating artistic expression, imagination, and creativity.


  • 120-Piece deluxe art set includes pencils, pastels, markers, watercolors and even more accessories
  • Comes in a portable, all black case that snaps shut for easy travel and convenience
  • Gives both children and adults a great way to exercise their creativity and express themselves
  • Comes with 24 crayons, 24 markers, 24 oil pastels, 24 color pencils, 12 watercolor cakes, two clips, a white watercolor tube, a palette, a paintbrush, a drawing pencil, a sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, an art sponge, and a pair of scissors
  • If your child is just starting out, you can opt out for one of the four smaller options


  • The materials are not of the highest quality.
  • Not suitable for children ages 3 and younger.

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B000QY696E” key=”small-light” locale=”US” tag=”newmykid-20″ title=”Creativity for Kids Designed by You Fashion Studio”]

Companions that hang out on their fingers and go wherever they go. These little things are full of emotions. While hanging out on the finger they are able to give hugs, express love, and also cause mischief. They require love and attention like any other pet but are easy to clean up after. Each of them makes their own set of noises. They will react when they detect motion and feel touch plus are able to make fun little sounds like a monkey. This is a special fingerling that includes a baby monkey and a mini. They travel together, swing together, laugh together, and can even be rocked to sleep together. When they wake their little eyes will blink and when you kiss them good morning they will kiss back. This baby monkey and the mini is a great gift for a 9-year-old girl. They love and affection they give will keep them engaged and never waiting to leave them alone. The responses and sounds are truly a site to be seen.

Benefits – Interacting and providing care for a fingerling is a great way to prepare little girls for entering into teenage years when they will have more responsibility at home and school. The monkeys respond to their touch and require their attention ensuring that they will not be left to not be played with.

What We Like about It Very cute little finger companion that the kids will love. The kisses sound and babbling away that they make is super cute. The kids just love them to pieces.


  • Finger companion and they’re mini
  • Respond to sound and motion along with a touch
  • Features blinking eyes, head that turns, and kisses back
  • Can be rocked to sleep
  • Encourages development of responsibilities


  • Often repeats many of the same sounds
  • Mini attached to monkey does not interact

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set by Kahootz

Spirograph set

It was in 1965 when the original Spirograph was invented. Kahootz thought it necessary to reintroduce this device to 9 year old girls as a means of stimulating their creativity. The Spirograph Deluxe Set provides 19 wheels, a 14-page instructional guide book, a Spiro-putty, three colorful pens, two rings, and a rack. It also comes with a convenient carry-along case for storage purposes.

Benefits – You just can’t beat a classic Spirograph! This toy has been entertaining families and children since the early 1900s, and with good reason. Relaunched into mainstream toy companies in the early 2000s, this toy has had one of the greatest revitalizations in toy history. The beautiful, simple designs of this toy are its greatest benefit. Watch your child be mesmerized for hours on end with the elegant, yet so simple, designs.

What We Like about It – Just like the original 1965 Spirograph, the Deluxe Design Set is an excellent device for stimulating kids’ imagination and creativity. It is also helpful in reinforcing fine-motor skills while at the same time boosting kids’ self-confidence and self-esteem.


  • Entertaining and fun for the whole family with innovative gears and locks to create beautiful designs
  • Helps kids think creatively and gets their hands and brains engaged in act of creating art
  • This set includes 19 different design wheels, spiro-putty, two rings, three drawing pens, a guidebook, design paper, a display rack, and hand-held storage case for convenience.
  • Based on the classic Spirograph design, this toy has been entertaining children and adults alike for generations with its mesmerizing designs.
  • Perfect for children ages 5 and up!


  • This toy is rather simple, so some children might not be as entertained by this toy
  • Contains small pieces and not appropriate for children 3 and under

Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry by ALEX Toys 

DIY Jewelry set

Nine year old girls are expected to value their friendships. This can be shown by giving members of the circle of friends something to remember each one by. This is the idea behind the Do-it-Yourself Wear Friend 4 Ever Jewelry. The craft kit includes different color-coded looms, embroidery floss in a variety of colors, a number of beads, a carrying case, and a beading needle.

Benefits – What is great and beneficial about this toy is that it promotes creative and cooperative play amongst peers in a controlled setting. Young girls can simultaneously learn how to weave and create fun accessories while bonding over the experiences together.  We also love that the kit can make so many friendship bracelets and thus allows girls to really make a day out of the occasion with all their friends.

What We Like about It – The craft kit is great for helping foster friendships while encouraging cooperative play. It is often used as an activity for weekend sleepovers as well as other informal social gatherings.


  • Can make up to 22 distinctive friendship bracelets for all your daughter’s little friends and more!
  • Promote creativity and hands-on activity with your daughter and her friends
  • Excellent for parties, sleepovers, birthdays, play dates, or just about anything else you can think of
  • Includes hundreds of beads, a beading needle, four looms, an instruction book, and carrying case for easy transportation
  • Perfect for girls (or boys!) ages 8 and up


  • Because this toy comes with small parts and needles, do not give to children younger than the recommended age

Day at the Spa Deluxe Gift Set by Creativity for Kids

Spa gift set

Adults love to go to the spa. With the Day at the Spa Deluxe Gift Set, kids will now have the chance to experience their very own spa treatment. The gift set comes with an inflatable pedicure pool, a satin eye mask, toe separators, nail dryer that runs on batteries, and colorful pedicure slippers. It also includes nail polish, glitter polish, press-on nails, and other spa treatment tools and materials.

Benefits – The amazing thing about this toy is that allows young girls to engage in imaginative play time that makes them feel older and more independent. Because 9 year olds are on the cusp of puberty, they won’t feel mature and like they have some control over their lives. This spa kit gives them both of those features while also teaching them about proper hand and foot hygiene.

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious way to encourage role-playing as it helps facilitate imaginative thinking. This can be the basis for the continuing development of 9year old girls’ cognition and creative thinking.


  • The 30+ piece set set includes anything and everything your daughter could ever need to throw a wonderful, spa-themed party
  • Includes battery-operated nail dryer, inflatable pedicure pool, satin eye mask, four bottles of water-based nail polish, pedicure slippers and toe separators, one bottle of water based glitter polish, a nail file, a buffer, press-on nails, four sheets of sticker nail art, and a satin spa bag
  • Made with non-toxic and kid-friendly nail polish for fun and safe playtime
  • Promotes social play time amongst young girls and their peers
  • Perfect young girls ages 8 and up


  • Though this toy can be bought for older girls, children over the age of 12 might be too old for this toy
  • Contains small parts and is not appropriate for children ages 3 and under

Crochet Art Kit by 4M 

Crochet art kit

One of the most-enduring hobbies of all time is crocheting. It is similar to knitting; however, knitting requires the use of two needles while crocheting only requires one. The Crochet Art Kit is one great toy to help introduce this hobby to a 9 year old girl. The set includes differently colored yarns, several crochet hooks, and a plastic needle.

Benefits – We love toys that provide life skills to children because they’re just so educational and beneficial for overall development. The Crochet Art Kit teaches beginners how to crochet with an easy-to-follow instruction manual and gives children a lifelong skill. If your child shows an interest in crocheting, then definitely help in that endeavor and purchase the Crochet Art kit.

What We Like about It – Crocheting is a hobby that 9 year olds will surely love. It helps develop imagination, exploration, and creativity while also improving dexterity. It can also enhance your kid’s hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and spatial intelligence.


  • The Crochet Art Kit is a perfect beginner set to teach the fundamentals of crocheting to young children
  • An excellent creative outlet for children ages 8 and up
  • Includes two crochet hooks, one plastic needle and seven colors of yarn all in an easy-to-carry case
  • Includes a comprehensive and easy-to-follow instruction book for fun, frustration-free play time
  • Contains a ton of material to create a wide variety of crochet pieces like coasters, belts, and handbags


  • Contains small pieces and isn’t suitable for children 3 and under

Mr. Sketch Assorted Scent Markers by Mr. Sketch

 Markers set box

Drawing can be made more fun and exciting with sweet and fruity scented markers. The Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Set comprises 12 scented color markers. It includes apple, blueberry, cherry, and raspberry, as well as watermelon, grape, fruit punch, orange, licorice, cinnamon, banana, and mint.

Benefits – The problem with most scented markers is that they don’t last a week of extreme usage. But Mr. Sketch has our backs with the sturdy, beveled tips of these long-lasting markers! The overall design of these markers makes them last for months upon months, even with the most zealous of users. This all thanks to the sturdy, beveled marker tip that maintains it’s shaped and controls the color flow for an anti-bleeding, long-lasting experience.

What We Like about It – It’s a very sensorial way to provide color to drawings. The scent can help relax the mind, allowing for concentration and focus. This way, it can stimulate creativity and imagination.


  • Mr. Sketch markers are made with twice the ink of regular markers for a long-lasting shelf life and a smooth, beveled tip for long-lasting fun
  • The sturdy, beveled tip keeps its shape and stiffness after months of coloring and use
  • The specially formulated, water based and non-bleeding ink is excellent for easels and easy for sketching
  • Scented markers assorted by color keep your child engaged and their imagination active
  • Made with non-toxic materials and AP- (Approved Product) certified for the utmost quality control


  • The ink is non-washable, so please keep away from clothes and other fabrics

Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit

Keep your 9 year old girl hydrated in style with this design-your-own water bottle kit. This kit allows them to decorate their own water bottle that has been construction from BPA-free materials. The set has markers, glitter, and gemstones that can be attached to the water bottle to add their very own unique look. Once the bottle has been finished, there is a carabiner that clips onto the water bottle allowing the girls to carry their bottle to show it off. Each set includes; BPA-free water bottle, one carabiner clip, five markers, and 20 gemstones that peel and stick. Allow them to create their own hydrating water bottle displaying their masterpiece. It is great for sporting events, school, picnics, walks, or just out using when running errands. The kits are great for a rainy day activity, a party, or just a fun activity.

Benefits – Creativity and self-confidence are two developmental skills that can be built together. When little girls are able to express themselves in a positive environment with different types of mediums it builds self-confidence skills that will reflect through their art.

What We Like about It – Kits that allow the girls to express themselves through art are great, especially when the finished product is also something that is very functional. This is a unique craft idea that great for any party.


  • Kits feature a design-your-own water bottle
  • Water bottle made from BPA-free materials
  • Includes water bottle, markers, carabiner, and gemstones
  • Perfect for a sleep-over activity or just on a rainy day
  • Builds self-confidence through expressive art


  • Bottles are hard to clean on the inside, a small opening on top
  • Dents easily when dropped

Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Pad: Fairy Garden 

With images of flowers, fairies, garden creatures, animals, lily pads, and stars on the individual stamps in this collection, girls can create many colorful, detailed picture scenes for hours of enjoyment. They can adorn all sorts of paper products such as notebooks, notes, stationery, cards, and envelopes with the fairy-themed designs. The set includes a durable two-color stamp pad, 20 wooden stamps, and five colored pencils to create artistic masterpieces. Once the images are chosen and stamped on the paper, children can then fill in the designs with various colors to make them vibrant and gorgeous. The ink is completely washable in case of mishaps with clothing and skin and it is also non-toxic. Handles that are contoured to fit little hands are made from durable rubber to ensure clear images free from smudges. All materials can be neatly kept and stored in the strong wooden storage tray that comes with the collection. Organization is important when kids are creating and learning a new art form. Let her imagination run wild with the garden fairies and their friends with this cute stamp set.

Benefits – Exercise your child’s skills of patterning, color recognition, and fine-motor abilities with this beautiful garden fairy stamp set. Their creative expression, hand-eye coordination, and narrative thinking will explode onto the paper with the help of these colorful stamps.

What We Like about It – With plenty of designs to choose from, kids can make almost any outdoor garden scene in full color with these great stamps and pencils. The possible combinations are endless with this kit.


  • Has a garden fairy theme
  • Stamps are made of quality rubber and handles are contoured for easy grip
  • Ink is pink/purple, non-toxic, and washable
  • Has a durable wooden storage tray for all items
  • Pencils let kids fill in the stamped images to complete the designs


  • Ink pads can arrive dry
  • One parent was missing an ink pad

Magnetic Mini Tile Art by 4M 

Magnetic tile art

One of the developmental tasks of children is to be creative. Nine year old girls’ creativity can be enhanced through the use of craft sets or kits. The Magnetic Mini Tile Art is one very interesting and very unique way for kids this age to create their very own unique and artistic tile art. The kit includes 10 pieces of beautiful 2×2-inch tiles. Each tile can be painted and given an artistic finish. The kit also comes with a paint strip, a brush, and, of course, magnets.

Benefits – One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing all the wonderful things your child can create with their imagination. The Magnetic Mini Tiles have made displaying that art and imagination even easier with its innovative magnetic design. Thanks to these specially magnetized tiles, you can hang up your child’s art on any surface for everyone to see, including your little one. Boost their confidence and love for art with these wonderful tiles.

What We Like about It – It’s one great way to produce highly personalized refrigerator magnets or even locker décor. The set can also help enhance children’s artistic talents, imagination, and creativity. Moreover, it’s good for enhancing hand-eye coordination as well as dexterity.


  • Promote creativity with these fun and easy Magnetic Mini Tiles
  • Children have the freedom to draw and create whatever they want on this porcelain white tiles
  • Keep these treasures forever by sealing on the design to keep the memories for years to come
  • Includes non-toxic paints and materials
  • Includes five paints, 10 2×2 magnetized tiles, and a paint brush


  • The paint can be a bit messy due to the small surface of the tile, so a sharpie also works well

Sleepover Party Mad Libs

Liven up your next sleepover party with this cute book of well-thought-out fill-in-the-blank statements. There are 21 games included in which each person takes a turn at choosing a fun or funny response to complete the sentences. Teams can be formed to compete or everyone can just jump in when they have a good answer. It is a safe, non-scary game that will be enjoyed for hours of entertainment. Kids love to laugh at themselves and others in good, clean fun. This book provides the scripts for each person to ad lib their way to amusing pleasure. Usual games such as truth-or-dare are fun, but this will be a new exciting game to get everyone laughing and happy at your next slumber party.

Benefits – Sleepovers are so fun when there are plenty of activities to do. This game will bring out the adventure and creativity in everyone at the party, making it quite interesting and exciting.

What We Like about It – Mad Libs is a game that changes based on the answers that everyone says. The 21 included games can be played many times over with various results.


  • Fill-in-the-blank fun for sleepovers
  • Includes 21 stories
  • Better than the game of truth-or-dare
  • Will keep kids laughing for hours at themselves
  • An exciting game for groups of girls


  • Some books were damaged in shipping
  • A few complaints that the item is small

FurReal Friends Bootsie

FurReal Friends Bootsie

Give your 9-year-old little girl the experience of having a pet without having a real pet in the house. Furreal is a plush pet that gives them the true experience of having a pet without needing help to care for them from their parents. They are exciting plush toys that are able to engage in play and allow them to create wonderful memories. Each of the pets has their own personalities and is more than unpredictable. The pet is able to express their mood and it will change often enough. There is a featured light sensor that allows the pet to respond to a wave. When they want to know the current mood petting the forehead will tell all. It has lots of attitude and the charm to go along with it. Caring for the pet is fun. They are able to feed treats to make her happy and sometimes when it is in a bad mood it will not take the treat. They will have to figure out how to make the pet happy to make them accept the treat. Along with feeding to make them happy the pet also loves to cuddle. A big hug is always sure to lift its spirits. When it is happy it will purr away to let them know. Included with the pet is a treat and instructions on how to care, get them to respond, and when to hold them tight. This pet will be the next best thing to the real thing.

Benefits Caring for a pet is a big responsibility for a 9-year-old girl. This plush interactive pet is a great way to expose them what it would take to have to care for a real pet. The expressions that the pet is able to give allow them to understand they pets have felt and they would be responsible to care for those feelings.

What We Like about It A great experience for the little girls that are wanting a real pet as a gift. It allows them to experience what it would be like to have a pet and also experience the emotions without having to have a parent to help clean up after them. The pet is super cute when it is happy.


  • Interactive plush pet that acts like the real thing
  • Features expressive emotions that are displayed through facial expressions
  • Responses to being cuddled
  • Loves to receive treats
  • Included is plush pet, treat, and instruction booklet


  • Fur is placed over hard plastic, not much stuffing in pet
  • Makes hissing sound that can be loud

Luwint Children LED Finger Light Gloves 

Powered by LED lights, these fantastic light-up gloves emit a range of seven different colors in six various modes of rainbow exuberance. Kids can choose the patterns and setting of the color flash sequences by pressing a button on the wrist. The lights are bright and luminous and the necessary batteries for operation are included. Even replacement batteries come with the gloves to ensure customer satisfaction. The accompanying box makes it packaged well for a gift, plus it is a great generic gift for those times when choosing a gift for someone else is hard. If your child likes going to night events such as sports games, dances, or concerts, then these LED gloves would make a fun addition to their accessories collection.

Benefits – Colorful, yet quite warm to wear in cooler weather, these spectacular gloves make you the life of any night time activity and keep your hands snug in the cotton wool material.

What We Like about It – These gloves would be fantastic at concerts, dances, on stage events, and any entertainment venue or public gathering that is at night. The colors are so bright and vivid. Everyone around you will want a pair for themselves.


  • Made of synthetic/acrylic cotton wool
  • Fabric is comfortable and breathable
  • Gloves has six modes and seven different colors
  • Comes with a three-month money back guarantee
  • Includes batteries for operation


  • Complaints that the glove lining comes out easily
  • Some claim that the size runs small

Ozobot 2.0 Bit by Ozobot


Nine-year-old girls will love the Ozobot 2.0 Bit. At a little over an inch tall, it’s one of the smallest yet truly amazing robots your 9-year-old girl will ever program. The Ozobot 2.0 Bit can be programmed to accomplish certain tasks that young girls may want it to perform. There is no complicated programming and with a dedicated app for mobile devices, the learning possibilities are endless. You can find more robot toys for kids here.

Benefits – This toy is great for any child interested in STEM or science-based activities. Want your child to get ahead in math and science? This toy is exactly what they need because it teaches children complex ideas such as coding and computer design all through color and hands-on learning. And if they’re having difficulties, go onto the app for teacher-recommend and built-in lesson plans and tutorials for a truly educational experience.

What We Like about It – We believe that the Ozobot 2.0 Bit is the most ideal learning companion for 9-year-old girls. It is useful for stimulating the continuous development of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.


  • Ozobot is a winner of many awards including Kapi’s Best Robot toy at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show
  • Teaches children about STEM learning and robotics in a fun and engaging way
  • Setting up your Ozobot is a super-simple two-step process that includes free software and apps for a full, enjoyable experience
  • Teach your child how to code with colors with Ozobot’s sensory-optic technology
  • Includes STEM-inspired lesson plans for different ages and levels for on/off screen learning time
  • Create, challenge, and design levels and games for your Ozobot to complete for fun and educational learning


  • The toy itself is small, so this isn’t recommended for young children ages 3 and under

Sunny Days Entertainment Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Horse

The Blue Ribbon winner horse is a beautiful animal with a mane and tail to comb to perfection. The detachable saddle included can be strapped on complete with reins and a bit to make the show horse look its best. It comes with accessories of brushes, award cup, blue ribbon, hop pocket, wooden case, apple, various bottles, and a bucket to care for the horse in style. The head is moveable and can be pressed downward to make the horse whinny with delight as your child grooms it and learns all about the detailed care of horses. Kids will develop their role-playing, creativity, and imagination skills by simply playing with this toy. Their fine-motor skills will also get a great work out as they tend to their new pet. It will make a fabulous gift for the little girl who already has everything and definitely one that admires horses.

Benefits – The group of accessories that are included with this toy horse are plenty. It lets kids know that caring for animals, especially large ones like horses, takes a lot of supplies and time to care for them properly.

What We Like about It – Kids can get hands-on experience with grooming a horse with this toy. They can comb its hair, saddle it up, and move its head to hear it whinny.


  • Has a moveable head section and a brushable mane and tail
  • Horse makes sounds that are realistic
  • Encourages imagination, creativity and role playing
  • Has a detachable saddle
  • Great tool to teach about horse care


  • A few parents not happy with the size of the horse – some say too big and some say too small
  • One had an issue with the head attachment to the body

Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls

The Doodle Diary is interactive and teaches 9 year old girls how to complete sentences and express their thoughts on paper. This is a dairy that inspires girls to create a combination of pictures and words. It is a journal that has been created to be fun, easy and a little artsy. Each of the pages has prompts that help inspire them to create and express through different types of mediums. The next page or project will be something fun for them to look forward to each time they finish the last one. Whether they are able to create their vision through doodling, pictures, or sentences, this journal captures all their creativity in one book. It is a great way to learn about art while learning to express their feeling, thoughts, wish lists, and more.

Benefits – Creates an engaging way for 9 year old years to learn and practice their art skills. The book is able to capture their ideas, their creativity, and record milestones in their lives. The prompts inspire them to be more creative and use their own style to create a masterpiece of their own.

What We Like about It – Giving the gift of creativity to a 9 year old girl is very special. This combines both arts and expression which is a great combination for their age group.


  • Doodle and create a journal
  • Interactive guide teaching how to create with imagination and words
  • Each page offers different prompts for inspiration
  • Offers creative tips on how to use different art mediums
  • Inspires engaging ways to express creatively


  • Book is stiff, hard to get it to lay open
  • Size of the book is small

My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

The Fairy Garden comes with everything your child needs to grow their very own garden indoors, while they visit and play with the fairy that lives in the tree. The toy includes a base, tree hollow, two chairs, table, porch light, seeds, soil, garden tools, watering can, fairy, fairy stand, bunny, flying cord, and instructions. Eleven various plant types are within the organic seed package for a surprise of green vegetation and flowers. Kids start by putting the hollow in the base and spreading the soil in the various spots. They then disperse the seeds and water them in. It only takes a few days before they see the plants sprout and a few weeks before they have actual flowers growing in their tree hollow. The resident fairy can fly when your child pulls the flying cord, so it can go from the top of the tree to the bottom with ease. Let your little one experience the joy of growing plants in a fun magical way with this lovely tree hollow kit.

Benefits – Children need to feel close to nature and learn how to grow things. Small playful kits like this one introduce them to gardening in such a way that they enjoy it and grasp the essentials quickly.

What We Like about It – A play tree hollow complete with a fairy to grow plants in is a super cute ideas for kids! Toys just don’t get much more charming than this.


  • Has doors that open and a hanging chandelier
  • Comes with a fairy that can be made to fly via a cord
  • Connects kids to nature
  • Simply spread the soil and plant the organic seeds
  • Seeds include 11 different plant types


  • Has no drainage for the water to run off
  • A few buyers did not receive the seeds

Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids by aGreatLife 

Rainbow kite

Who doesn’t love flying a kite? With the great outdoors, nothing beats launching a kite and letting it soar above green fields. And with the Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids, you and your 9 year old girl will surely have great family fun. The kit comes with a handy guide book on how to fly kites with kids. It’s easy to assemble and fly as well.

Benefits – You can’t go wrong with a classic kite! Watch your child laugh and play in the great outdoors with this oversized and vibrant kite for hours of fun. What we find so beneficial about this product is that the kite makes children want to be active and play outside. With childhood obesity at an all-time high across the world, parents and toy manufacturers alike should be taking steps to ensure that children are living their healthiest lives. The first step is more physical activity, and what better way to achieve that than playing outside!

What We Like about It – It’s the ideal fun activity for the whole family especially in the warm summer months. It’s great for encouraging children to love the great outdoors while improving their coordination and strength.


  • The classic to beat all classics, kites have been around for centuries and continue to delight children with their vibrancy and easy flying
  • Help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination skills by showing them how to launch, steer, and control the kite
  • The super size of this kite makes it easy to fly, and the kid friendly handle makes the kite easy to control on those perfectly windy days
  • Manufactured with non-toxic and child-friendly materials
  • Great for outdoor play time and getting your children active
  • Excellent for children ages 3 and up


  • Since this is a child’s kite, it’s not meant to be flown competitively or take extra strong winds

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Toys for 9 Year Old Girls

When evaluating toys for this list, we kept four key factors in mind: safety, development, education, and entertainment. We felt that these four factors contributed the most to parental satisfaction and to child satisfaction when looking at toys. Safety, of course, is a top priority when considering items on this list. We want parents to feel that they can trust not only the company/manufacturer of these products but also their children around these items. Development is a bit broad, but at the age of 9, girls are developing all kinds of skills and aspects of their minds. While the toys on our list lean towards social and emotional development, we also take an interest in your daughter’s overall development with these products. Likewise, we want your daughter to learn and go beyond her classmates with the educational factors of these toys. And in order for a toy to be not only safe but intellectually stimulating and develop portions of your child’s skill set, they have to be entertaining. Entertainment value was another huge factor for us. If a child isn’t enjoying their play time, they won’t get anything out of it. While this was a summary of our criteria, the following sections go in-depth with each aspect of our evaluation.

Safety: When deciding whether or not a product is safe for children, we look at the materials and the overall design of the product. All the products on this list are made with non-toxic chemicals and materials safe for continuous usage. The overall designs of all these products also minimize the chance of accidents and injury. Though some children still manage to get hurt during play time, the average child will find no issue with these toys.

Development: By development, we mean any and all types of development like social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Most of these toys are meant to improve some aspect of your daughter’s overall development, but we’ve taken an especial shining towards social development. Because 9 is the cusp or beginning of puberty, we felt that it’s extremely important for young girls to understand these changes in context with their social surroundings like school, clubs, and peers.

Education: Because children of this age are close to entering middle school, we felt it was very important that some of this toys benefit children academically. With school’s becoming even more competitive, the pressure to get ahead can really take a toll on both children and parents. So by purchasing toys that make learning fun and enjoyable, some of that pressure is removed from the child and placed into a form of productive playtime.

Entertainment: And above all else, a toy must be entertaining. This is a feature we strive to see in every toy on this list because an entertaining toy is a good toy. For any of these other features to work, say education and development, a toy needs to be fun enough to play with over and over again. Not only is an entertaining toy money well-spent, but it can be a great investment into your child’s overall development and education.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the social development of a 9 year old girl like?

A: At the age of 9, children are typically in the fourth grade surrounded by their peer group. They’re close to middle school age, so young girls often want to have more mature social interactions and tend to focus on school as a place for both socializing and education. At this age, social development is widely dependent on their group of friends and the priorities in their lives. Young girls tend to communicate or talk with their peers to fulfill social needs, but they might also get the same fulfillment by participating in sports or clubs. However, the most important factor of social development for girls of this age is their need to feel independent. This often manifests in an expression of desires or style. Your daughter may change her style to feel more in control, or she might express a desire to play chess because it seems interesting. Talk with your daughter about these types of changes, and make sure she feels like her concerns are being respected.

Q: Is the social development of a girl different than a boy of the same age?

A: At the age of 9, most children want to socialize, no matter their gender. Some children have lots of friends, while others may have one or two. Both are completely normal and indicate healthy social development. Because children at this age are usually in grade school, they have lots of opportunities to create lasting connections with their school peers. While the social development of a boy is very similar to that of a girl, there are a few key differences. For instance, a girl might talk more with her friends than engage in physical activity with them. Young girls like to communicate more than young boys while boys like to play sports or games with their friends. But if your daughter seems more active than her peers, that’s completely fine and natural. The only time you as a parent should be concerned with your child’s social development is when they seem to have no close friends. This indicates a communication issue between your child and their peers, and possibly towards a developmental disorder as well. If you’re concerned with your child’s development, consult a doctor or counselor about the best approach.

Q:  Do 9 year old girls still “play?”

A: Of course they do! Everyone you’ve ever meet still engages in some type of play, whether they know it or not. The older we get, the more we want to distance ourselves from childish notions of play time, but in fact “playing” is one of the most relaxing experiences human have in their day-to-day lives. For 9 year old girls, “playing” usually means “pretending.” Often, young girls will pretend to be mothers, older sisters, businesswomen, or other grown women in order to feel more mature. They might also take on a more mature persona to try and feel independent from their peers and age group. Most of the toys or activities 9 year old girls engage with having to do with those feelings of maturity and independence. So when purchasing play items for your girls, keep these things in mind: How will this item promote my daughter to socialize? Is this item too young for her? Is it too old for her? And finally, will this item contribute to a feeling of maturity/ independence?

Q: How does a 9 year old girl benefit from play time?

A: While some 9 year olds feel they’re too mature to call it “playtime,” all people play to some extent. With young girls, play time generally involves friends and some form of imagination. Whether it’s older sisters or mothers, young girls like to imitate women they admire as a sort of practice and affirmation of independence. Often, this involves dressing up and dabbling in beauty products, such as mascara and lipstick. This act of imitation is also a way to carve out their own identities. By mimicking the practices of others, young girls find quirks that suit them and the image they wish to present to the world. It’s for this reason that young girls are so impressionable, especially around older girls.

Q: Will puberty affect how my daughter socializes with her peers? If so, how?

A: While this ultimately depends on the individual, most times puberty does affect how young girls interact with one another. Sometimes best of friends grow distant due to differing tastes. Other times, a young girl might feel self-conscious about her developing body and she might shy away from her peers. In rare cases, puberty comes as such a shock to young women that they completely withdraw from socializing all together. The biggest concern for parents, however, is how their daughters will interact with boys after puberty. Most children during puberty have an interest in romance and dating due to increased levels of hormones. So you might see your daughter drifting from close girl friends towards young men. As long as you communicate with your daughter, reinforcing the importance of friendships rather than romances, then these fears should be short-lived.

Q: My daughter isn’t attracted to feminine toys or activities. Is this something I should be concerned with?

A: If your daughter is more interested in sports than dolls or makeup, that’s totally normal and okay. Young girls on the cusp of puberty are trying to pinpoint their own identities, and sometimes that means separating themselves from the conventional ideas of womanhood. As a parent, you shouldn’t be overly concerned with a less-than-feminine daughter if they aren’t going to extreme measures. An extreme measure would be not eating to slow down the natural processes of puberty. Sometimes, the idea of becoming a woman is so startling to young girls that they try to prevent their monthly cycle through rigorous activity or starvation. Many girls are terrified of the bodily changes that come with puberty, but few take it this far. If you notice extreme changes in your daughter’s diet, speak with them and get help if needed.

Q: What toys or activities can I expose my daughter to for academic/ intellectual stimulation?

A: This answer might be a bit boring, but books are really the best way to stimulate your daughter’s intellect. While options like science kits and telescopes are amazing for hands-on learning, these items are often very expensive. Books might not give your daughter that hands-on experience, but there are novels and textbooks on just about every subject imaginable. Literature is one of the broadest avenues to intellectual growth because someone doesn’t need anything else other than a book to learn concepts. And for academic purposes, conceptualizing complex ideas is what your child really needs to grasp to be academically successful.

Q: What’s the emotional development of a 9 year old girl like?

A: Because your daughter is in the early stages of puberty, you can expect emotional ups and downs along with her searching for some form of identity. The emotional imbalance is perfectly naturally due to the changing chemicals in their bodies. But the persistence of their own identity is something parents don’t really understand in the context of emotional development. Because pre-teens often feel out of control, they try to hone in on some form of identity to ground them. This is why young girls experiment with their looks and clothes because they feel as if they can control how the world perceives them. They might also develop a defiant streak if they receive a lot of pushback from parents to control their appearance or musical taste. If you’re concerned with the changes in your daughter’s personality, try speaking with her about why they like certain music or clothes. If needed, set appropriate boundaries with your daughter and let her know what the expectations are up front. Boundaries are another way to give your child a sense of control. If you negotiate the boundaries, your daughter feels that she is being heard and respected, which gives them a greater sense of maturity and independence.

Q: How can I improve my daughter’s emotional development?

A: Generally, once a child is in grade school, their emotional development depends on healthy interactions with friends, parents, and authority figures. If you’re concerned with your child’s emotional state, speak with them about how they feel and what makes them feel that way. Though young girls begin to experience puberty at the age of 9, they are still young enough to be positively influenced by outside figures. If you feel that they aren’t surrounded by positive peers or friends, now is the time that you still really have control over those types of factors. Get them into peer groups, such as bible study or sports teams that you feel comfortable with the people your child will be around. While parents are a huge part of a girl’s overall development, after children turn 12 it’s their peers that have the most impact on their emotional state.

Q: Is the emotional development of a boy the same as girls of the same age?

A: While emotional development between boys and girls differs, that doesn’t mean one is initially more developed. Girls tend to communicate their emotions verbally, while boys tend to use physical cues or ticks to communicate their emotions. For example, while a girl might state that she is upset and possibly cry, a young boy might show physical aggression or become very sullen without saying much. While the physical aggression can be seen as acting out, parents need to understand that boys just have a different way of expressing themselves. This is partly due to how society raises girls and boys, but both types of development depend on the individual more than anything else. If you see an issue with how your child expresses their emotions, speak with them on what is acceptable.

Q: When’s a good age to get my daughter into physical activity or sports? Should I push for her to be active/ athletic?

A: As far as action is considered, it’s great to get your daughter into some form of physical activity as soon as possible. The physical activity doesn’t need to be intense, but it should be enough to get adequate exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If your daughter shows an interest in sports, then, by all means, support their endeavors. If your daughter seems to have no interest in physical activity whatsoever, then a conversation needs to happen between the parents and child. Usually, at the age of 9, young girls are just starting puberty and they feel uncomfortable with their bodies. They’re growing taller, they’re beginning to fill out, clothes don’t fit the way they use too, and everything just seems so strange. Though interacting in physical activity might make them uncomfortable at first, what with all the changes, soon they’ll see how great it feels to get out all those emotions in a healthy way.

Q: Is privacy an important aspect for children this young?

A: Yes, privacy is huge for children on the cusp of puberty or already experiencing puberty. For 9 year old girls, puberty has most likely already begun. They might feel strange in their bodies and the changes going on in their lives. With their life seemingly coming apart at the seams, it’s important for them to feel as if they have some form of control. Great options for young girls to maintain a reasonable amount of privacy is a diary or journal. They can write out their feelings and experiences without the fear of judgment from peers or parents. Even though you’re concerned for your little girl, please respect their privacy. At this age and in the grips of puberty, your pre-teen needs to feel that they have some handle on their life. If you desperately want to know what’s going on with your child, ask them how they’re feeling. Though they might not want to talk, seemingly ever, opening up those avenues of communication early on will help tremendously with trust and independence.

Nine Year Old Girls, Puberty, and Their Development

In just a few more years, 9 year old girls will become full-fledged teenagers. However, until then, they will have to make sure that they go through the different physiologic, cognitive, emotional, and social changes that occur with puberty.

One of the most interesting signs of puberty is the rapid physical and physiological changes kids go through. By this time, 9 year olds will already show bodily changes because of dramatic hormonal effects. In many cases, they become very conscious about their body image and as such may engage in unhealthy practices. Changes in their palates may initiate changes in their food choices as well. It is therefore very important to guide 9 year olds in making healthier choices and in leading more active lifestyles. Craft toys, pretend toys, ride-on toys, dress up toys, and even art kits will be very beneficial in advancing the physical development of 9 year old girls.

Another interesting area that is well-known to occur during puberty and which peaks during adolescence is peer pressure. While 9 year old girls will already have a bunch of friends they consider as their best buddies, they may feel the pressure to conform to the norms established by the group. They have a need to establish their own identity; however, they often find it necessary to conform to the “standards” set by their core group of friends. It’s more about 9 year olds wanting to be like their close friends. Toys and play things that help them to emotionally deal with these conflicts can help. Role-playing and make-believe games can help establish what they want for themselves and their friends.

Nine year old girls can already stay focused on a single activity for extended periods of time. This means that they can now play with toys and other play things that require absolute concentration and increased attention span. Their memory is also remarkable by this stage and as such it would be a great idea to give them toys that help them further improve on their memory skills.

Their problem-solving skills are also remarkable. They now understand consequences as a result of decisions made. Their problems-solving skills are now more complex and have moved beyond the usual convergent type of thinking. Their grasp of cause-and-effect relationships is also heightened. They can now make more accurate predictions depending on the circumstances surrounding a given problem or situation. Their highly developed sense of divergent problem-solving skills are enhanced by their creativity and imagination. They also love to read, expanding their vocabulary and improving their communication skills. This provides the foundation for establishing emotional and social skills.

Choosing the right kind of toy or gift for 9 year old girls can be made a lot easier if you know the developmental milestones of a child this age. Hopefully, our list of the 21 best toys for 9 year old girls including our overview of the developmental changes that occur with children of this age will help you come up with a better-informed decision on which toy to give your young lady.

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