10 Best Breyer Horses & Horse Toys for Kids in 2019

In 1950s Chicago, Breyer Molding Company created a horse by special order for the F.W. Woolworth Company. It was meant to be a normal order filled–nothing special. But that singular request changed the track of Breyer forever. The horse figurine, initially intended to adorn a clock, was such a hit, people began writing and calling into the company to ask if they could order just the horse. And so Breyer Molding Company realized exactly what it was they ought to be doing.

The Breyer Horse is a standard in the toy industry. The company prides itself on creating horse figurines that are authentic, high-quality, detailed, and relevant. What started out as one classic model (the #57 Western Horse) has expanded into something of an empire. Breyer is touted by equestrians and amateur horse enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for an equestrian toy that is classy, safe, and durable, look no further. Breyer is the place to go.

Here are 10 of the leading Breyer horse figurines. There are all kinds of breeds, sizes, colorings, and playsets available. Little ones will love the impeccable detail, and mom and dad will love the long-lasting quality and assured safety of each and every figurine. The company takes its promise very seriously: with Breyer, you truly have a horse of your very own.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Breyer Horses and Horse Toys

We reviewed many, many Breyer models to choose the best of the models offered by Amazon. These models received high praise from buyers because of the quality that the Breyer company has consistently offered over many years. The sculptors are skilled and, in some cases, famous artisans whose main focus is detailing horses. Their main mission is to be realistic and artistic in carving their models that are then made into molds. The Breyer horses are made out of durable resin.

Breyer makes its horses safe for older kids. They are not safe for toddlers as many sets have small pieces. The horses are safe for playing for older children, perhaps 8 and older. These are beautiful models, and they have a huge following of collectors that just display them. There are people who own hundreds of these models and they prize every one of them. But if that’s not your focus, that’s ok. Then let the kids play because playing is their “work.”

Kids start imitating their parents and people they come in contact with very early in their lives. As they grow, their role-play becomes more complex, and that’s where Breyer horse models come in. As kids get older, they learn vocabulary and their conversations are more complicated, which is a good thing as it helps kids learn how to have conversations with their friends, teachers, and parents. This helps build cognitive thought and problem-solving skills. With horse models, kids learn how to take care of horses and other pets and farm animals. They learn about horses’ anatomy, the names of the accessories, and how to groom and train them. Even just naming the horses they own can help them strengthen their decision-making abilities. If they want to get really knowledgeable about horses, they can learn about training and showing. There are plenty of resources out there for them, and Breyer has different clubs and communities that kids can become part of when they are old enough. There are even huge conventions at which crowds of people get together to share their knowledge and passion for model horses, and Breyer introduces new models at these events.

Breyer offers several levels of showing model horses including children’s, youth, and open classes. These are held in child-safe environments and are designed to teach kids how to present their horses as belonging to certain breeds, correctly tacking up horses in different roles, and presenting in a relevant scene while providing a narrative to go with it. Children learn research and presentation skills, relationship building and care of both model horses and real horses. They get to have fun meeting other kids and engaging in friendly competitions where they learn the rules of sportsmanship.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I find out more about Breyer model horse shows?

A: You can go to Breyer’s website at https://www.breyerhorses.com/showing

Q: My 8-year-old daughter is crazy about horses and wants to start collecting the models. Where should she begin?

A: First, she should decide if she wants to just play with the horses or collect them as models to display. Horses that have been played with and are nicked or chipped in any way lose their value quickly. For just playing, let her choose her favorite in an appropriate size for her. Maybe a horse and rider set or a grouping or horses with a barn.

If she wants to collect the horses and display them in her room or in a designated space, she should choose a model she loves and admires. She can leave the model in the box if she wants it to retain more value, or take it out and display her horses in a row on a shelf. Just remember that if they tip over or fall to the floor, they could get broken or rubbed. Then they lose some of their value.

Q: Does Breyer offer models that are decorated for Christmas?

A: Absolutely! Breyer offers a couple of lines of Christmas-decorated horses. A new one comes out every year. And they have Christmas carousel horses made from fine porcelain and painted in gorgeous detail.

Q: What are some famous horses that Breyer has modeled?

A: There are definitely too many to list all of them. The most famous ones are probably the racehorses that have won the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat is probably the most popular racehorse, but some others are Cigar, Zenyatta, Lonesome Glory, a steeplechaser, and American Pharoah. They have modeled horses that are the characters of books such as The Black Stallion, Misty of Chincoteague and TV shows like My Friend Flicka.

Q: Why does my model horse have a hole in its nose? It looks like an error.

A: The hole in the nose is a breathing hole and is not an error. All of the models have them because they are made of plastic. Air needs to flow in and out so that the horse does not expand in hot weather and over time cause the model to become deformed.

Q: How do I know that I have a genuine Breyer model?

A: Except for some of the early Breyer models, there is a marking on the inside of a front leg. There are several markings as they have changed a few times over the years. The earliest one was the letter C in a circle and the words Breyer-Reeves printed around it. There have been many knock-offs in retail stores that are much lighter in weight than the real Breyers and made with thin, cheap plastic. After some experience, you should have no trouble telling real from a fake.