The Highest Quality Baby Toys Fully Reviewed

Very young children below the age of 18 months learn a lot by using their senses. The first few months of life are dedicated to the collection of sensory information as an attempt of babies to make sense of their world. It is also during this time that they start developing mastery of their gross and fine motor skills. It starts with their ability to control head movements until the time they can start with their small steps. This is also the period where they begin to socialize with their primary caregivers. We understand the unique requirements of babies.

As such we made sure that the baby toys and gift suggestions we have listed here are not only of the highest possible quality in terms of design and safety but also developmentally appropriate for the different psychomotor and cognitive needs of babies. We also made sure that these toys are also highly recommended by child care and child developmental psychology experts as well as by the countless of parents who have babies of their own.