Best Power Ranger Toys & Action Figures for Kids in 2019

Go, go, Power Rangers!

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers first sprang onto the scene in August 1993. They helped to kick-off a segment of popular kids’ programming on Fox, and the show was accompanied by action figures and playsets that did pretty well for themselves. Since then, the Rangers have gone through a whole host of off-shoots, spin-offs, rebranding, and some pretty mega makeovers. Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, and Zack make up the original five Rangers, with Kat replacing Kimberly several seasons in, and Rocky, Aisha, and Adam replacing Jason, Trini, and Zack.

The Power Rangers originally had various dinosaur-themed vehicles that joined together to create one giant fighting robot. In the reiterations that followed, the Rangers would rep Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Time Force, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, Samurai, and Beast Morphers, among many more. In total, there have been 26 different versions of the Power Rangers. So if your little ones are buzzed about them today, just be aware that they might look pretty different from what you remember.

Still, some children (and adults!) prefer the original design and characters. Others are onboard with the latest series, while plenty more have fallen in love with some re-articulation in between. Below, we have a spread of 10 Power Rangers toys from various series and seasons, all rated highly by users, and hand-picked by our team for your family.

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If your kids are obsessed with superheroes and action figures then these toys would be a perfect addition to their collection. While playing with them, your kids will develop their imagination and learn a lot about helping others. With the new update, our researchers made sure only the best power ranger toys are included on our list.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Power Ranger Toys and Action Figures

Our list of Power Rangers include toys that both girls and boys can play with. These toys are also the most popular among the many Power Rangers toys available today. We included items like action figures, costumes, and accessories. These are all authentic Power Rangers items that can be added to any amazing Power Rangers collection.

We include items like the Power Rangers movie, costumes, and toys that both boys and girls can use. There are also items that are geared more toward girls or boys. The Power Rangers movie is a great example of how everyone can enjoy a moment together. The movie features all types of people working together to figure out how to save the world from perile. It has wonderful role models that kids can aspire to.

The costumes are great for kids who love to play dress up. It doesn’t need to be Halloween for kids to have the time of their lives. They can dress up as heroes any time during the year and pretend to be good guys all they want. Brothers and sisters can play as these heroes and create long-lasting memories. Families can record their kids playing as Power Rangers and replay these clips 20 years later for fun laughs.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do people love Power Rangers?

A: People love Power Rangers because they are positive role models with awesome martial arts skills. When they first appeared in the ’90s, they became an instant success and for good reason. The team was colorful, flashy, expressive, showed off their martial arts and battled with giant robots.

Q: Why do children enjoy dressing up as Power Rangers?

A: Children enjoy playing dress up because it allows them to explore different personality types. There are at an age when they are figuring out who they are. When they dress up as Power Rangers, they see themselves as that persona. Kids play as heroes who save the day by helping others ward off monsters, and taking out the garbage for mom.

Q: What are the lessons that Power Rangers teach kids?

A: Power Rangers teach kids how to handle external and internal conflict. Whether they are fighting monsters or making amends amongst themselves, these teens teach kids how to be good people. Forgiveness is another good lesson they teach. In the first seasons of Power Rangers, the team eventually forgave the Green Ranger for being evil. They also forgave the town bully and he eventually became a citizen hero.

Q: Is it okay for kids to love the Power Rangers?

A: Don’t worry so much about the combat. Kids like to mimic what they see and parents are worried that they’ll start to fight each other. Honestly, kids eventually fight each other. But the Power Rangers teach kids that they should never fight each other. So the next time kids are playing Power Rangers and start getting carried away, remind them that the Power Rangers are friends who don’t hurt each other. Sometimes kids love to fight and it has nothing to do with the shows they are watching.

Q: Why are some parents upset with the series?

A: The Rangers use martial arts to fight off evil and parents see that as a bad influence on their kids. For some kids, Power Rangers is a little too much for them. They may need to wait until they’re a little older before they can watch a show like that and not act it out against other people. The show is rated PG. It means parental guidance is suggested.

Q: Does the franchise have any plans in the foreseeable future?

A: Power Rangers extends their Nickelodeon contract regularly. They are in line for more episodes filled with excitement and adventure. A little bit of love and comedy will also be seen along with new enemies and monsters.

Q: Is the franchise here to stay, or will the Rangers be fading away into history?

A: At the moment, all the lights are green. Power Rangers is here to stay and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Expect new Power Rangers toys to continue releasing yearly with new seasons with a new cast.


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