23 Best Toys & Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys in 2019

If it’s the gift-giving season and you’ve run out of inspiration, don’t default to the age-old disappointment of wrapping a pair of socks. Let us help you! (Disclaimer: Personally, we love socks. But not every kid out there agrees on that account.)

Finding gifts for toddlers is surprisingly easy, given how much safety and developmental restrictions limit your market. Finding gifts for young children presents you with a wider pool to choose from, but kids are still easily excitable in their early years and happy with new toys simply based on novelty, at the very least. As your little one begins to grow out of this easily pleased phase and actually sort through their interest, you may find yourself stumped as to what to give. There are plenty of toys, games, and gifts out there that will help challenge your child’s skills and development, while also providing them with hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

Here are 23 of the most popular items on the market, all approved by both parents and their picky 10 year olds. We’ve handpicked the most safe, sustainable, and highly rated products for you and your family. From books to bots, to big laser tag fun, there’s something here for everyone. Happy wrapping!

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Give your ten-year-old a gift they'll be excited about this season! Our brand new buying guide format allows you to compare the ten best products on the market with clarity and specificity.

Our Top 3 Picks

X5C RC Quadcopter
  • X5C RC Quadcopter
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great for Beginners
  • Price: See Here
OWI 14-in-1 Robot
  • OWI 14-in-1 Robot
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Solar power
  • Price: See Here
Boys Book Of Survival
  • Boys Book Of Survival
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Improves survival skills
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Toys for 10 Year Old Boys

There are times in life known as the “in between” phases. Such as the ripe age of 10. Some have begun to see hormonal changes while for others these changes are just around the corner. They are not quite old enough to be a teen but finished with early childhood. With this comes a change of interest and a desire to fulfill a sense of curiosity as they have become old enough to form and develop their own passions and dislikes. It can be a challenge to find something that will keep your 10 year old engaged and excited; here is a list of some wonderful options for the little man in your life.

This list is compiled with a variety of thoughtful and fun gifts. In the early years, we focus on developing skills functioning as tools for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Some include balance, hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and critical thinking. Planning and strategy are nurtured to expand. Some of the indicated will introduce some building blocks to the mathematical concepts of estimations and predictions. These awesome gift ideas will inspire creativity and the imagination to run wild.

With so many distractions such as social media, it can be hard to get your little guy active and engaged. His attention is hard to keep and you want to ensure you can find something that benefits him and your wallet. Some of these will help provide guidance and a sense of control instilling a sense of confidence and well-being for your growing boy. Some will help enforce concentration and focus to promote a calm and collected demeanor, possibly after you make it through the teen phase!

Providing the opportunity for hours of tinkering and hands-on fun, these items will keep your child’s attention wherever you go. Supporting the desire for adventure, some of these great and durable items will inspire outdoor adventure sure to wear your little guy out. Although many options are more stimulating and engaging for the mind and enforcing fine-motor skills, some focus on the physical point, such as strengthening core muscles and enhancing balance. There are also several options for those lazy days when you’re stuck indoors and he’s craving some serious brain stimulation. These items provide an introduction to STEM studies and help your child to gain a basic understanding in preparation for more complicated concepts.

With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve all been on the lookout for the perfect gift. These will offer some stimulating and thrilling options that will inspire and promote both independent and social play. No matter what you’re looking for this year, this list is sure to contain something to dazzle your little guy and help him nurture necessary development skills. They are versatile in also providing hours of fun for on the go, and outdoor adventure, or a rainy day activity!!

Giving the correct kind of toys for your 10-year-old boy is important in ensuring his continuous development. Our hope is that we have made the selection process a lot easier for you with our list of the 10 best toys for 10-year-old boys.

Your 10-Year-Old Boy and His Development

By age 10, your little boy can already exhibit increasing accuracy in planning and prediction. His ability to use logic and critical thinking to explain reactions is already exceptional. This provides the basis for making more accurate predictions of causality or cause-and-effect relationships. Your job as his parent is to help him to keep on thinking out-of-the-box. This will help facilitate the development and/or enhancement of thought processes that are more sophisticated and complex. They will also learn to predict the consequences of certain actions as well as how to deal with simulated or hypothetical situations.

Physically, your 10-year-old boy already has excellent control and coordination of his body. He now is more actively involved in physical activities like dancing, swimming, and other sports activities. They may show a certain proficiency in the performance of a particular activity. This can help develop their talents. Additionally, you can expect your kid to have his growth spurt by this time. He will grow taller and heavier.

Their language development is characterized by a lot of experimentation with words. They may already have their own lingo which can make communication very interesting and enjoyable for them. They can already hold in-depth conversations with their peers or adults and they relish the idea of being able to express their thoughts and achievements. Your 10-year-old boy can also begin forming opinions of his own.

How We Chose the 10 Best Toys for 10-Year-Old Boys

We understand how challenging it can be to choose the best toy for your 10-year-old boy. The choices alone can literally run in the thousands and picking one will entail exhaustive research.

This is exactly what we performed. With our dedicated team of researchers, we have come up with a list of the 10 best toys for 10-year-old boys based on their educational and developmental value, their quality and safety, the reputation of the manufacturer, and what countless other parents and caregivers are saying about these toys. At the very least, you don’t have to choose from thousands; you only have to choose at least one from our selection and you can be assured of a much brighter continuing development for your pre-pubertal boy.

Making The Right Choice

Your 10-year-old boy will already show a very keen attention to detail which can provide the backbone for feeling great pride in their designs, creations, or any other work. By this time, they already can appreciate quality in an objective manner. They are now at a stage where they can enhance or reinforce their artistic talents. They enjoy the company of other children and as such would relish team and group activities. However, they do tend to compare their work to that of other children and would often be too critical of their accomplished work. Your role now is how to encourage your 10-year-old boy to be inspired in creating things and to share this passion with their friends. You will also have to show him how to deal with flaws in a more constructive manner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are learning toys?

A. Ten-year-old boys like to have fun with their toys. But it is good to have a goal in mind to help your 10-year-old boy to learn while having fun. A parent wants their child to grow while indulging in recreational activity.

The bottom line is, if he’s 10 years old he needs more than the simple and ever-so-basic action figure. But rather it is in his best interest to have a toy that promotes his intelligence and social development. The toys in our list are what can help him to develop both.

Q: Do these toys easily break?

A. It is important for a 10-year-old to have toys that don’t easily break. It is also important that his toys are easily repaired. The majority of these toys come with a warranty, so even if damaged, they can be fixed. We want you to purchase a toy that is durable, resistant and easily rectifiable if damaged.

Q: Are these toys safe for children?

A: Indeed. We know there are toys on the market that are potentially dangerous. However, we picked out not only the most fun and beneficial toys we could find but also the safest. It is important that your 10-year-old boy has fun playing with his toy while growing intellectually and socially in peace. Nothing is more important than your child’s safety.

Q: Can these toys later be hand-me-downs?

A: Absolutely. Every single one of this toys for 10-year-old boys that we have on this list can last for more than 20 years. Not only can your 10-year old’s younger brother play with them when he’s old enough to, but one day your 10-year-old grandson could even play with any one of these toys that were at one point his “father’s toy.” We feel that these toys are not only beneficial for a 10-year-old’s development, but also are timeless toys. They are in style now, but we especially picked toys that we consider to potentially be classic toys.

At an affordable cost, you can keep these toys for many years. We hope that if you have a 10-year-old boy he eventually educates younger boys on how to use his fun and helpful toy that he had to spend countless hours playing with.

Q: Could a girl play with these toys too?

A: There are certainly 10-year-old girls who would enjoy playing with these toys, too. While we didn’t make these list of toys gender-neutral, some 10-year-old girls may be interested in some of these toys and have lots of fun playing with them while developing her mind and social skill. However, we have a section dedicated to toys for 10-year-old girls and we suggest you look at here for a 10-year-old daughter. (where it says here if you click on it, it shows the list of toys for 10-year-old girls).

Q: Not from the US but interested in these toys?

A: This does not matter. The instructions of most of these toys are written in more than one language. The toys we carefully picked out are very enjoyable and beneficial for 10-year-old boys from all around the world. It is our aim for 10-year-old boys to have spent countless hours enjoying themselves while learning and developing their social skills as much as possible. There are many positive reviews for these toys, describing our list of toys as good, fun, easy to play with and worth the price. We believe that regardless of where your 10-year-old boy resides, he can have fun while developing his mind and social skills from any one of these great toys.

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