22 Best Toys & Gift for 7 Year Old Boys in 2019

Sometimes it can feel hard to keep track of the developmental stages and requirements of children. They grow so fast, absorb information like a sponge, and yet learn and mature and different rates. All children will be a little different, but buying gifts for them that help compliment their developmental milestones and challenges is a thoughtful way to show that you care, want them to have fun, and want them to succeed. Below you’ll find our suggestions for seven year old boys. Each product has been chosen for its intellectual and physical benefits and also because all of the gifts below are just plain fun!

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This guide has been revisited just in time for the holidays! We’ve removed low stock items, as well as items that would arrive after Christmas. At the time of this most current update, all items were fully available and should make it under the tree with some time to spare.

Our Top 3 Picks

World Record Paper Airplane Book
  • World Record Paper Airplane Book
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Promotes Logical Thinking
  • Price: See Here
Ultimate Building Set
  • Ultimate Building Set
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 480 pieces
  • Price: See Here
A3 Kick Scooter by Razor
  • A3 Kick Scooter by Razor
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Improves muscle coordination
  • Price: See Here

22 Best Toys For 7 Year Old Boys

K'NEX - 35 Model Building Set - 480 PiecesK'NexBuilding
Razor A Kick Scooter (Blue)RazorRide-On
Diggin Active Dodge TagDigginOutdoor
OUREAL Walkie Talkies for Kids Long Distance Two-Way Radio 2 PacksOurealElectronic
Nerf N-Strike Blazin' Bow BlasterNerfOutdoor
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots GameMattelGames

World Record Paper Airplane Book

With more than 250 pages worth of fun to work your way through, this paper Airplane book will keep any fan going for a long time; the investment is well-worth the cost of the book. A really nice birthday present to gift a young kid who enjoys working with detailed directions and is able to follow them easily. All of the paper airplanes that your kid will build are world record-breaking. There are a total of five models for each type of airplane and you can note your own record-breaking score in the flight log. Find your way on the fast track with your airplane when you launch it off of the pull-out runway. Encourage your child to gain knowledge about the science of airplane-building.

Benefits – It’s really nice when your kid has the ability to sit for long enough to follow a sheet of instructions that include basic pictures that help guide your kid through to the end result. Your son will gain a lot of knowledge while working out of this airplane crafting book; from science to physics, there is much to be gained.

What We Like about It – This is one of the larger, more-advanced booklets full of instructions on how to make the greatest paper airplanes that have broken records. The paper provided is extra-durable so your kid can collect his way through the entire booklet of models.


  • The pages are perforated so there wont be any frayed edges to the paper
  • The designs are interesting to kids and fun to work with
  • Because they are world record-breaking, your kid will be able to make some incredibly fast planes
  • Kids enjoy learning how to build them and the instructions are easy to understand


  • Doesn’t offer as much creativity as they are just tear out and fold models of airplanes, not just paper to fold on your own while reading instructions

35 Model Ultimate Building Set by K’NEX 

kids building set

Building toys are one of the most useful toys for any 7 year old boy. The 35-Model Ultimate Building Set from K’NEX is composed of 480 pieces of building components to help your kid build and create up to 35 very unique, fully functioning models. Your kid can start building or creating his own models of airplanes, land vehicles, animals, and even rides in an amusement park. It comes with a treasure chest for storing the building set as well as other builders’ sets.

Benefits – This box of K’Nex has instructions on how to create, build, problem solve, and work with intricate, miniature pieces. It also guides a young boy into working with colors, which can benefit graphing charts in school and color coordinating things. While playing with this toy, your son will call upon his artistic nature.

What We Like about It – It comes with a very detailed instruction booklet on how to build the 35 models, which can help improve their cognitive skills. It is also quite challenging as these are not your ordinary building blocks. 


  • 35 different outcomes
  • Very convenient storage
  • Can make interactive toys like planes and trucks
  • Stimulate maturity in a child
  • Promotes following detailed instructions


  • Instructions may be too hard to follow for a child with a short attention span
  • Child may get frustrated with how long it may take to set up

A Kick Scooter by Razor 

kids scooter

Excellent for reinforcing their sense of balance and muscle coordination, the Kick Scooter from Razor is a perfect Christmas gift. With superb deck design for convenient transportation for kids, the Kick Scooter comes with an aerospace-grade aluminum which gives it an unparalleled durability. It has a rear fender brake for excellent stopping power in addition to 98-mm inline wheels made of high-grade urethane. The folding scooter is sturdy to support a maximum weight of around 143 pounds.

Benefits – This kind of toy will prove to a child that it is okay to go fast, and I mean fast. These smooth-glide wheels keep things rolling naturally and with a patented rear fender brake, you will not need to worry about keeping your child safe, once he has learned how to control this scooter. It is an upgrade of previous Razor scooters.

What We Like about It – At only six pounds, the scooter is lightweight enough to be carried conveniently wherever your kid wants to go. Best of all, it is good for reinforcing your kid’s balance and leg muscle strength. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Rear brake works well
  • Bigger wheels than other Razor scooters, making it easy to go over bumpy pavement
  • Great front wheel shock absorber
  • Cool design and colors of wheels


  • Very heavy compared to the A1 razor model
  • Steering column may loosen rapidly

Car Designer by ZOOB 

kids car set

If your kid is fascinated with cars, the ZOOB Car Designer should be a great starting point to help him better understand the inner workings of an automobile. The ZOOB Car Designer comes with 76 building pieces including 12 wheels complete with fully textured rubber tires. The set comes with three instructional guides to help your kid create an ATV, a truck, a buggy, or any other land vehicle he can think of.

Benefits – This set has 76 pieces total, plus some other small items to take care of like the instructions. All of the many important pieces are going to help you child be accountable for what it takes to care for his toys. This can carry out into his future when it comes to multitasking and remembering where things are meant to go, overall helping your child to take good care of his items so they don’t end up lost.

What We Like about It – While the set comes with instruction manuals on how to construct at least three models of cars, the building pieces allow absolute creativity for your 7 year old. With these pieces, he can create whatever he may imagine. 


  • Neat and vibrant colors to work with
  • Parts are large enough that semi-older “younger” siblings won’t swallow them
  • Stimulates creativity upon building
  • Helps a child understand the basic parts of a car
  • Can activate interest in fixing cars and auto mechanics


  • The instructions have been hard to follow for some people
  • The packaging has downgraded from a carrying kit that keeps items organized, to a basic box where parts become mixed together

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!)


For a gift, you can never go wrong with giving a present of knowledge. Not only do kids benefit from the 5,000 fun facts inside the book, but it will also enhance their reading skills as they peruse through their favorite subjects. National Geographic books are the number one sellers of trivia for kids because they are made especially easy to read and understand. There is so much about our human lives and everything surrounding us that children must learn quickly; books such as these make that information interesting and pleasurable. Some of the many topics include history, animals, food, the human body, robots, survival skills, and math. The book is not just a list of facts because it has illustrations of the topics and also explains the why and how of the subjects. With knowledge, kids can participate in meaningful conversations with adults and other kids at home or school. Trivia games are much easier to excel at after looking at this book too. Give your kid the information he needs to be a well-versed member of his peer group with this exceptional book full of facts from National Geographic.

Benefits – Children are naturally inquisitive of the world around them and this book answers plenty of questions that kids normally ask. Let their brains explore the many wonders of our surroundings in this gorgeous, colorful book.

What We Like about It – This is a wonderful way for kids to spend some quiet time at home, traveling, or waiting in various places. So informative and fun, they will gain much knowledge in a matter of minutes!


  • Is the #1 trivia best-seller book
  • Includes many facts on everyday things such as bears, peanut butter and oceans
  • Is a wonderful conversational piece
  • Enhances trivia game play
  • Explains the why and how of many areas


  • More pictures would be nice said one reviewer
  • One complaint of some of the topics covered, such as haunted houses and Ouija boards

Active Dodge Tag by Diggin 

kids tag game

If your son loves dodge ball, he will also love the Active Dodge Tag. It is made of fully wearable air-mesh vests that have bull’s eye design in the center. Kids wear this vest and attempt to hit the target while at the same time dodging the ball and avoiding getting hit. The dodge balls are soft and as such should not hurt your kid when it is thrown and sticks onto the vest. The set comes with two vests and six soft balls, three for each player.

Benefits – Look no further for a toy that really improves hand-eye coordination. This is great for children who love to play games that involve throwing and catching. This is technically a dodge ball trainer, but it can be used to teach your child the basics for games like baseball and football. This type of coordination is very important to build at this age.

What We Like about It – An excellent way to foster competitive play. Watch your kid run, dodge, and throw the ball against his friend. This is great for strengthening hand-eye coordination and developing agility and endurance. 


  • This is a very safe toy
  • Low maintenance and straightforward
  • Ultimately an outside and indoor toy
  • Target point in the center of friends chest to creates an easy focal point
  • Great colors throughout the entire ensemble


  • The design could use far more velcro
  • Velcro has a weak stick when the balls hit it

ThinkFun Rush Hour Junior Traffic Jam Logic Game


With 40 challenging puzzles to figure out by moving around the toy cars and trucks, your child will be entertained for hours with this superb puzzle. It is a twisting maze of vehicles that must be shifted to find the way through the traffic jam. The set comes with a traffic grid, 15 blocking vehicles, an ice cream truck, and 40 cards with the logic challenges. Starting at the beginner level, kids learn how to move the game pieces strategically to solve the puzzle. As they progress through the challenges up to the expert level, they will gain abilities in planning, coordination, and reasoning. A travel bag is included with the toy to make transport and storing simple. The Traffic Jam Game is a wonderful way to spend a quiet day indoors or traveling to another destination.

Benefits – There are plenty of times when a child needs something to occupy his mind while waiting or traveling and this is the perfect solution to boredom. Kids must plan their moves and think the results out logically as they progress through the game.

What We Like about It – To get kids thinking logically, this game is a fun maze of vehicles to sort out. Little boys just adore cars and trucks, so this game will be a fabulous gift for any 7 year old.


  • Includes 40 challenges rated beginner to expert
  • Winner of the Parents Choice Gold Award
  • Includes a Game-Go bag for convenient and easy storage
  • Shift vehicles to get to the exit in each level of game play
  • Perfect for travel or waiting areas


  • Only one player can play at a time
  • Box and board was not very sturdy for some purchasers

N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster by Nerf 

kids blaster toy

If your boy idolizes Hawkeye, Robin Hood, or even Katniss, then he will surely love Nerf’s N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster. This toy power bow can fire three large and aerodynamic foam arrows up to 40 feet. The bow has a wingspan of around 20 inches and is constructed of only the highest-quality materials. Weighing only at 2 pounds, the N-Strike is just right for your kid’s hands. Read our epic list of Nerf guns for more great products like this!

Benefits – This is a toy version of a real bow and arrow and a great choice if you will eventually introduce a real-life hunting bow. This bow is capable of teaching your child to aim for his very first target. Nerf wars are loads of fun nd having a toy like this one will make them far more exciting!

What We Like about It – Its real bow action can help introduce the concept of bow hunting to 7 year old boys. It’s also an excellent way to help strengthen hand-eye coordination and reinforce your kid’s ability to focus and concentrate.


  • Great for improving focus
  • Easy pull-back
  • Heavy duty unique darts
  • Is able to shoot very far
  • Lightweight design


  • Shoots inaccurately
  • Fletchings fall of frequently

HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game

headband guessing game

Hedbanz takes a pretty classic game and makes it accessible to all ages, and a ton of fun to play. Each player (between two to six per round) gets three tokens and picks a face-down card which straps to their headband. The categories are simple: animals, food, and man-made common objects. The timer (and hourglass) is set and they then have sixty seconds to ask yes or no questions that will help them determine what they are. The universal categories means even young family members can join in on the fun, and the race-against-the-clock setup keeps everyone’s energy high as the fun ticks on!

Benefits – Kids will increase their deductive reasoning and creative thinking skills in this question-and-answer game. By connecting the information from each question, they’ll link together an idea of what they might be.

What We Like about It – It’s educational, but no one would know that. It feels like a mystery game to young ones, and is easy for everyone in the family to play. No complicated setup or rules here: just simple fun. 


  • Includes headbands for two to six players
  • Cards are easy for young kids to understand
  • Works deductive reasoning skills
  • Comes with its own timer and set of categories
  • Easy rules to follow


  • Limited replay value: only about fifty cards, and then you have to recycle them, so it can become predictable for kids after a few times playing through

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board by Marky Sparky

kids dart game

Designed to help develop your kid’s precision hand-eye coordination, the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is something that every 7 year old boy need to have. This dart game comes with neodymium magnet-containing dart board and flexible darts. The six darts come in two different colors to allow for competitive play.

Benefits – Learning to play darts as a kid is one of the most memorable games that one has. The game of darts has been around for many years and has become a classic family game. Everyone and their neighbors all have had a dart board at some point in their lives. Creating memories is what this board does best. A game that requires multiple players or play a game against your own high score.

What We Like about It – The construction of the magnetic dart board is simply amazing. It makes sure that the darts stick to the section it first contacts, pretty much like the real dart game. This is great for strengthening your kid’s target acquisition skills and precision throwing. 


  • Magnets work very well
  • Improves aim
  • Light weight
  • Hangs on wall easily
  • Ultra durable for lasting fun


  • Does not provide an accurate line of fire
  • Reinforcement is needed on the plastic rim

Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game by Simba 



Unique toys are always neat to be able to gift to 7 year old boys. This is a truly unique flying gift that is been made from durable foam and rubber. It launches through the air and looks just like a rocket. The best part is nothing is required besides the awesome rocket and a finger. They even feature a cool LED light for night time play. Just simply press the button on the tail and they start to glow. The light will last about 72 hours of continuous use. Kids will have a great time playing outdoors with these rockets. Getting the rocket off the ground is easy with just kinetic energy that is generated from the rubber band. The rubber band stores the energy and when stretched and released it is transferred to the foam rocket. If you are looking for something simple, fun, easy to use, and entertaining for hours, these foam finger rockets will be great for your next 7 year old boy’s gift.

Benefits – Launching this foam rocket is easy, but it is also a great way to practice and enhance fine-motor-skill development. Placing the finger on the rubber band then pulling the rocket back is a simple yet complex movement making it an idea exercise for fine-motor-skill development.

What We Like about It – Simple and such a good time. The set includes lots of rockets making for a great time playing outside. Launching them at night in the dark was even more fun.


  • Unique flying foam rocket
  • Constructed from durable foam and rubber
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Features LED light for night time play
  • Enhances fine-motor-skill development


  • Foam separates from the base when pulled back too far
  • Brand name painted on the side of each rocket

Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set by Franklin Sports 

indoor kids game

One of the major sports in the US is ice hockey. Now, your 7 year old boy can pretend to be the superstar of his favorite NHL team with the Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set by Franklin Sports. The set comes with two ice hockey goals, two mini ice hockey sticks, and two additional ice hockey sticks adjustable from 18 to 28 inches. It also comes with a 65-mm hockey ball and two additional 50-mm hockey balls made of foam.

Benefits – Teaching a simple and fun version of hockey to kids. You don’t have to put your child into an expensive beginners hockey class, now you and your child can get in some great lessons while coming into the sport on the right foot.

What We Like about It – The toy is great for introducing your kid to the sport of ice hockey. He doesn’t need to be on the ice to master placing those shots through the goal. This can help him build self-confidence, especially when played with his friends. 


  • Easy to set up and break down
  • Comes with a good size variety for the sticks and balls, suiting any size child
  • Will keep children entertained for hours
  • High-quality and worth the investment
  • Ultra-durable balls


  • May take a few times to remember how to break down the nets
  • It is smaller than it looks in the images

Boys Digital Sports Watch Features Night-Light and Waterproof 


Designed for 7 year old boys who are ready to take on the challenge of owning their very own watch. This watch has a ton of functions–displays time and date, light-up night light, stopwatch, hourly chime, and alarm feature. It is great for outdoor play with a 100 feet water-resistant seal. It can be worn while playing in the pool and even using in the ocean. The band length best fits wrist sizes 4.7 inches to 8.7 inches. Included with the watch is a battery that has a three-year battery life. It also features a 12-month warranty along with a two-month hassle-free return and exchange policy. The durability with the functionality really comes together in this children’s watch. It is a great gift for any 7 year old boy.

Benefits – Promoting an active lifestyle is important in this digital life that we are living. This watch brings together all the features of the digital world but in a compact, easy-to-use watch that is great for use when swimming, running, surfing, or just hiking. It is a supporting device for any active lifestyle.

What We Like about It – Giving the gift of time is one of the best gifts a 7 year old boy can receive. This watch is durable and has just the right amount of tech toys included to make it fun and interesting for any little boy.


  • Sports watch with digital features
  • Features include–time and date, night light, alarm, and stopwatch
  • Fits wrist size 4.7 to 8.7 inches
  • Water-resistant up to 100 feet
  • Promotes active lifestyle


  • Instructions are not clear, adult supervision needed
  • Night light left on can quickly drain the battery

LEGO City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train Building Toy by LEGO

kids building game

Building toys help stimulate imagination, creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills. LEGO’s City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train set aims to provide just that. When fully assembled, the passenger train measures 30 inches long, an inch wide, and 4 inches high. The set comes with four straight tracks and 16 curved tracks upon which the three-car passenger train can buzz through. The set also comes with train driver, a cyclist, and a traveler as well as a way station complete with a two-seat platform, warning signs, railroad crossing sign, lights, and train services map. You can view more great products like this in our Lego and building category.

Benefits – Used to stregthen and encourage imaginative play alongside problem-solving skills, Legos teach how to build in abstract ways. This abstract nature causes you to improve problem-solving skills in order to reach a desired result. This set will teach your kid to see a project through until complete.

What We Like about It – This is excellent for fostering imagination and creativity in your kid. Besides, it’s from LEGO. Additionally, it’s a great way to ensure a sense of accomplishment in your son once he sees his creation fully completed. 


  • Has a neat city train design
  • Comes with many small pieces to work with for hours of fun
  • Remote control-powered
  • Weighted train pieces
  • Very durable


  • Poorly designed battery pack
  • Not enough track pieces

Osmo Genius Kit


Having won three distinguished toy awards, this kit of five games for your iPad can stimulate your child’s learning abilities in such valuable areas as math and spelling. It works well with several models of iPad, so check these out before purchasing. Activities included are drawing, math, and puzzles of words, pictures, and physics. This Osmo game is quite compatible with other games offered by the company to make it more versatile. The kit includes many game pieces and their storage boxes, plus a stand for the iPad and a reflector. Kids can play with this toy alone or in groups, making it a wonderful family game. Nothing could be more perfect for traveling than this easily transportable toy to entertain children for hours.

Benefits – This game makes learning fun and promotes problem-solving, artistic drawing skills, and visual thinking among some of the many abilities it exercises for kids. Practicing valuable talents does not have to be boring if your child has the Osmo Genius Kit for his iPad.

What We Like about It – Compact and concise, this game can be played on an iPad anywhere you go, especially when traveling. It is also great for places you must wait like doctor’s offices and restaurants.


  • Has five separate games for your iPad
  • Makes math and spelling subjects fun
  • Award-winning toy
  • Is compatible with other games by Osmo
  • Works great with several iPad models


  • Some complaints from parents regarding the games not working properly
  • A few were disappointed that the iPad had to be taken out of its case to use this game

Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids

Being in the great outdoors is fun enough, but these binoculars make it an even better experience for 7 year old boys. They have been well-engineered and designed with kids in mind. The design features a shock-proof material that has been constructed out of rubber and encases the whole system. They’re light enough to be able to be held in one hand but powerful enough to see all the details from a safe distance away from the wild life. Included with the set is also a carry bag that features a belt loop that can be strapped to a belt, a neck strap, and a cleaning cloth. The binoculars have a 6x21mm viewing capability and come in two different colors. If you are planning any trips this year these are just the gift to make them super-excited about getting out and viewing the little things in life.

Benefits – Using binoculars is a great way to strengthen hand-eye coordination. When using them, children get to practice placing the lens up to their eyes and then using the focus wheel to bring everything into their sight. The combinations of these movements are a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination development.

What We Like about It – Giving a gift that keeps on giving is a wonderful sight. These binoculars are great for bird watching and really give them that grown-up feeling when carrying them around on their belt loop.


  • Binoculars feature 6x21mm viewing capability
  • Coated with rubber for super durability
  • Set includes carrying bag, neck strap, and cleaning cloth
  • Comes in two different color combinations
  • Encourages use of hand-eye coordination


  • Takes time for kids to learn how to use the focus wheel
  • Rubber shock coating makes it hard to get close to eyes

Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack

With an assorted pack that can vary each time you order it, you never know which cars you’ll be getting, but you do always know they’ll be a hit because they’re Hot Wheels. This set includes twenty cars total, all at a 1:64 scale. Car enthusiasts, collectors, and children all love Hot Wheels, and with good reason. Hot Wheels are durable, versatile cars that have been around for ages. They often come in bright, fantastical designs and colors, which kids especially geek out over. This pack is a great idea if you have little ones starting collections, or if you’re looking for a rewards/incentive idea to help teach them responsibility and the benefits of good behavior and hard work. This set is best suited to children ages three and up.

Benefits – Hot Wheels help children engage in role-playing games, which stretch their creativity and empathizing skills. Building tracks also promote basic logic and reasoning skills. 

What We Like about It – It’s a variety pack, so kids will be surprised about what they’re getting, even if you’ve ordered this set before. This may result in some repeat cars now and then, but you can always use those as backups for lost toys, or gift them to friends or other family members.


  • 1:64 scale replicas
  • Great for kids and adults alike
  • Fits all standard hotwheel tracks
  • Twenty cars included in the set
  • Durable and can withstand rough play


  • Some users didn’t receive a full pack of twenty

Original Geospace Jump Rocket Launcher by GeoSpace

kids space set

Kids have always been fascinated by things that fly or shoot. That is why your 7 year old son will also love the Geospace Jump Rocket Launcher. This miniature space rocket set includes three rockets made of soft foamy material, a launch pad, and an air pump to propel his rocket into the heavens.

Benefits – This toy is going to teach your child the basics of how far up our atmosphere can be. A safe and handy rocket that reaches as high as 15 stories. This is also sure to get your child interested in the basics of how astronauts launch their rockets into space.

What We Like about It – In order for it to work, your kid will have to jump on the air pump to create pressure that will force the soft foam rocket to blast off from its launch pad. Your kids will never know that the jumping process alone is a great form of exercise.


  • Very safe for children and surrounding people
  • Great Christmas gift to launch off on Christmas day
  • Introduces and gets kids interested in launching rockets into space, like astronauts
  • There are three soft foam rockets included


  • Foam rockets may fall apart rapidly
  • The launch pad is not very sturdy

375 Piece Deluxe Building Set by K’NEX kids building set box

Made of about 375 pieces of building rods and connectors as well as other building components, the Deluxe Building Set from K’NEX is something that will help spur creativity and imagination from your 7 year old boy. There are more than 30 model ideas to create from this set that also comes with a very convenient tub for storage.

Benefits – Probably the greatest benefit that a child develops through the use of this set is spatial awareness. A child at this age needs to be aware of how close or far away things are on a smaller scale. This helps them to be awareness of their surroundings and micro movements.

What We Like about It – This is perfect to help your child think outside the box and be very creative, which are key traits while developing skills within artistic abilities like drawing.


  • This set has real moving parts
  • Very exciting colors to coordinate with each other
  • The storage container is durable and easy to manage
  • K’Nex is dedicated to making quality parts
  • Offers the connection of STEM


  • Fewer large pieces than needed to make up whole kit
  • Assembly directions are incomplete

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Light Up Alarm Clock

darth vader alarm clock

If you need a strong-armed dad to get your kid out of bed, Darth Vader is your man. This LEGO light up alarm clock stands at 9.5 inches tall and features movable, poseable arms and legs. The clock is a digital LCD screen, with light up displays and both alarm and snooze functions. It comes with a two year warranty and two AAA batteries so it’s ready to go out of the box. Best suited for ages six and up, this alarm clock is perfect if you have any big Star Wars fans in the house. It’s cute, they’ll think it’s unique and lots of fun, and it’ll help make morning routines a lot easier.

Benefits – Alarm clocks can help children establish autonomy and responsibility in the scheme of the dreaded morning routine. With some training, kids can learn to wake up on their own, and follow a schedule to get ready for their day.

What We Like about It – It’s a pretty cool clock to wake up to in the morning. Darth Vader is iconic, from the robotic breathing and recognizable voice to some of his more famous lines, he’s permeated pop culture since his first appearance.


  • Digital LCD screen makes reading time easy
  • Awesome Darth Vader LEGO design
  • Features alarm and snooze functions
  • Arms and legs move
  • Good size for night stands


  • Isn’t very loud and doesn’t persist for very long; if you have a heavy sleeper, this probably isn’t for you

Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy 


When a real pet is not an option, but your child needs a friend, Harry the robot pet Dalmatian dog is a fantastic choice. He does all sorts of activities, such as barking, walking, dancing, and singing. Sensors in the toy allow it to respond to touch in various places to perform the actions. A unique Bump-n-Go movement happens when Harry is walking, making his antics so cute. By touching different places on the head, the toy will sing and dance to several songs. On surfaces that are smooth, it can chase around and play with kids, making them feel like they have a real companion all their own. Harry runs on AA batteries that are included with the purchase. This bright adorable pet dog could be just the friend that your little boy would love to have, so why not get him one today?

Benefits – Harry makes a wonderful companion for kids to interact with and have as a buddy. The feeling of security and safety that he could provide for a child is quite meaningful.

What We Like about It – The idea is a fabulous one that gives kids a robot pet dog to play with, especially when pets are not an option for some children. It is almost like the real thing minus the messy clean-up stuff.


  • Batteries are included that are required
  • Toy has a catchy bump n’ go movement
  • It chases and plays on smooth areas
  • Touch the head for dancing and singing
  • Press the back of toy for a surprising sound


  • Small size was a disappointment for a few parents
  • Toy did not perform well for some buyers

Trex Dinosaur 3D Puzzle Walking Wooden Robot

Most 7 year old boys love dinosaurs, so this wooden robot T-Rex would be a welcomed gift for any occasion. First, kids must put the pieces together to make the dinosaur using the easy-to-follow instructions, and then activate his movements and sounds by clapping their hands. The toy will walk and roar when it is activated. Parts are all real wood that are safe for the environment because the pieces are non-toxic and harmless. The actions are possible due to batteries that are held in a casing in the center of the toy. This section comes fully-assembled and is just placed in the middle when putting the parts together. Any child who likes to do puzzles should just go wild with this 3-D wooden dinosaur.

What We Like About It – Wooden puzzles like this dinosaur are great for indoor play time. This one is enhanced with motorized parts to make it move and generate sounds to increase the fun!

Benefits – This item is a toy and a puzzle combined that will exercise cognitive, logic, and fine-motor skills for your child. It also teaches them how to follow printed instructions.


  • Walks, roars, and is sound-activated when hands are clapped
  • Made from non-toxic, safe materials
  • Build the wooden toy and then watch it come to life
  • Parts are genuine wood that are environmentally friendly
  • Battery casing comes completely assembled


  • A few buyers say the battery compartment was too heavy for the toy to move properly
  • Pieces did not fit well together for some
Developmental Milestones of a 7-Year Old Boy

Before you can start choosing the most age appropriate toy for your growing boy, you need to understand some of the developmental milestones that they have already mastered.

A 7 year old will often show preference for a particular style of learning. Some prefer a hands-on approach such as building and experimentation. Others prefers a quieter yet equally independent approach such as learning how to print and other artistic endeavors. They can begin to solve very simple math problems and may begin to look at certain issues by considering one factor at any given time. They can already employ logical and reflective thinking and may follow directions to the letter.

As to their social and emotional development, 7 year olds strive to achieve perfection in all the things that they do. They are often self-critical and as such may show moments of low self-esteem and may worry a lot. They are also more attuned to the feelings of other children as well as their caregivers which can become an excellent foundation for empathy. Your 7 year old may like to play with his friends of the same gender but he would also love to play alone.

On the physical side of things, you can expect your 7 year old boy to have mastered his hand-eye coordination and balance. By this time, your kid has good coordination and control of his larger muscle groups allowing him to participate in physical activities that require muscle coordination such as climbing and swimming.

Criteria Used In Evaluation

How We Came Up with Our List

Choosing the right toy for your 7 year old child should therefore, take into consideration the developmental milestones presented above. We understand how difficult this can be. As such, we have consulted with well-respected child developmental psychologists to help provide you with a comprehensive list of the best toys for this age range. Our team of toy experts have carefully considered what each of these toys can do for the optimum development of your child. We also looked closely at what other parents and consumers are saying about these toys and whether they would recommend them to fellow parents or not. Moreover, we also have to ascertain the safety and quality of the toys based on the overall reputation of the toy manufacturer.

With all of these factors carefully considered, we believe that you will find our list of the leading items very useful. We can guarantee that you will love at least one of these excellent toys for your son.

Most Intriguing Toy Style for a Child Age 7

Young boys of 7 are easily intrigued by many styles and types of toys that are on the market today. If you think to the time that you were also once age 7, many people recall having a favorite toy. Specific to their likings, a child will develop a personal favorite toy of his that he plays with most often. Many boys have favorite toys. There is a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. In fact, there is such a large variety that your boy’s favorite could be different than his classmate’s favorite toy. This is partly due to the fact that boys have different interests, behavior, and advancements in different areas than those around him. In other words, a child is very unique over all else.

There are trends for the most popular toys bought by consumers in 2019. These trends depend on popular toy makers suiting their genius creations to the demands of children’s likes and dislikes.

A few of the most popular toy makers today include top names like;

These companies have been creating for many years, some of them. Succeeding in meeting the demands of families all over the world and dedicated to making durable, quality toys.

Likely, the type of toy your child will enjoy is based upon what appeals to him and his interests as well as his sense of fun. All of these play a huge role in what not only a kid will be attracted to, but also what parents like. You will get to know your kid over time through trial and success, but until then here are a few factors to keep in mind.

Visual Appearance of a Toy: Toys can be many shapes–squares, Rubix cubes, round as a ball, and lastly, a sort of miscellaneous shape. Pay attention to what your child is into through his drawings, and the other toys he naturally picks up. What shapes is he interacting with in his development.

Scent: This is a big one for some kids, and then others don’t seem to put smell at the top of their priority. The scent of toys are not often spoken of in consumer reviews. It should be though, some cheaply made baby dolls or toy cars often times emanate a heavy scent. This smell can give your child a headache, or even a rash from the chemicals that create the smell. Top-quality toys are going to have less chemicals used on and in them. Pay attention to how the toys you are buying smell, for the greatest success in maximum play time of the toy.

How A Toy Feels to Your Child

When a 7 year old is holding any type of toy, they are going to note how that feels in his hands. Some toys naturally feel soft or smooth, such as wooden toys. If your child likes the feel of a wooden toy over a plastic toy it is best to go with something like wooden models of cars for over a toy made out of plastic. This is just an example as there are numerous materials used in creating kids toys. Nerf has a very specific feel to it, and your child may prefer a Nerf football over a harder game ball. The Nerf is easier for smaller hands to catch and grasp.

Choosing The Right Products

Throughout childhood, toys are very important in the growth and development of children. A young child may start playing with very simple toys that help facilitate the development of his or her fundamental psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. However, as they grow older, their developmental needs change and with it are the types of toys that they need to help enhance, refine, or further strengthen their physical, cognitive, language, social, sensory, motor, and emotional development. This is the essence of choosing an age- and developmentally appropriate toy especially if your kid is a 7 year old boy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does brain chemistry play a role in boredom; how do proper toys help?

A: The link between brain chemistry and boredom has been long-studied. In these studies, it is often found that “boredom” is linked highly to damage of the frontal cortex of the brain. In a young person at age 7, you would hope that words like boredom are not very often brought up. The truth is though, by this age, a child can very well have damage to the frontal cortex; in turn, play time activates healing to the grey matter in this region of the brain. The more grey matter that exists in this region of the brain, the more self-control, self-discipline, and greater decision-making ability a child will have.

Damage that occurs in this part of the brain can be linked to poor diets, low levels of dopamine, and most often harsh corporal punishment. (HCP). This is considered to occur when harsh spankings have occurred for more than three years in ones life.

Clearly a child’ brain chemistry and the amount of grey matter in one’s brain is linked to boredom. This exact fact is linked later in life to depression, anxiety, addiction, poor decision-making, and risky behaviors.

In fostering healthy brain chemistry, lack of boredom so to speak, one will first and foremost need to introduce toys and actions that create a solid positive foundation for imaginative play. Imaginative play will naturally produce higher levels of dopamine in the brain. This means toys that feel, look, and smell good to a 7 year old can stimulate growth development in the important areas of life.

Q: What is the purpose of play for a 7 year old boy?

A: The purpose of play for a kid age 7 is to stimulate the following areas of their development

Language skills: This can be incorporated in playing with toys that foster literacy skills, and stimulate the sounds, vibrations, meanings, and dimensions of the human language. It is even a good idea to show your child multiple languages at this age.

Comprehension skills: At this age, children can comprehend words better, and read at a faster pace and with far more fluency. Choosing toys that focus on a child’s comprehension skills and reading are a great way to influence their independence as an individual. Comprehension skills and real-world skills are needed to become successful in their chosen path.

Vocabulary: A kid’s vocabulary is growing rapidly at this age, and it will only continue to broaden, becoming more engaged and developed.

Mathematically: By this age, most children can do simple math like subtraction and addition. They are eager and ready to know more, and have a good idea of how numbers work. They are able to solve word-related problems and they can work well with three-digit numbers. They have a strong sense of estimating the outcome of number problems. Angles and graphs can also be introduced at this age. Incorporating toys with numbers is a given when it comes to investing in the most appropriate toy.

Motor skills: Boys of this age most usually like to be physically active–running, kicking, throwing, catching, climbing and riding bicycles. The motor skills are quite developed and children usually love playing with baseballs, footballs, and kick balls.

Social and emotional development: Speaking in these terms, kids love to make and interact with friends. They love to enjoy repeating what their friends have done, and setting up games with rules to follow. Even games like hide-and-seek because of the structure it offers. A friend is leading and many are following while having fun. This is true for toys that you can purchase for them as well. Invest in toys that they can bring along to friends’ houses, or play dates to interact with children their age. They are ready to experiment with their own emotional lives independently and toys like journals are great additions to help them improve this area in life.

Q: What makes a child unique in their play patterns?

A: As many people have said before, and as you might very well know, not one child is like the other, which stems from a place of uniqueness as early as conception. Children have many critical time frames in their lives that lead up to them being the character they are at 7 years old. A child’s play patterns will reflect who they are in many ways and that is why it is so important to foster a child in the unique forms of play and the patterns they create throughout their lives.

While a child is at play, various things are going on. Some of these are obvious to recognize and some are subtle functions that are not quite as obvious. These also include what makes up the behaviors that will help a child evolve their social skills, emotional livelihood, and important language skills. People end up using these three modalities through the span of life. Yet, at 7 years old, it seems that there is an extra growth in the way a child exhibits his play patterns.

These are what make a child completely unique in his own way. This is why it is important to choose the correct toy for your maturing son that is in his perfect age range. At age 7 children most often have a major breakthrough in their communicative language skills. It is important to listen carefully to how they speak to you. This will be a guide to what types of toys can enhance their play pattern.

Q: How important is it to choose a toy in the “proper age range” for a 7 year old?

A: One of the most important areas in life that you can apply while buying new toys for your child is to buy an appropriate toy for their specific age range. This is important in supporting their development in life as they grow. Most toys sold in today’s market have age ranges marked on their packages, and further information can be found online about what age range they really support and the purposed the are made for.

It is also a good idea to read about toys online, before you purchase them. This makes it easy to make a good decision when you have a toy in mind to purchase. It is good to keep in mind that certain children may be advanced in different areas than what the age range states on the toy, so it is best to get to know the child you are buying a toy for.

In doing so, you can give the greatest opportunity for the young one to move forward in the areas needing improvement, or further advance in the areas that a kid is already well-established in. In order to not undermine a young learner’s abilities, always give the benefit of the doubt when picking appropriate age range items. You can purchase above or below the given range to provide the maximum longevity of the investment, while ensuring the most fun and play time.

Q: How does sound stimulation affect children in learning toys?

A: Your child may have received a toy at some point in their lives that produces sound functions. Has is it ever occurred to you that these sounds are significant in the growth and development for your growing child?

Sound therapy can go as far as music, language spoken around a child, or even the language your child speaks to himself. It is very important in the upbringing stages, that positive influences are projected around young ones. Seven years old is the age when a child begins to be far more receptive to language used and noises all around.

When choosing a toy that has noise or speaks words from the use of buttons or other controls, be sure that what the toy represents is in alignment with the values that you want your child to know. At this breakthrough age, what the toy speaks or activates within a child during active play is likely to be repeated, reused, and rephrased.

Toys that have an option to project sound have been created with a purpose in mind. Ultimately, sounds are meant to activate a response, at the age they are specific to. When a child is not familiar with what a toy is talking about, or the noise it is making, it can be quite confusing. Always be sure to explain what a toy is saying, and the intent of its meaning. This is going to create a transparent relationship between your child, his toys, and you as the adult providing the toys.

Your boy deserves only the best and most-appropriate toy for his developmental age. It is our hope that with our list of 22, you are able to pick one you know your kid will simply love.

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