10 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls in 2019

Eleven-year-old girls can be considered at a very important stage of their lives. Majority of them are already in the second year of a two-three-year transitional period from childhood to adolescence. This also means that the choice of toys to be given to 11-year-old girls must also be appropriate for their developmental milestones. If you are at a loss or are frazzled by the sheer volume of toys and playthings in the market that selecting the best and most appropriate toy for your young lady is proving to be a very difficult endeavor, then allow us to assist you with our list of the top 20 toys for 11-year-old girls.

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Criteria Used In Evaluation of The Best Toys for 11-Year-Old Girls

Choosing toys for kids means lots of research for us, but big gains for you in supporting your little girl’s development over the years.  We ask questions like: What does the toy teach? How can the toy support your daughter emotionally? Will it make her happy and give her an outlet to express herself? Will it help your kid learn about herself and discover what she is interested in and what she decides to ignore?

Girls at this age want to try new activities and discover what they are good at.  Toys that encourage tween girls to invite her friends over to play together are great for them to learn how to get along and to interact socially with each other. They learn how to compete and how to cooperate. They can create strategies together that help them learn or win games they play.

Choosing toys for kids can be challenging at best. Parents stress over this decisions while the kids don’t care as long as they are getting something new. In most of the literature that’s out, there, it seems that development of creativity and imagination are the most important attributes to develop.  But the also need to develop and encourage focus and social relationships.  Getting together with family and friends in cooperative play helps kids grow up into responsible adults.

To encourage any and all of these traits, pick toys that have different colors and textures. Toys are great if they can be played with and positioned in more than just one way. Infinite possibilities provide a source of imaginative and long time play.  Play is a child’s work, so it’s good for them to spend as many hours as possible just playing. They don’t need to grow up all that quickly.

We also take stock of age-appropriate toys, safety, and parental reviews.  Are parents okay with the safety of this toy, what it teaches, and the price?

The reputation of the manufacturer is also important.  This plays into the quality and safety of the toys we choose.  We do our best to pick toy makers with a great reputation, a great safety record, and really good reviews from parents. We don’t eliminate them, though, because of one toy failure. We want to give you, the consumer, as many creative toy choices as possible.

How We Chose the Top Toys in Our List

Choosing the top toys for girls is never easy simply because of the sheer number of product categories and the individual playthings under each category. Nevertheless, in an effort to provide you with the top 20 toys for 11 year olds, our team or researchers had to scour the internet for the most developmentally appropriate toys for such age group of young ladies. We had to make sure that there is something to be learned or developed or even enhanced when these tools or instruments are used in their playtime activities. We then checked their overall design including the safety of the materials used in the design. We then had to read through hundreds of reviews and customer feedbacks specifically looking for issues which you might want to be interested in before making the decision to purchase. Of course, the toymaker’s credibility and reputation are important as well especially those that provide guarantees for the quality craftsmanship of their playthings. This is how we came up with the list of the best and top toys for 11 year old young ladies.

11-Year Old Girls and Pre-Teens

Puberty is that critical period in our lives when we experience sudden growth spurts and a lot of bodily changes. For us ladies, this often signals the beginning maturation of our secondary sex characteristics. We begin to grow body hair particularly in the armpit and in the pubic area. We also notice our breasts to start taking shape and the inward curvature of our waist is becoming more pronounced. Just a few more years and the 11 year old young lady’s transformation into one very beautiful lady will soon be complete. Depending on what’s written in their genes, girls of this age can already start having their very first menstruation further ushering an era of renewed anxiety because of the sudden gush of bloody fluids from the intimate organs. Aside from these changes, the 11 year old girl can also expect to have plenty of development particularly in her brain, muscles, and bones as well as the blood, hair, skin. All of these physiologic changes can have a significant impact on the optimum growth and development of 11-year-olds.

While the muscular development of girls is minimal compared to boys of this age, they still present rapid growth and development in terms of muscle tone and strength. As such, just like their male counterparts, 11 year old girls will also want to be more physically active. Physical activities for young ladies may come in the form of performing arts and crafts, playing ball games, running, biking, dancing, and swimming just to name a few. It is important to give young ladies playthings that help encourage the use of different muscle groups. It is also important to enhance their sense of balance and coordination especially in terms of their proprioceptive sense. This is especially true for girls who wish to go into dancing, particularly ballet.

Eleven-year-olds have already reached a certain level of cognition wherein they are now more than able to solve many problems using concepts that they have learned in school as well as the different life experiences they have already gone through. They can already show an excellent understanding of hypothetical situations and scenarios that operate on the what-if principle. This enhances their divergent problem-solving skills as well as counterfactual reasoning skills. These two essential cognitive processes are important for young pre-teens to utilize their cognitive abilities and think of all possible solutions to any given problem. The whole point of divergent thinking is to come up with as many possible answers, solutions, or alternatives as possible to a given situation or problem. This is the basis of logic and critical thinking.

Aside from improvements in their divergent problem solving and counterfactual reasoning skills, 11-year-old girls also show dramatic improvements in their increased focal efficiency, concentration, and memory recall and processing. This enhances their perseverance which can become the fuel for them to keep on pushing until they have completed a given task. What is quite remarkable at this stage is that young ladies will now have a beginning understanding of highly intangible and abstract concepts such as love, faith, and trust. This can become an excellent conversation point for 11-year-olds.

It is, therefore, crucial to provide 11-year-olds with toys that help foster or encourage the development of these cognitive and language skills. This is necessary in helping them grow more knowledgeable and more appreciative of the world around them. Role-playing, dramatic play, fantasy play, or using their imagination is often helpful. This is especially true if they are given toys that encourage them to create something new.

The Bottom Line

The physical and hormonal changes experienced by 11 year old girls can be major sources of frustration for them. We, as parents, can help them better understand these physiologic changes by giving them toys that allow the utilization of such physiologic, cognitive, and social changes. Our list of the top 20 toys for 11 year old girls will surely be a great help in this regard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I use toys to help my child through the tween years?

A: Educate yourself. Watch the TV shows your kids watch so you can see what’s being advertised to her.  Many companies try to push young girls into products that are more appropriate for older girls. If your child is not ready for that, buy more age-appropriate toys. Discuss this topic with her so she can understand your expectations.

Q: How can I use toys to teach my daughters as they develop?

A: Choose toys that can help develop your child’s concentration, encourage cooperative group play, experiment with colors and artistic endeavors, and physical development of muscles for fine motor skills and physically active skills. Toys that encourage problem solving are also appropriate as girls brains are developing in thinking logically, and being able to write paragraphs to support their answers.

Q: What will my child learn from age-appropriate toys?

A: You little girl will start to become an individual at around 11 years old. Games that help her imagine what she wants to be when she grows up, her likes and dislikes, and to think on her own all help. Strategy games help with logical thinking and maneuvering her hand and eye muscles help with visualizing object in space.

Q: Should I choose toys that are made for a slightly higher age range?

A: To choose toys, you have to know your child. If your child likes a challenge, choose a more challenging toy. On the other hand, keeping it simple could be the best choice as it leaves room for your child’s imagination to grow and creativity to develop. Remember that kids don’t care if it’s age appropriate. They just want something new. Don’t feel bad if your toy choice is too big a challenge for your child. She can grow into it. Maybe put it away for several months until she matures a bit.

Q: How do I choose a toy that keeps my little girl’s attention?

A: This is about helping your child to focus, which is a hard task even for some adults. Choose a toy that involves multiple senses. These would be toys and games that combine texture, use bright colors, sounds, or have lights. Also, toys that can be played with in multiple ways the way building blocks can be built into different objects. Choose toys like dolls, blocks, or animals that they can use to make up stories.

Q: Would this be too advanced for a 6 year old?

A: All of the products that made it on this list have been approved for 11 year old girls. Each product falls under a parent or caretaker’s discretion, many can be adapted to a younger age, however it depends on the child.

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