10 Best Spider-Man Comics & Books Reviewed in 2019

Since he made his first appearance in the comic book issue: Amazing Fantasy #15, in 1962, Spiderman is still one of the most beloved superheroes to children today. Peter Parker has been around for over 50 years now with almost everyone knowing his story. Everyone knows that he was an ordinary high school teenage boy until he got accidentally bitten from a radioactive spider. By being bit by this radioactive spider, Peter Parker became known as Spiderman. Spiderman is wonderful to introduce young children too – especially – preteen or teenage boys as he’ll eventually become a relatable character to them. He was often shown struggling with his own feelings of being rejected, loneliness, and trying to find his place in this world which many teenagers understand and can relate too.

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For this update we made sure that all of our top ten products were still the highest rated and currently available in today’s market. We also added more information to our criteria section. For any other questions that you might have, please check out our FAQ.

Our Top 3 Picks

The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reissue of the Classic Comics
  • Price: See Here
Spider-Man Little Golden Book
  • Spider-Man Little Golden Book
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Preschoolers' Edition
  • Price: See Here
The Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Spiderman's Civil War Storyline
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Spider-Man Comics and Books

When Spiderman first was introduced in 1962, he was additionally only supposed to be a side kick character. We know that because this hero has been around for nearly over 50 years that there’s going to be an overwhelming mass of products in today’s market. We wanted to help save parents time by doing the research for you and finding the best of the best Spiderman products that the industry has to offer for 2019. We know that while of course from the big screens, to playsets, your favorite action hero there’s bound to be somethings about him that might change over time to make him a little bit more relevant and relatable for some children. One thing however that hasn’t changed is that comic books are still today a favorite way for a child to read.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to encourage your child to read, especially with all those different kinds of screens around. It’s time to put the screens away and have your child use their imagination and get lost in the world of reading with some of their favorite characters. Reading is extremely educational and beneficial to your child’s cognitive growth. Not only does it also encourage their creativity, but reading also will help improve your child’s concentration, vocabulary and language skills. It will even help your child gain a sense of empathy as well. We can’t stress enough how important reading is.

With comics becoming more and more common in even today’s environment, socializing is a wonderful way of getting your child to talk about what their favorite hero is up to in their latest adventure. When parents encourage and teach their little one to read with a topic that’s interesting to their child, the outcome of your child loving to read will have a better outcome. We are sure that you and your little one will find one of our top ten Spiderman comics and other books perfect for your next story time.
We tasked our research time an made sure that each content was age and developmentally appropriate specifically to children. Of course, these books can be loved by all, our main focus was making sure that it was appropriate for children. We also paid specifically close attention to the content that each book contains making sure that with each of our selection there was no graphic violence or other advance material that might not be suitable for younger viewers.

Variety of Genres

We wanted to make sure that we had a wide selection that you could choose from on our top ten list above. We made sure that we had not just comic books, but novels, children books, and even “learn to read” books as well on our list all having to do with Spiderman. By having a wide selection like this we were able to look for different types of books on Spiderman while considering every age, skill level, and of course, interest. We know that sometimes it can be difficult for parents to find Spiderman or any superhero book for that matter that are appropriate for younger children, considering that he Is a superhero who saves anyone from danger and takes on various villains. We know that with plots such as these they can often become quite violent and sometimes can be way too advanced for the younger crowd. Thankfully, we were able to find some children’s books and even some “learn how to read” books for the little ones who can still enjoy all of Spiderman’s adventures.

Development of Literacy and Writing Skills

Books are an incredible resource for children to develop literacy and writing skills that they will benefit from and use throughout their lives. Whatever the genre or type of book it may be, every book on this list can help kids excel by reading it. Reading provides countless benefits for children and adults alike. Some of these benefits include the following.

Increases Focus, Concentration, and Attention-Span

Children have a lot going on in their developing brains and minds. They are experiencing
so many things for the first time and taking in massive amounts of information at
extremely high rates. Kids today are bombarded with even more stimulation than ever before in history, with televisions, computers, and hand-held screen devices, as well as flashy billboard advertisements and neon signs pulling our attention in different directions all over the places we live.

It’s no wonder kids (and adults!) are having more difficulty than ever staying focused. Reading is a wonderful tool for increasing focus and concentration and expanding attention-spans. Reading isn’t a task that can be multi-tasked as the reader must continuously view the words. When children sit and read, often times they can zone into the story and not even realize the passage of time. They remain focused and immersed in the story, and their attention-span grows the more often and the longer they read. The ability to concentrate, as well as having a long attention span, are both key elements to success in school, in achieving goals, mastering skills, and in many professional settings. This demonstrates just some of the potential positives reading brings to kids.

Expands Vocabulary

Whether it’s a children’s book, novel, or yes, even a comic book, reading helps children build their vocabularies. Having a large vocabulary is important for communication, education, understanding, and in the professional world. As children begin to learn more words (and their meanings), they then have a more diverse set of tools to express themselves. A large vocabulary means that a kid can select words while communicating that clearly convey what they are trying to say. As much of the world’s educational systems are built on standardized testing, the bigger a child’s vocabulary, the more likely they will be able to understand test material and succeed in school. Children with wide vocabularies would obviously benefit when testing for reading comprehension or writing.

But the potential assisting power of vocabulary extends to other testing subjects, as well as in the instructions themselves. Additionally, having a large vocabulary can help kids understand the world better. Learning a new word and its definition can open up a whole new set of ideas that inform a child about some concept they didn’t know existed. Finally, a large vocabulary can promote success in many professions. Studies have shown that people in higher positions such as managers, superintendents, or presidents and vice presidents score higher on vocabulary tests than people in inferior positions.

Visual Literacy

Visual literacy is the ability to extract meaning from information presented visually and through text, by processing the image and words simultaneously. This form of literacy was not very relevant or useful in the past, however, it is actually very beneficial in the world we live in today. Information today is presented through a combination of text and visual inputs, and will potentially become even more prevalent than information presented through text alone.

We can see this visual presentation of information from textbooks and other educational material, on social media, advertisements, infographics, and even signs in public places. The ability to understand such visual information is becoming increasingly important. Visual literacy is not currently taught in schools, so reading books with illustrations such as comic books and children’s books can facilitate teaching the skill for kids.

Inspirational Stories that Instill Important Values

Spider-Man is an incredibly inspirational superhero who has become one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time. For one, Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man when he is only a teenager. He’s already dealing with typical teenage issues and doing well in school. On top of that, he gets spider powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider and decides to use them to defeat evil and save people in danger.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man is not at all-invincible. He can (and sometimes does) get hurt on his missions to save his city from evil villains, and he even risks his own life. He does have powers that make him more capable than your average human, but he is not nearly undefeatable like Superman, for example. Additionally, Spider-Man is a hero with solid and honorable morals that he always sticks to. He never kills, not even the evil villains. For these reasons and more, Spider-Man himself is an inspirational character and worthy role model for children.

We specifically selected stories that touch on themes that instill important values. For example, the books on our list teach life lessons such as the importance of perseverance, helping others, spreading good in the world, standing up for what we believe in, valuing family, and that all lives matter. Spider-Man is an awesome superhero and absolutely a “good guy,” but superhero/villain stories can sometimes contain way too much action without much substance. Thankfully we made sure that the stories we included are still exciting, but also go deeper with the values they present.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are comic books bad for my child to read?

A: Comic books are actually good for kids to read. As long as the content doesn’t contain anything you as a parent would consider inappropriate, the comic-book format is a wonderful resource for kids to develop and improve a range of reading skills.

Q: My kid prefers reading on a Kindle, do these books have Kindle versions available?

A: Not all of the books on our list have a Kindle option, but some of the books are available on Kindle.

Q: Are all the books on this list Spider-Man comic books?

A: Nope! There are quite a few comics on our list, but we also made sure to include a novel, a few children’s books, and even a couple books targeting young kids just learning to read.

Q: Are the villains in the books going to scare my child?

A: Not necessarily. Villains and scenes with evil ideas and actions can be scary for some kids, but we tried to select books that weren’t too over the top in terms of violence or scariness. Ultimately, you know your child best. If you read each book’s plot summary, you should be able to get a feel for whether it’s going to be an issue for your child or not. It’s always good to remind a nervous child that these books are completely made up.

Q: Will my daughter like these books or are they just good for boys?

A: We think girls can enjoy Spider-Man books just as much as boys do, or even in some cases, more! Some girls love action and intense hero/villain plots. Even if your daughter isn’t that into action-packed stories, many of the books on this list cover a range of topics such as Peter Parker’s personal life, romance, school, and family. We highly suggest giving one of these books a try for your daughter and seeing how she responds.

Q: If my child is a reluctant reader, will these books help them get more interested in reading?

A: It honestly depends on if your child enjoys Spider-Man. If your reluctant reader is excited by Spider-Man toys, movies, and games, we think these books will have a good chance at enticing them to read, and hopefully, enjoy reading!