Plasma Car

Ride-on toys come in various shapes and sizes as well as types and styles. Regardless of the type of ride-on toy you’re going to get for your kid, one thing is for sure: he or she will love you for it. Ride-on toys simply provide a lot of benefits to kids. And if you want something that they can use to strengthen their arm muscles while affording them optimum balance and stability, then the Plasma Car is your best bet.

The Plasma Car is a non-motorized ride-on toy that comes with a very simple design. Remove the steering wheel and the wheels and you have a ride-on toy that looks like oversized sandals. The Plasma Car has 5 wheels, instead of the usual 4 or even 3. Two larger wheels are spaced wider apart at the rear to provide greater stability. The 3-wheel setup at the front features two large wheels and a smaller, forward-positioned wheel. The unique design of its front 3-wheel system is the key to the Plasma Car’s ability to move without the need for pedals, gears, drive chains, motors, or even batteries. Simply wiggle the steering wheel and away goes the PlasmaCar. The 2 pivoting wheels allow for the seamless integration of friction, inertia, gravity, and centrifugal forces to drive the Plasma Car forward or even backward. Technically, a child driving a Plasma Car will only rely on his or her ability to wiggle the steering wheel while sitting comfortably. It’s effortless driving at its best.

Utilizing natural forces to drive forward, backward, and even sideways, the Plasma Car is an ingeniously designed ride-on toy that will never go out of style. It doesn’t require any gear, battery, or even pedals to drive. Your kid will only have to wiggle the steering wheel and off the Plasma Car goes.