10 Best School Supplies for Going Back to School in 2019

At the start of every school year all students will need supplies. This means that you will need to make a list and get things ready for their first day. Whether your student is in high school or entering the first grade the supply list will contain some of the same things. These items are needed across the board for all students. Now, some of the items will vary, but they all need the basic supplies. We have created a list of the best school supplies for going back to school for students. From grade school to college school supplies are school supplies. The list includes items that are always needed.

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This list has been reviewed and updated. One item was removed and updated with a more relevant item to the marketplace. All other products have been reviewed, checked for availability, and ensured that it is the best item for all students.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best School Supplies for Kids

Here at Borncute, it is always our utmost priority to recommend products that are completely safe for kids to use. We conduct extensive research to hone in on the ideal suggestions for a given topic. In this case of school supplies, it can seem like most of the time they will be safe by default. Typically, this is true, but we always make sure to double-check plastic materials for any potentially toxic ingredients or check certain pen or marker inks for any potentially dangerous chemicals. School supplies most often required by teachers of different grade levels include notebooks, writing utensils, a backpack, and binders, to mention a few.

By themselves, these supplies tend to be safe for students of many ages to use. However, one concern we do consider is how heavy a student’s backpack will be on a daily basis.

Heavy backpacks are actually a major health concern for growing children. Even when worn properly, they can strain different muscle groups such as the neck and upper back, shoulders, hips, and lower back. Health professionals recommend that backpacks should be a maximum of 10 to 15 percent of a child’s weight, but it can be difficult to stay within that safe window when carrying everything needed for a day in school.

In order to tackle the risk for back issues and other longer-term health conditions associated with heavy backpacks, it is absolutely preferred for students to wear two-shouldered backpacks rather than one-shouldered or cross-body bags. This helps to distribute the weight evenly. Additionally, the five subject notebook we included on our list is a great way to replace five separate notebooks (each with thick front and back covers) to only one bigger notebook.


Whether it’s a notebook for class or a set of mechanical pencils, we made sure to recommend durable products that will last your child as long as they need to use it. Spiral notebooks can be flimsy with thin wires or paper covers that rip, so we selected sturdier options designed to withstand the duration of time needed to fill the pages. When buying school supplies for the year, we believe that the supplies should do just that…last the year!


All the school supplies on our list are functional for the students who will need to use them. We chose high-quality products that are easily utilized and make sense for kids. For example, all the notebooks on our list will fit into most standard-sized backpacks so students can easily transport them. We quality-checked the products on this list to make sure they will perform well. For example, we researched to make sure ink writing won’t bleed through the pages of a notebook or that mechanical pencil lead won’t break too easily.

Common School Requirements

We composed this list by suggesting a recommendation for very commonly required school supplies. The majority of teachers of all grades will require writing utensils, for example, so we researched to recommend excellent options for pens, pencils, highlighters, and even mechanical pencils as some students prefer this type.


Many of the items on our list can help students establish organizational skills that can further enhance their success in school. Disorganized students can often end up getting lower grades and making more mistakes which negatively impact their overall success in school. It is therefore important not only to teach students how to better organize their school materials, but it can be equally effective to provide them with school supplies that make it easier for them to keep things organized.

For example, we suggested a pen case that can fit more than just pens and pencils, so students can carry the majority of their smaller supplies all in one place. We also recommended binders, a file folder, and other folders with tabs which can really help students learn how to categorize and organize the numerous papers they will get from all of their classes. It can be overwhelming to search for your homework assignment when your backpack has nearly 1,000 other pieces of paper in it, so when kids have the supplies to create designated spaces for their work it can help them keep on top of everything.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my elementary school student handle mechanical pencils?

A: Yes. Elementary school students can absolutely learn to use mechanical pencils. The only issue that may arise is that younger kids tend to apply more pressure when writing, which may break the lead tip.

Q: Will the text written in pen be readable once highlighted?

A: These highlighters won’t smear pen or printed ink as long as it is dry before highlighting.

Q: Does the geometry toolset come with a protractor?

A: Yes, it comes with a protractor, compass, ruler, and more supplies.

Q: Do all folders include 3-pong paper holders in the middle or is that a feature that I need to check for each time I buy folders?

A: No, not all folders include the 3-pong paper holders in the middle. It is mostly associated with more premium folders. Each brand has their own design and will need to be checked to see if they feature the 3-pongs in the middle to hold the papers.

Q: Are all flash drives compatible with computers at home and at school if they have different operating systems installed?

A: Flash drives are compatible with different operating systems. You could use one operating system at school and another at home while still being able to access the files on the flash drive.

Q: Can the binder dividers be put into any kind or brand of 3 ring binders

A: Yes, 3 ring binder dividers have been created to be universal. The hole pattern in the binder divider should fit any major brand or style of 3 ring binder.


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