19 Best Gifts for Teenage Boys In 2018

If you’re on the lookout for really cool gifts for teenage guys, look no further because we’ve got 19 of the best and most popular for you. We know how tricky and frustrating it can be to scour the internet for something that you can give your teenager this coming Christmas or even on his birthday. That’s why we took the initiative to make a shortlist of the top 19 and unique gifts for teenage guys. We are confident that you will find these items superbly wonderful, your teenage boys will love you for it.

Last Updated: April 16, 2018
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This page was recently updated to remove and relace any items that were not available. We also made sure all information on the page is up to date and accurate and we checked our grammar as well.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Sentey LS-4232 P
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Razor E200 Electric Scooter
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Criteria Used In Evaluation of The Best Gifts for Teenage Boys

There are some things that are still just basic to the common experience of boys in general, and especially teenage boys!  That’s the need for camaraderie, connection, a sense of adventure and play, and a little bit of friendly competition thrown into the mix!  Most of our gift ideas sum these basics core factors up!

For the gift that can be the most general for these qualities, it is the Mongoose mountain bike!  This is the item that gives the most sense of adventure, with little to no limits!  It could be reserved for the neighborhood — but what’s the fun in that?!  Any family road trip or camping adventure will do for this!  What about if, and when, your teen is old enough and responsible to go on that hike with a group of friends or for a school trip?  At this adolescent stage in a boy’s life, developing competence and physical confidence is vital!

The Nerf Doominator gives the friendly competitive act so needed as well!  For that, we don’t need an extraordinarily messy house — sort of — or bumps and bruises in the process!  Just 2-4 of these nerf guns will do it!  Having that sense of play, “beating” your friends or siblings, or being beaten role play never gets tired!

The other side of adventure is the place of inner space!  The iPad mini will bring the connection and the curiosity about the world outside of their sensory realms to them.  This is more than a practical gift for the 21st century, this is a need and strong desire within every healthy teen!  It will all come easily and aid in the balanced transition into manhood.

Basic Research

Striking that social balance for the mind of your teenage son is the main thing!  Many of the items and books purchased can exert a certain amount of influence.  But the greater influence is the culture of the family and peer system!  Every child, from infancy to adolescence wants to have sense of belonging!  Without this, in either the family or the society-at-large, boys and men can easily begin to feel lost.  Most of the traditional roles for a boy and a man have now been eroded or eradicated, so the research goes back into those core elements.

Around the ages of 13-14 adolescents start to take on the following characteristics of abstract thinking and pondering the future; trying to understand where he might fit in the world and who he might become.  He’ll plan for the future and set worthy goals.  He’ll wonder about what his social responsibility is, then will separate from family to assert individuality.  That same separation will bring about the instinct to connect romantically with another.  All of these whirlwind inner changes will need some kind of tempering.

Part of the nature of these products is a way of bringing your teen son to the things that are important  — the thing that never changes — the sense of belonging through joyous shared activities.

What Determined the Top Teen Guys Gifts in Our List

It’s not really easy making a shortlist of Christmas gift ideas for teenage guys because everyone is a unique individual. Nevertheless teenagers do share certain characteristics that we used as focal point in our search. We had to make sure that each of the gift items we are suggesting here can help address one or two developmental milestones that teenagers need to accomplish. This is especially true in the establishment of their sense of identity and the determination of the roles that they are going to play in their future lives. Matching the design features of each product to the psychosocial needs of adolescent boys is never an easy one yet we believe we were able to carry it out rather splendidly.

Our research also brought us to hundreds of reviews and customer comments per product. We had to identify any negative feedback and try to evaluate if it really is a grave concern for future users of the product. We then reviewed the reputation or credibility of the company that designed and manufactured these cool gifts for teenage guys.

We are pretty confident that our list of the top 20 teen boy gifts will give you a head start on what items to buy this Christmas.

Adolescents and Their Identity Crisis

There are two very essential developmental tasks that teenagers have to accomplish if ever they want to successfully move onto the next stage of human development – adulthood.

First, they will have to establish their own identity. This is not easily accomplished. It all depends on how strong their ties to their families are. A great number of adolescents look to their peers for role modeling. They believe that their identities lie in the characteristics of the group where they belong. Unfortunately, if the peer group just happens to be one that espouses violence, drugs, and other irresponsible and reckless behavior, you can just imagine the effects of the peer group on the identity of the teenager.

On the other hand, ignoring the peer group and remaining loyal to the beliefs and traditions of the family can alienate the teenager from his peers. This can also have devastating psychosocial consequences. It is for this reason that the adolescent period is often described as a very tumultuous period simply because teenagers are struggling to create an identity which they must choose to pattern after the teachings of the family or the group behavior of his peers. For most teenagers, choosing one over the other will definitely bring in consequences.

The second task is related to the first. Teens must be able to determine what role they need to play in society. Should they play the role of a delinquent or a socially responsible individual? Should they be active yet aggressive or passive yet diplomatic?

This is why it is important to choose gift items that can help them define their identity and establish the roles they would like to play in life as adults.

The Bottom Line

The adolescent years is often marred with a lot of painful choices. Hopefully, our list of the 20 best gifts for teenage boys can help you decide on which gift to give so they can set out their lives in the right direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want my lesson to understand some of the basics of manhood, how would I get him interested in one of the books listed?

A: I think the best way is to learn about who some of his male role models are!  Such as historical or political figures; figures in sports or in the media.  Try to pick the most positive one, then direct him towards the values of that male figure.  Also, introduce him to some of your own heroes from your childhood or adolescence.  Focus on some of the core positive male attributes, then once that’s in place, hand him one of the books!  The one by Sean Covey should be particularly inspirational, since in his own life he has gone from being a pro athlete, to a businessman and now an author and motivational speaker.  All of this speaks of a positive core male attribute, in this case perseverance and adaptation.

Q: Perhaps I want to share in the products with my son, how user-friendly are they for me?

A: That would all depend on the product we’re talking about! Obviously, something like the mountain bike is incredibly friendly!  In fact, I suggest that as being the most primary activity that parents should try share and engage their children in.  Just buy your own adult sized version and spend a few hours on the road as a family. Other products, such as the Nerf gun, can be one level up.  It’s functionality is pretty easy — just point and shoot — though, there might be some frustration on the pellets jamming. Overall, if you have a minimal amount of technical experience, products like the Quadcopter or the Ipad mini, may have only a short learning curve before you’re fully in the game!

Q: I see a lot of products made in China, how reputable are some of these companies?

A: To speak to that, we are offering at least two well-known and established companies. One is Mongoose bikes, which has developed high quality road and mountain bikes in the USA since 1974. They have an extensive catalog and a guaranteed three year warranty on each product. They’re part of the international biking scene, and any bike can be easily registered through them, as well as assembled customly. The second company we feature is Jansport, which has been manufacturing backpacks since 1967. In a world that is rapidly changing, a Jansport pack never quits! Both products are priced at or below market value.

Q: Why shouldn’t I buy a regular Ipad for my son instead of the mini version?

A:  That’s more up to the discretion of each parent. There can be some features that a young person just doesn’t need, therefore just an added expense to you as a parent!  For a working professional there might be storage and app space that is more relevant than it would be to your teen. There’s also the factor of portability and expandability. The loss of an Ipad mini will definitely hurt less than a more expensive, upgraded, Ipad, Smartphone, or Macbook. In addition, this handheld version can be tossed in a backpack and used more like an Iphone, so it’s less cumbersome and prone to being damaged.

Q: A lot of these products seem more for pre-teens and kids, what if my teen is more mature?

A: I agree that some products like the Pogo stick or butt putt farter may be too juvenile for a teen. But, take into consideration some of the electronic and book options. Some of them are games, but most can be factored as some kind of learning tool. For instance, the Xbox motorsport games give a highly technical education on cars and engineering. The way these games are designed, they’re packed with as much realism and technical knowledge as possible.  In fact, in many of the reviews we researched more adult experts gave testimonials to its veracity than just pleased and satisfied parents. There’s a fit out there for each teen!

Q: Some of these products are pretty expensive, what should I do if my teen loses interest?

A: I say that you should consider the resale value of every purchase you make! Items like the Ipad and the Xbox have good resale value. They can even become collector’s items if they are used gently and cared for. Consider whether somethings could be hand-me-downs, legacy pieces, become a dealer or Amazon or Ebay. Or, simply see these items as a tax write-off. Part of the pitfalls of parenthood is realizing that there are many things that will just have to be written off as a loss!


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