7 Best HoverBoards for Kids Reviewed

These days, traveling is made faster for walking distances thanks to hover boards. You can go to the bus station or to school just by riding these electronic transportation devices. You can also buy one just for fun. However, not all hover boards can be used by kids. This is because some boards are heavy, very technical, and can reach high speeds that can be dangerous for your little ones. As parents, one of the first things you will consider in buying a hover board for your child is his or her safety when riding aside from other factors like price, performance, and weight. With that, here is a short list of hover boards that you can choose for your kid. 

Last Updated: June 7, 2018
By ZacharyJÙ:

We updated this page recently to make sure that all information on this page is accurate and up to date. We replaced a few items with better rated items and also updated many sections within the product details of each item. We made sure all items are still available for purchase and made sure all items information is correct.

Our Top 3 Picks

SagaPlay F1
  • SagaPlay F1
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Built-in Safety Features
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  • SWAGTRON T1 - UL 2272
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Traction
  • Price: See Here
Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Trusted Manufacturer
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Hoverboards

Hoverboards have become all the rage these days. Yet finding one that will fit your own child’s personal needs can be a challenge.  When choosing our list of the best Hoverboards we took the following into consideration and also wanted to highlight the benefits of this highly popular yet also controversial toy.

Motor Skills

Believe it or not a hoverboard actually does help a child in strengthening their muscles.  As a kid balances themselves on the board, they are actually getting a workout as well.  They are actually improving their dexterity and coordination.  Their upper body torso is being strengthened, as is their knees, their calves and their ankles.   So, this isn’t just riding along on a board but actually getting some exercise.  So there are health benefits to actually using a hoverboard.  Also, a kid will be working on their coordination and balancing skills.

Understanding Safety

While using a hoverboard kids are taught the importance of following safety guidelines.  These will include the child always wearing a helmet while using the hoverboard, no matter how skilled they may become at using the hoverboard  Also,make sure that kid understands certain safety instructions .  This includes making sure the child understands that all safety gear such as helmets and knee pad need to be worn before getting on a hoverboard and put on properly.  Another thing the child needs to be made aware of and understand is the safety features including in the hoverboard they have, this includes going over all the features with them and what they do.  Safety is something a child should learn all about in life, and using a hoverboard is a great way to teach them about safety and understanding safety guidelines.


As stated before a hoverboard isn’t a toy it is a hi-tech transportational vehicle.  Therefore a child needs to learn how to be responsible when using one.  This includes following all safety protocols of course, but also requires other things as well.  This will include proper care and management of the board.  It needs to properly be stored away and kids need to be careful how they handle it as well.  There will also be ensuring that the board is properly clean and not just thrown somewhere in a bedroom or in a closet.

Patience and Perseverance

Let’s face it mastering a new skill is never easy.  For a kid the hoverboard seem like such a fun cool gadget to have till they tried to right it, than realized it wasn’t as easy as they thought.  This is where a lesson in patience and  to exercise their patience will come into play.  There may be times when a kid may want to give up, but this is where they will also learn not to quit.  This is where perseverance comes in.  If the child continues to work toward the goal of mastering the hoverboard, they learn to persevere and triumph in order to master this skill.  In doing so the child will learn the importance of setting a goal, of mastering a task through patience and perseverance.  Something that will not only help them to learn to ride of hoverboard but something that will take them through life as well.

What to Look for When Buying a Hover board

Hover boards can be bought online or from several physical stores that sell the product. To make sure you are buying one that is in excellent condition and has met the safety standards, here are some tips on what to look for when buying a hover board. We put together a simple checklist:

  • Look for the UL 2272 certification.

The UL certification was required after there were reports about some hoverboards exploding and causing fire. Since unsold products were recalled, finding a hoverboard without safety approval would mean that it is unsafe and you should not by it.

  • Check the brand of the hoverboard.

Even if you are shopping online for a hoverboard, it will be very easy to check its brands. Remember that recognized manufacturers have longer warranty periods than the unbranded ones. Also, it will be easier to return a defective product that is branded than one that is not. Hoverboards are expensive and it is only proper to be cautious when buying one.

  • Make sure the hoverboard comes with a manual mode that is efficient.

Every product must have this so that you will know how to use it, maintain it, and resolve issues that you might encounter when using it.

  • Inspect the wheel size and weight capacity of the hoverboard.

The standard model is the 6.5 inch but if you are heavier and bigger than many adults, the 8 inch or 10 inch model will fit you best.

  • Review the strong points and weak points.

You can do this by reading product reviews posted in the internet. Doing this is highly recommended whether you are buying online or from a store near you. There are hoverboards with parts that easily show signs of wear and tear such as scratches even if you have just used them for a few months. You will know this by reading reviews and comments made by people who have used the product.

Buying from US makers of hoveboards will enable you to return or exchange defective products because they can be sued if they refuse to observe these consumer rights. Companies outside the US might have their return and exchange policies written on the product labels but there is no guarantee that they will do their part.

Now that you already know what to look for when buying a hover board, you will be able to purchase one that is safe, durable, and easy to use. You will also be able to enjoy your right as a consumer to demand a replacement or refund for defective items that you paid for.

Safety Tips for Kids When Using a Hover board

Children love hoverboards and some of them can ride this ride on like a pro. However, no matter how good your child in riding a hoverboards, accidents can happen. In fact, in 2016 alone, some hospitals had recorded a considerable number of children confined due to injuries they sustained from accidents they were involved in while riding their hoverboard. Below are tips on how to prevent accidents with children.

  1. Buy a hoverboard that is recommended for your child’s weight and size. The ideal size for children aged five to eight years old is the 4.5 inch model. For teenagers, the 6.5 inch model is standard. Take note that the right size of hover board will determine your child’s safety.
  1. Provide basic instructions on how to use the hoverboard. Remember that getting on and off of it, is a delicate situation. Any wrong movement of the feet or body can cause a fall that can injure the child.
  1. Supervise your child while riding his hoverboard. If you cannot do it, always have someone with your child when he is riding so that someone will be able to help him if ever an accident occurs. Supervision is vital especially when your child is still a beginner.
  1. Always see to it that your kids are wearing safety gear when riding their hoverboard. Safety gears include a helmet, knee guards, elbow pads, and wrist protectors. The helmet will protect the head from getting injured when the child falls from his hoverboard.

When someone falls, his instinct is to break the fall by supporting his weight with his hands, knees, or elbows. The impact can cause serious injury to these parts of the body. This is why children riding hoverboards must have these protective gears on while riding. Consider these protective gears as investments to your child’s safety.

  1. Check if your child wears his helmet properly. It must fit the head comfortably and the side straps adjusted and positioned just in front and below the child’s ears. Helmets that are improperly positioned cannot protect the head. It might cause injury instead.
  1. As much as possible, your child must ride only indoors. Small hoverboards are sensitive to rough surfaces and might malfunction when ridden on them. It might stop abruptly and cause your child to fall. Rough surfaces also cause the hoverboard to vibrate. This can distract your child or affect his balance and cause an accident. If ever he rides outside, places with traffic must be avoided.
  1. Do not leave your child alone while charging the batteries of his hoverboard. Overcharging may cause the battery to explode and cause a fire. Best is keep your child away from the hover board while it is charging.
  1. Remind your child to remove pointed or hard items that he keeps in his pockets. A pointed object such as a sharp pencil or pen can cause serious injury if ever your child fall on them with force.

Hoverboards are not bad for your kids. However, they should understand how to use them properly and what precautions to take to avoid accidents.

How Much Do Hover Boards Cost?

How much do hover boards cost is a question no one can answer considering the fact that the real hover board, the one that can levitate, does not exist in the market yet. Prices of those that can be bought in the market range from $200 to more than a thousand.

When the average price of the hover board or self-balancing scooter is considered, it is more or less $400. For this amount, you get can get a fast device that has a good overall performance and performs well. If you want to add more features for a more thrilling and speedier ride, they are also available.

Hover boards that can travel through all kinds of terrain cost $899 on the average. With this kind of self-balancing scooter, you can ride over rough and grassy surfaces. It does not wobble nor vibrate when it encounters bumps.

This all-terrain hover board is ideal for people who want to have a personal transport in doing errands nearby or in going to their workplaces close to their neighborhood. It can go up to 20 miles an hour with longer battery life compared to the smaller ones.

Hover boards designed for children usually average $200 to $300 a piece, depending on additional features you might want. This is the 4.5 inch model that is readily available in the market. Since it is intended for small children, this hover board can only travel on smooth surfaces and is the ideal for indoor fun. It has low speed and shorter battery life compared to the bigger ones.

Of course, a hover board that can really levitate even just a few centimeters above ground can be very expensive. The one in existence costs just a tad below $15,000. It is dubbed the ArcaBoard and puts out 272 horsepower.

What contributes to the seemingly high cost of self-balancing scooters? One is the size. Hover boards with 6.5-, 8- and 10-inch wheel sizes cost more than those that are smaller.

Speed can affect how much you will need to pay for your hover board. Those that can go fast and cover longer distances at a single charge of the battery can be costlier than those that have low speed and with short distance coverage.

Hover boards designed for all kinds of terrain are of course more expensive than those that can only be ridden indoors or only on smooth grounds. These hover boards are just for fun or for making a few tricks while those that can tackle roads with potholes and bumps can be used as one’s personal transport and thus, will cost higher.

The fact that hover boards are designed in such a way that they can be used for many years is enough reason to buy one even at high prices. The existing ones do not see much change such as new models being released. In short, your hover board today will still be fashionable several years later.

Choosing the best hoverboard for your child can be daunting task especially if you’re looking for the safest model out there. To make things easier for you, make sure that any hoverboard you’ll consider is UL 2272 certified and that it’s been tested for fire and collision events. However, while a hoverboard can be equipped with the most advanced technology in safety, it is still on how your child takes care of their hoverboard that makes a huge difference. They should not leave it charging overnight to avoid fires and it will also help that they don’t immerse it in water at all.


Frequently asked Questions
Q: Are Hoverboards really kid friendly?

A: There is no denying that kids definitely love hoverboards and these are truly a hot item out there right now with kids wanting one. Yet a parents have different views on hoverboards and legitimate concerns.  Keep in mind though that many manufacturers of hoverboards are now taking the time the completely address all the concerns a parent may have, and this will definitely include adding safety features to the hoverboard and putting it through safety test before it ever hits the market.  Which no doubt a parent is going to love, but will still have the look and feel that a kid will love, so yes hoverboards are built to be kid friendly.

Q: Are Hoverboards really safe to ride?

A: Hoverboard may seem like a hi-tech vehicle more than a toy and guess what they are.  However, if all safety guidelines are followed such as the ones we supplied on this page and the those  found in  the user manual that will no doubt accompany this hoverboard it will help to ensure safety while using it. Also, make sure then the child is just starting out and under the age of 13 that they never ride the hoverboard without adult supervision. One other thing to keep in mind nothing is completely safe, there will be accidents, the same as when a child was learning to ride a bike or a scooter.

Q: What is the most appropriate age to give a child a hoverboard?

A: Some of the hoverboards we listed above say that they are recommended for kid five years and up.  However, it has also been recommended by expert that a child not be given a hoverboard no earlier than eight years old, which does make sense.  But  it can also come down to the emotional growth of the child whether or not they are ready to master the hoverboard even at a younger age.  So, it  really does depend on the child and whether or not they are willing to learn all the safety guidelines, the responsibility and the skill of hoverboarding whether or not they are truly ready.  However, the hoverboard is an investment by the parent so it might be advisable to wait till they are at least eight years old but again that is a determination the parent will have to make.Again it  is recommended that any child under the age of 13 shouldn’t be allowed to ride a hoverboard without adult supervision and that they always use the hoverboard indoors.

Q: What about the issues of hoverboards combusting  and bursting into flame that has been in the news?

A: There is no denying that hearing the word hoverboard brings about images of the earlier models that literally burst into flames which had been featured in some news reports.  However,it’s important to note the fact that those hoverboards that caught fire were not what is known as UL certified, which basically means they weren’t properly tested for safety standard and not well made.   The hoverboards featured on this list were all UL certified and met all the safety testing guidelines before they were ever allowed on the market.  So, this is the best course of action when going to purchase a hoverboard be it one on this list or another model always make sure that the hoverboard has been UL certified, usually the manufacturer will let this be known to help put the consumers mind at ease.

Q: Are there still safety concerns when it comes to lithium batteries being used in hoverboards?

A: Lithium batteries can be flammable and combustible especially when overheated.  So, there are still some safety protocols to keep in mind with a hoverboard or any other devices such a laptop that uses a lithium battery.  Make sure that when the hoverboard is recharged not to recharge it longer than is instructed in the user manual that is supplied with the hoverboard.  Always use the charger that is supplied with the hoverboard and make sure that this remains in good condition.  Also, make sure that the hoverboard is charged at room temperature.  Another thing to do is to make sure a child understand not to drop the hoverboard, since this can also cause it to combust and to also avoid hitting anything sharp while riding it.

Q: Can kids use an adult hoverboard?

A: There are some hoverboards including some listed above that could be used by adults and kids.  However, unless the board has a beginner mode setting this isn’t really a good idea for beginners to do.  Also, Hoverboards come in various sizes and there are ones that are specifically designed for kids including those who are just starting out using one.  These take into consideration a child’s height and weight, which is another important safety element of a hoverboard.  So, hoverboards aren’t always a one size fits all proposition these come in various sizes for a reason and a child will require a hoverboard that is designed for kids not adults.

Q: What if my child falls off the hoverboard and doesn’t want to get back on?

A: When a kid first starts learning to use a hoverboard they will fall, there is no way around it this is one of the main reasons wearing a helmet and knee pads is so important.  They also fell when they were learning to ride a bike.  But  for some kids this will no doubt scare them and make them wonder if they will really master the hoverboard.  It’s  important though  to point out the child that everyone will fall when they are first learning to use the hoverboard, and they shouldn’t let that discourage them. Also, point out that even those who have master the skill of hoverboarding still fall at times. If they need proof of this there are several videos streaming online of these incidents happening, and the person usually gets back up to get right back on. Point out to the kid that they  shouldn’t give up not just because the hoverboard cost a great deal of money but because this another life lesson they need to learn don’t quit no matter how hard something may seem at first, this is the time not to quit. There is a saying that someone doesn’t fail unless they give up.