The best Lego building toys fully reviewed

Building or construction play sets such as LEGO are one of the most useful toys especially when it comes to the development or enhancement of the child’s cognitive abilities particularly his or her problem-solving skills, critical thinking, divergent thinking, and counterfactual reasoning. In fact, child development experts profess that building toys allow children to make full use of their psychomotor skills while at the same time harnessing the full prowess of their problem-solving abilities.

While it is true that majority of these types of toys come with a fully detailed instruction manual, many children find the building bricks to be important parts of the whole. This helps stimulate them to build structures or models based on a what-if assumption. This enhances their creativity and imagination and helps hone their ability to make accurate predictions based on their understanding of cause and effect relationships. We know how much you love to see your children grow up to be cognitively-empowered. That’s why we have included building toys such as LEGO play sets in our lists of must-haves for children. We know how important these types of toys are so we made sure that you get only those with unquestionable quality and safety.